now in menapause at 35

happy3September 20, 2009

I just got news back from blood work that it is official I am in menopause at 35! I am so stressed! I have a newly diagnosed 4 year old child with type 1 diabetes which has been devastating and has turned our world upside done trying to manage this disease with my husband and myself. Now experiencing hot flashes, mood sings, and everything else that comes along with this. Any suggestions or hope would be greatly appreciated.

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35 is very young to be in menopause if you have never had any kind of surgery on the reproductive system. Perhaps you are one of those women who go in and out of menopause before the actual menopause hits. The blood test only measures your levels at that particular time.

your Menopause may or may not be true menopause but you still have to deal with the symptoms.

First-- stress will bring on more severe symptoms, so try to find some time in the day when you can relax and let things go. Practice deep breathing when you feel up tight or having a mood swing. You can do this with 5 minutes time, or when you are doing a chore. Breathe in deaply, so your stomach expands, hold for a bit and when you breathe out try to relax your muscles.

Drink or eat soy products. Soy has natural estrogen.

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