Please Share Photos of Your White/Off White Cabinets

TXBluebonnet11January 15, 2014

I am in the process of selecting paint for our kitchen remodel. I think I have settled on Benjamin Moore's Linen White. I am considering a glaze on the cabinets but I haven't picked that yet. I have had a hard time finding a thread that had photos of kitchens, along with the paint color selected. It is so hard to choose colors! So I thought it might be helpful to start a thread where others post photos of their kitchens along with the paint colors used so that others can reference it.

So...if you have a white or off-white kitchen, would you mind sharing a picture, along with the paint color you used? It would be great to know the specifics on glaze colors/techniques used if you have a glaze.

I'll start by posting a photo of the kitchen in my old house. It's Benjamin Moore's White Dove. I liked the color a lot. It was a very clean and crisp white, but soft on the eyes and not harsh. It went well with everything. I liked the color so much, I have used it on the upstairs trim in our new house. Hope this is helpful to others!

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His Tx friend:
I promise I am not being snitty when I say that there are quite a few threads on this same exact thing. Do a Google search looking for "whites" and you will find many many pictures if this post does not turn up as many responses as you would like. It's not that people don't have white kitchens, it's just that this exact same question comes up so often and people get tired of posting the same thing. You old kitchen is quite nice!

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Here is one more White Dove. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Venetian Plaster in Latte.

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Firsthouse: I know that there are photos out there. I've searched Google, Houzz and Gardenweb for hours and hours. But I had trouble finding enough photos of the colors I was considering to feel confident in my decision. I have pretty much chosen my color; I only started this post because I thought it would be helpful to others. I was hoping to save others the hours of online searching that I had to do to find my paint color. If others don't find this useful, I'm sure this thread will die quickly. But maybe someone somewhere will be searching for White Dove someday and this post will come up and help them out! :)

Thanks for the compliments on my old kitchen, btw. :)

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It is helping me because I am painting my cabinets a cream color. Looking at pictures on other websites is somewhat helpful but the pictures are not as close up and clear as the photos taken by people on this website.
I tried looking in the gallery section but the posts do not seem much different than the ones on this section.
Anyway, I appreciate the pictures and the thread and love your kitchen!

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I love the pictures too! I did search the "finished kitchen" section on gardenweb and searched it by paint color - in my case BM Simply White. You might try searching it by "Linen White." In any case, I'm happy to view all the white kitchen photos on this thread too. For some reason, I can't stop looking at them!
@TXBlueBonne - what countertops are you going with? Are you doing black again?

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Guys, tell me one thing/color white doesn't go with?
Not that I'm not going to stalk every thread with pictures in it, but truly.

There are wayyyyyyyy too many threads about show me white. Why not go through some of them and ask the posters what the colors are that they used, when you see one you like? Keep in mind monitor resolution...

Now, if you had green cabinets and were trying to find a paint color, you might actually get some helpful responses. [LOL]

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Lesmobo: I have searched linen white and found very few examples. I found more searching Google and Houzz, but would love to see more and especially some with different glazes applied. It's also fun to see what people chose for counters and accessories using the same paint color. I haven't decided for sure on the counters. I am thinking of the antique brown leathered granite. It almost looks black but it's warmer. My husband wants something different on the island. I would love to do walnut but am worried about maintenance. The counters in my old kitchen were black solid surface (Corian). I inherited them from the previous owner and I didn't like them when I moved in. By the time we moved out, I grew to like them a lot. They didn't show water spots like granite, they weren't shiny and they looked great. I wouldn't pick them as a first choice but they were a good neutral choice nonetheless.

I don't post here a lot but you guys are making me feel like it's not ok to post here :(. If you don't find this thread useful why not ignore it and move on to one that interests you more?

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TXBluebonnet11, please don't go. The other posters (and longtime contributors) are actually trying to be helpful. They could ignore your thread (which doesn't feel very helpful) and let you wonder if anyone cares. Instead they're suggesting you search a bit first. We all have our own style of posting. :)

There are so many whites/off-whites. I have one, Cloud White. I could show you my kitchen, but camera/lighting/monitor could skew it. It sounds like you really like Linen White. Honestly, if your thread question narrowed it down to that, you might get more helpful feedback.

This is an amazingly helpful forum.

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@TXBluebonnet11, thanks for the info.! Would not have guessed that was corian- it actually looks a lot like honed black granite. Who knew! Have seen the antique brown- quite rich and lovely.

Please don't stop posting. There are many threads about "white," but it is always a topic worth discussing. White trends come and go and it helps so much to see the different whites with different color combinations. So your post is a good one -. You may get a more positive response if you post for pics of "Linen White Kitchens..." or "Which Glaze?"

@CEfreeman, you know of course that there are a bazillion number whites and yes they can clash with even grays or beiges depending! LOL.

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TXB, there are lots of white kitchen threads. The one I've linked to even has an example of Linen White. There are also several of examples of Cloud White (my cab color) and yet they all look quite different, due to camera and lighting. I think the examples here are a good starting point, but, in the end, you need to do your own sampling and seeing what they look like in your space.

One person's fave white is another's nightmare.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Kitchens

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It's so true that it's really specific to your space. I'm like you and poured over so many threads here and looked for photos in houzz, googled color names, etc. I really appreciated people posting color names but in the end those colors were a starting point for me rather than and end point. I thought for sure I'd like Simply White or Snowfall. Respectively they looked peach and yellow in my space. I ended up having to have a custom color. White is such a chameleon that it must be chosen with the other factors of your space in mind.

I found some help in reading Maria Kilim's blog and learning more about undertones. More than anything putting up samples in the room helped narrow things down. Somewhat sadly though my project didn't exactly turn out as planned and I can see more "color" in my white than I had expected. Most of that though has to do with lights and proximity to lights, my red oak floor, the neighbors wood fence that reflects light into the space, etc.

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I painted linen white on our walls downstairs walk out basement and it is the "perfect creamy white" I think it would look great on cabinets. It definitely has a warm feeling to it at least in my space. In our upstairs kitchen we have white thermafoil and man that is is WHITE like whiteout white.

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We painted our 1980 dark oak cabinets in BM Linen White when we bought this house. It's definitely more of a creamy/yellowy color.

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@Linelle: Thank you for the reassurance. I realize each board has its own norms and my apologies to all if I am outside of those with my post. I have gotten so much helpful information here, and am grateful for what I've learned here. I often feel like I'm not giving back enough, so was only attempting to start the thread that I wish I had found myself. :)

@Lesmobo: Thank you for the kind words! Those are good suggestions, re: posting about glazes or linen white. Kind of scared to do that now though. Lol.

@Browneyes: It's so frustrating when things don't turn out how you envision. I've had this happen many times in this renovation process. It's disappointing when you spent so much time trying to make just the right choice.

@Kam and imstacy: Thank you for the info on your linen white paint.

To all: We are putting a lot of details in the moldings for our cabinets so I'm thinking of doing a glaze to accent them. Except some of the glazes I've seen just look dirty. I was thinking a charcoal glaze may come out less dirty looking than a mocha glaze. Any thoughts?

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I am so glad you posted this thread.My cabinets are being painted BM lambskin which is an off white/cream color.
My sister bought a house with the cabinets painted this color and I loved it.
I too have searched Houzz and Google but only find weird pictures of painted living rooms or paint charts and the pictures it is really hard to tell how anything looks!.

I REALLY appreciate seeing pictures of people's kitchens on this site with white or off white because it helps me envision what mine will look like AND also gives me ideas! It isn't so easy to find posts for what you are looking for. Maybe people do post the same questions but there are always new people coming on all the time.
I am glad others are responding to your thread!

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TXB, I have linen white painted cabinets, (well, almost, still painting) no glaze, and I will tell you why. A friend of mine had hers professionally painted with a LIGHT glaze, and although it's ok looking, to me, it looks dingy. However, if it's the look you love, and many do, I would go for it!
I love the color and would post pics, but I recently switched to using iPad and my pictures continue to come upside down on this forum. Now, let me tell you, if you want to really feel like you're annoying people, post an upside down picture! It IS annoying!
OT, what area are you in TX? I live in Decatur, North of Fort Worth. I'm always curious where fellow Texans live because some things I see on here that I want to check out are near impossible to find! Take soapstone, I'm still searching for a decent, hard slab, and there are maybe two slabs in the DFW area and fabricators are non existent!
Also, keep considering that wood top! I'm doing walnut on our 12 foot island, we put walnut PLYWOOD on it to sort of "test" the wood idea, and I love it! Can't wait for the real thing!

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Susie: I would love to see your pictures, even if they are upside down! I am in Houston. I put Soapstone in my laundry room and upstairs bathrooms. I got it at a place called Vivaldi Stone on the north side of town. They didn't have a huge selection - maybe 15 slabs or so? I've found similar at other granite yards around here. My regular granite installer was able to do the soapstone without any problems. I think I was the first house she had done but it turned out great. What did you seal the walnut "test wood" with?

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Somebody referred to this in the string above, but I did not see a link. Here's the GW Finished Kitchens Blog. It has been inactive for over a year now, so there are many more recent examples (as people would attest, there are a lot of different interpretations of white). There are 44 kitchens linked below, you have to scroll back through history to see them all.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Cabinet Kitchens on FKB

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I used SW Pearly White on the perimeter cabinets and SW Black Magic on the island. Have to pick a wall color for adjacent family room and a little of that color will show over the windows.

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I often feel like I'm not giving back enough

TXB, don't worry, in time you will. :) You may have just the little piece of information or an experience that can make a difference to someone else. Never underestimate what you can contribute to this board.

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We have Waypoint cabinets in maple "Linen" color. Not sure if it helps since it's not a commercial paint color. It's a really perfect neutral white.

Here is a link that might be useful: white kitchen reveal

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Gooster: Amazing resource. Thanks for the link, and for letting me know that there were more to see on other pages because I would have missed them! It's too bad that this hasn't been active for a year. It's a great resource.

Strayer and Three Graces: Thank you so much for sharing. I can't see your photo, Strayer, but Three Graces, your kitchen is lovely! I love the soft white color and the large wall of cabinets. Must be great for storage!

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I'd be interested in knowing wall color used with a specific white colored cab. I have serious issues detecting color undertones and that would give me a jump start for such details. Thanks

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TxBlueBonnet: You are welcome.... I thought a direct link to what people were alluding to would be helpful.

Mags438: if you go to the Finished Kitchen Blog each post will give the cabinet color and usually, the exact wall color. Most people will include it in their reveal.

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My kitchen is still in progress (backsplash is just starting today)...but if you'd like to see it, here it is. When I started the project, I was convinced I was going to get get traditional brown cherry and ended up with white full overlay frameless by Cookshire. Who knew?!?

Granite is Moonlight and backsplash is a white textured wavecrest with a Jeffrey Court mosaic.

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I think this was a good idea for people to post their kitchens and the paint color or the white they used if it came painted from the cabinet maker. Thanks for all those who shared or posted links.

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Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. 25% gloss I think?? Finish has held up beautifully the past 5 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen

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