When I turned 40 what didn't fall off, fell apart, now I'm 50

rthummerSeptember 18, 2006

Now that I am 50++ I find that I'm tired, legs hurt, gained 30 pounds since hysterectomy, heart palpations, night sweats, hot flashes with face flushing. Who says these are the GOLDEN YEARS? Naw, these are the hellish years!! If I can get over this "minnow pause" I'll have accomplished a mile stone in my life. Does anyone remember the days when you were young and swinging to the Beach Boys? I use to put on my suntan lotion. Now it takes me longer to put on my anti-aging creams than it does to put on my clothes. Ain't life fun sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hear you. I'm the same way. Yesterday there was an infomercial on tv with Greg Brady (remember the Brady Bunch?) on as the spokesman for all that great music from the 70's. Took me back to my high school days. I was telling my husband, who is older than me, about how The Brady Bunch used to be my favorite show back then and I was about the same age as Greg Brady. My goodness how time flies by. Now I am 52 and although I am not yet experiencing the hot flashes and night sweats, I have aches and pains all over the place that I never thought was possible to hurt at. Sometimes I can barely get out of a chair or walk. I get the palpitations too. I'm not ready for this "change of life" either. I feel like I am older than everyone else.

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It seems like so many older people are so good at dealing with aging gracefully. I'm sure not!! I can't quit wanting my youth back.......or at least a time when I could actually run, bend over, sleep all night, keep my urine in my bladder until I chose to let it go, remembering words, etc., etc.
I hate to say this, but I think we really weren't supposed to live past our reproductive years.......so I guess it's not surprising that everything starts wearing out then.
I think for some women, the years between 40 and 60 (more or less) ARE REALLY HARD years! I guess we have no choice but to try to make it through. I suppose it beats the alternative!
Remember the "Bonnie Hunt Show"? Her little kid referred to menopause as "mental pause". How true!! Hang in there!

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I'm with you, Catherinet, I'm very upset about aging. I'd hoped that I WOULD age gracefully, but it ain't happening! What really hurts is that my DH is quite a bit younger than I and I can't help feeling at times that he's getting the short end of the stick. It doesn't bother him, it's just a me thing. We met when I was 40 and I still had a little bit of "babe factor" left. But now, with menopause, FMS, arthritis and what not, instead of babe, I feel like an old boob(a drooping old boob at that). I hate to even look in the mirror at times, but you know, you have to, to pluck those nasty facial hairs ;)

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Hey noinwi, that was funny. I forgot to mention the facial hair thing. I have threatened my daughter that if I was ever in the hospital unconsious and she let those nasty facial hair grow, I would GET HER BAD when I woke up!!!! ha!! I think one thing that upsets us getting older is there is such an emphasis on "youth, beauty, perfect bodies." Don't you think? If you don't like it, saw it off, get a new one, get a bigger one, smaller, you name it, it is out there, just visit your local surgeon. Women use to grow old graceful, I am fighting it tooth and nail. GRRR... But all of us age at some time or other. Those little beauty queens grow old also. Life's revenge.

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I've always sort of been into natural stuff. I quit wearing make-up when I was about 21. I've never been good-looking, and my body has many flaws. I imagine this time of my life would be sooooooooo much more traumatic, if I'd been a beauty all those years. So I guess it's easier for me than alot of people! But it's still a real shocker to be doing something at the bathroom sink and look up in the mirror. Who is that??? It's my mother!!
I agree rthummer.......too many people are surgically changing their bodies. I just feel that natural is the way to go.
Speaking of facial hair.........I've grown "lanugo" all over my face. It's that soft white stuff that babies are born with!! The circle of life, I guess! lol!

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Catherinet, I would be proud of that lanugo! I have a full fledged goatee if I let it grow. Baaahh... Baaahhh... What was that? Sounds like a goat to me!!! LOL I don't remember my mom having facial hairs... Maybe it was her little secret. hmmmm....

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LOL rthummer! Bummer!
(I sound like and look like various other animals, but I haven't done the goat yet. But there's still plenty of time! There's the snorting at night, the grunting when trying to get up out of a chair, etc., etc., etc.) :)

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When I hit forty, I felt like everything was breaking down. I always needed glasses for driving and movies, now I have trouble reading fine print. The eye doc says I need bifocals. But bifocals are for (shudder) old people. My weight started going up. My gums got soft. My blood pressure and cholesterol went up. I used to be a gymnast, now I can't do a simple Arabesque. My knees hurt most of the time. My periods started getting whacky. Nothing for four months, then three periods in five weeks. Then I quietly turned 50. No fuss. When I send birthday cards , I avoid the funny ones that tease about aging. I try to choose more "loving" type cards. I don't think getting older is one bit funny.

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I hear you ladies........since I've hit 40, I first had my gall bladder removed. Then a year ago, I had a bladder suspension, now I'm trying to deal with my lifelong endometriosis and cyst pain. I spot bleed on and off all month. The loss of hair on your head and additional hair on the face is no picnic........... But.....if we had lived just a century ago, we would really be in "Old Age", nearing the end of our lives. The good thing is, that we really are still young enough to enjoy our families and choices that we've made in life. Even with all the nuisances of mid-life, I wouldn't change and go back 30 years. Nothing comes easy.....getting where you are today didn't come easy...I have a philosophy that our bodies break down as we age, we become dependant (somewhat) on our families and on God, and leave this world in the same condition that we came.......there is a lesson in it, it's up to us to get it......trials, blessings, the whole package of life.

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I have got to say, coming on here and reading all these messages is comforting to me. I do not feel alone...lol. I also remember the past years, not so long ago, when I could do almost anything. Hec who nedded a man around...lol. Now I too feel the aches when I move. I have herneated disks in neck and lower back, problay from all those times I didnt need a man...lol. I ache all the time, and yes getting up can be a real pain, no pun intended..lol. The facial hairs, yes I too have told my husband and kids if you see one please tell me.The mustache is there also, I use nair for that. I cant seem to do that wax stuff there.
Just wanted to say thanks ladies, we must stick together so we can get through this.

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I'm so glad I came here. I have been feeling yucky all week. Tired(could sleep all day), don't really want to be around anyone except my animals. Hubby just brushes it off as "that menopause thing". (It used to be PMS).
How come men can get pot-bellies, facial hair, sit in a chair all day and turn the channels, but we do it and we are LAZY???? HUH????
Just don't get it. It's just not fair.
There I said it, I'm done, and thank you for letting me vent!

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