Sweating (like a faucet) when gardening?!!!

piksi_hkAugust 25, 2006

Everytime I walk outside this summer (of course, it doesn't help that I'm in zone 9, hot and humid!) even for 1 min., I'm drench in sweat. Sweat comes pouring down my head, nose, and chest...What do you do? It is awfully embaressing when I talk to people and I'm dripping sweat.

I also have hot flashes and night sweats...and a tummy bulge even though I've had a hysterectomy for fibroids and enlarged uterus.

Thanks for listening.

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Are you on hormones after the hysterectomy? Did they leave the ovaries? Sounds like menopause to me! I take progesterone cream for the sweating... I don't know about the tummy bulge... exercise is the only thing I know for that.... it can only get worse if you don't.

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Hoooweeee Piksi, I can relate to that! Thought I'd go out the other morning and sit and have my coffee. Well, I noticed I needed to do some weeding, so I started weeding my garden, and the next thing I knew, I was DRIPPING with sweat!
This hot flash thing is really annoying! A neighbor stopped by to talk and there I am looking like I just came out of the shower---that's another thing-I go in and take a shower and by the time I dry off, I need another one from sweating so much!! YUK!!!
Just thought you might like to know that you are not alone!!!

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I've always sweated alot, but it definitely worsened in perimenopause. Have you ever seen Saturday Night Live, or some other comedy show, when they would show someone sweating too much.......and the water would just pour from under their hat? Well that's what I look like! It's unbelieveable. I've learned too, to drink tons of water before I go out in the heat. I've lost my sense of thirst, so it's important to just do it, even when I'm not thirsty. Unfortunately......then I have to pee all the time!

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