kms4meSeptember 20, 2008

I will turn 50 in January. I have had 2 periods in the last two years. I have been pregnant three times, gave birth twice.

I had a period of hot flashes in May-June of this year, then they stopped.

No insurance, had Lyme's disease early in spring...

Not sure what I'm asking... maybe does menopause ever strike so lightly?


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My daughter has lymes disease and everytime it resurfaces, she misses periods. she is only 29. She can always tell when it's time for antibiotics because she becomes so tired she almost can't get off of the couch and misses her periods. so I'm not sure if you are experiencing menopause or lymes disease or both. try to get to a doctor to have a blood test to see what your lyme titer is and to check your hormone levels. Maybe there is a clinic in your area that can work on a sliding scale to help with the costs. Good luck to you.

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