What are natural tactics to have 4th child (in second marriage) ?

atlanta63August 15, 2007

Three of my grandparents lived to be 94 years old. Two were women. The females go through menopause at age 55. At age 43, I would be interested in having 4th child in my second marriage. I am in good health and usually pass for much younger than my age. Never had any complications in pregnancy. What are the best natural tactics for conceiving in second marriage, without spending lots of money for unnatural therapies? I feel extremely healthy and up to this.

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Hi atlanta,
I think persistance at the right time is one of the keys. You should know that it probably, at your age, will might take a year or 2 to get pregnant.
You should start taking your temperature every morning, before you do anything and before you get out of bed. Keep a record of it. I forget exactly how it goes (its been a long time!), but I think our temps drop right before we ovulate. That's when you shoud have intercourse for several days.
Also, after intercourse, don't get out of bed for awhile. Some even suggest putting a pillow under your bottom, to elevate it a little...just to help the little buggers to go in the right direction.
I think for men, its important to not drink caffeine if they're trying to get you pregnant. And its important for neither of you to smoke.
I had a great book on how to get pregnant, but I lost it somewhere along the way. There's probably alot of good info on the internet if you do some searches.
But timing really is the key. Do you ever have ovary pain with ovulation? Its good to have intercourse then too. I got pregnant with my second child by following my temperature and it worked!
Good luck to you!

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I will get the thermometer and try that plus the books. Thanks!

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Good luck atlanta!

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