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figitttsAugust 10, 2009

Hi and I hope someone else can help me with this cause my GP and Neuro doc sure arent much help.. I know I am having symptoms of peri or what ever they call it. lol But Has anyone ever had Eye symptoms such and total blurred vision. numbness of the mouth and jaw pain during all of this? It seems I am going nutty. Totally frustrated to say the least.These spells can come at anytime anyplace. Sometimes it feels alittle like I need to refocus my eyes and others are so bad I cannot even see straight. Double vision at 60 mph is not a good thing! The Nuro doc I saw said to just ( GET THIS) SET BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!! Oh ladies I tell ya I wanted to let him enjoy this ride just once! lol. In making light of the situation he actually told me today well it was a woman who ate the poison apple!!!! I told him I wish a man could go thru this just once and maybe they would understand alittle better how I felt! My GP put me on Nerotin in hopes that it wold help with what they are calling migraines and so far no help from that so he changed my meds today to something called topamax. Has anyone ever had these symptoms and did you find anything that actually helped? PLEASE HELP ME

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Hi figittts,
I think I answered some of your questions in another post somewhere. My memory is shot!
Did the neuro doc do any tests? Do you have a history of migraines?
Your neuro doc sounds like a jerk.
In my opinion, Neurontin should be used on people who have intractable nerve pain. did your neuro doc bring up the usual migraine meds? Topomax is one of them, but there are many others.
I would want to make sure that your facial/eye/jaw symptoms aren't something M.S., a vascular problem, etc. So hopefully, he's doing an MRI on your head.
Also......some of these symptoms could be from TMJ......tempomandibular joint disease. Do you grind your teeth at night?
Another thing I ran into, beginning in perimenopause was sleep apnea. How are you sleeping? Do you have anyone who can tell you if you snore alot?
Don't you just hate jerky men docs are so insensitive?
I think I told you in my other post to you that my migraines went away when I was put on a beta blocker.
I think I had the worst perimenopause you have my sympathy and empathy!

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Yes my Gp did a MRI and they ruled out MS. I have had blood work to no end and every test they run comes out fine. I do not snore but I do have some tmj. Nothing so bad as to cause all of this tho. When these spellls hit me and when they hit me hard I have no choice but to come home and go to bed. Usually sleep makes them somewhat better for that day altho I tend to have a mild headache the next day. I have been having flashes of light for a couple years now and small dizzy spells as well. It seems that they have only progressed. I went 8 months without a period only to have them come back. They did the hormone test on me. I guess my gyn said if it was like 21 or higher you were in full bloom. well mine was like 76 lol.. not to much longer later I started my periods again lol. The hot flashes got worse etc etc etc. AND YES MEN DOCS ARE JERKS!!! so for now I will rely on this forum to try to keep me from going completly insane. My husband is very supportive but I know he is getting very frustrated as well. I took my first dose of the topamax last night and my gosh I barley slept. I had tingly sensations in my arm and face. The doc and pharmasict warned me that this might happen so I ill bare with it for alittle while to see if it goes away. I will put up with this rather than those eye auras anyday tho... Those things litteraly scare me to death. By thwe way I am 48 years old with one ovary already gone.

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Hi figittts,
I've answered in your other thread too.
Just remember, if this med doesn't work for you, there are alot of other possibilities. don't give up!
Would you say your health was good before this? Did you have any problems like this before perimenopause started?
I began to have problems around l998. I was 48 then too!
I think my immune system actually started not working so well, because a few years before that, I got a horrible case of influenza, pneumonia, ear infections. I also had 2 sinus surgeries during that time. It was like I was just falling apart!
Then I developed IBS, GERD, horrible migraines, overwhelming fatigue, buzzing in my legs/intestines, chest.
I had every test in the book and saw every specialty of doc there is.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Who knows what that really is.....
I'm not saying these things to discourage you. I just want you to know that there are other women who have been affected exactly the way you are.
I got an aura once while driving the car, and I had to take my headache med prescription to the drug store, and I couldn't even talk! So I understand what you're going through. (if that helps at all).
So look up sites on dealing with migraines and see if there are things in your life you can modify, to keep them at a minimum. Hang in there with the migraine med, and if you can't get used to the side-effects, try another one.
I took Maxalt........which I would only take as soon as my vision got weird. I would hate for you to be on a medicine every day for something you only need occasionally.

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Well it has been alittle over a week now since I started the topamax and so far only a couple small eye auras and a small headache.. I started a good womans multi vitamin a couple days ago hooing it would take away the tingling affect of the meds. Boy is that side affect irritating at times.! I have found that stressful situations also seem to bring on some slight dizzy spells. I do find myself extemley exghausted some days. . Other days I can be fine one minute and then bam total without energy the next. God help me get over this soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi figitts i to get some crazy eye auras going on from time to time and yes it really is very scary i get like a weird swimming circle around my eyes that lasts for ages it only comes occasionally but its never happened to me b4 i started with peri i alsso get little black dots as well as though ive got sumthing in my eyes i just sit and calm myself with the fact that i know it wont last long and thankfully it does eventually stop and my eyes return to normal focus but it is a scary thing i thankfully do not get headaches with it just the blurrd vision hang in ther it cant last forever

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Hey beauty, how long have you been having these things? Mine started in Feb and I didnt get the headaches then either. But then the headaches started. they started out bad and then they were mild ones then wham they got really bad. What scared me the most was I started having them when I was driving. The i got these wierd numbness things going on on my mouth and down my throat. then usually later on I would have the eye thing. Yes I have black floaters alot too. I went to the eye doc and had my eyes checked cause my mother has macular degeneration and I was worried that I might have had the beggining symptoms of that but they said I was good on that. Thank god. So now I am just setting back hoping these things will calm down enough that I can go back to riding my harley. Good luck with yours. How old are you and how long have you been having these things. Have they told you yours were menopause? did they give you anything to try to help with them?

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Hey figittts i have been having these auras since about 7 months ago ive had 3 bouts so far i havent had them checked out but if they become anymore frequent id get them checked out the black floaters i get daily they dont bother me so much but the auras freak me out im so releived when it stops it stops as suddenly as it begins its really a weird freaky feeling makes me panic to be honest,im 46 i had a hysterectomy at 30 left with 1 ovary i know im perimenopausal my doc agrees with that she wanted me on hrt but i didnt want to do that i get savage heart palpatations as well but ive found a cure on my own for that but that freaks me out more than anything to be honest i wasnt prepared for all these horrible symptoms i get weird aches and pains horrible adrenalin rushes hot sweats feelings of total panic the list is endless but ive decided to try to manage on my own with various vitamins and i think ive pretty much got most of it under control now but when my eyes start i think im going blind but since its happened a few times now i talk myself down with well its happened before but it does stop i think its a nerve thing and hormones seem to affect every nerve in our bodies so hang in there and i hope youy get to ride your harley real soon ok chin up as we say here in GB

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