feelings hysterectomy post op

popi_gwSeptember 7, 2011

Hi gals

I had my operation a week ago, everything taken out due to a large fibroid that was dancing around on my bladder.

A week later, I can say that I am glad it is all over. But it is not all roses so far. I guess I am just looking to vent about my mixed emotions with it all.

I have suffered an aweful bought of constipation from all the drugs pumped into me, so that is today's mountain to sort out. I have read everything about constipation on the internet and have "armed" myself with piles of prunes, jugs of water, so much fibre, it is scrubbing my insides. I think I may have sorted that now !

I have organised hubbie to do the shopping, and housework, this is a first for him after me doing it all for 28years. Silly old me...I have waited for this day forever, so he could walk in my shoes for a while, but you know, I shed a little tear today because I missed doing things for him !

My 19 son has been unusually kind to me, chatting to me, comes home a bit earlier from uni, has done shopping for me with a shopping bag. Although he did not visit me in hospital or wish me a happy operation, he has clearly thought about how old mum might need a hand. Which I am touched by.

My 24 year old daughter has been here cooking the best meal I have ever tasted, I never knew she could cook so well !

My Indian mother-in-law came on the bus today to deliver dinner for us, what a treasure.

So I am well looked after and blessed with wonderful people who are helping me to get back to normal.

I will be convalescing for 2 months, away from work, just hanging around home. MMMmmmmm

I feel a little lost from loosing my body parts, it is very strange.

Thanks for letting me blab on..

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Sorry, this won't help you but I was so happy when mine was over, no more pads. I could not have been happier. Nothing could have bothered me.

Think positively, I would give every thing I own for a family like yours.

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i am glad that you are enjoying your break from work and love from your family.
I have learned that Lady's Mantle and all natural progesterone cream can actually shrink down fibroid. Natural progesterone cream can reduce hot flashes and prevent breast cancer. You probably do not need this information anymore, but it's nice to check it out and pass it on to the others.

See books by Dr. John Lee, the pioneer in the use of natural progesterone for women health.

God bless all.

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If "natural" relieves the symptoms, it is just as dangerous as a prescription. According to 2 doctors I asked.

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