Chimichurri vinaigrette

jennAugust 22, 2012

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill is our favorite local go-to place for fast, fresh, delicious mexican take-out. They have some new salads this summer, my favorite being the Wild Planet Tuna Salad. It is wildly delicious with a chimichurri vinaigrette dressing that I would like to copy at home. The tuna is flavored with lemon oregano. I would choose this salad over a plate of my facvorite fresh-baked made-from-scratch brownies, LOL.

I looked up some chimichurri vinaigrette recipes and all of them contain garlic, red wine vinegar, parsley, olive oil, dried red pepper flakes, S&P.

Is this the basic recipe? I plan to add a favorite to our recipe collection.

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Pretty much a basic chimichurri sauce...but they usually contain onion and often oregano and/or cilantro. but parsley is pretty classic.
Chimichurri sauce is pretty well a not sure what's up with calling it a chimichurri vinaigrette. Sort of like calling a dish shrimp scampi...or scampi, made with shrimp!

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Thanks Linda. I actually did find a recipe for one that includes fresh oregano, but most of the others did not. Cilantro would be a suitable alternative for the parsley but only for the oddballs who love it, which I do. :-)

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I've had chimichurri most often in Argentinian restaurants, and it tasted like the base ingredients were parsley, garlic, vinegar and oil. I have also seen it with minor quantities of sweet red pepper and scallions but never with hot peppers.

If you had it at Rubio's, it probably did have hot pepper flakes because they tend to take a good recipe and screw it up by catering to the current American fad for more heat, even if it isn't traditional with the dish.

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