A very strange question...

tbaronMay 12, 2007

Hello everyone!

I have a strange situation that you all might be able to help. It's a question for my husband, actually. Here goes!

When my husband and I make love, we use condoms. I am on birth control but neither of us enjoy the mess or the extra risk, so we choose to use condoms as well. Well, it seems that he is allergic to the rubber! At first, (we've been married 11 months), he would just get itchy along the side of the head, but then it would be gone within a day. Trying to help it out, he switched to a larger sized condom. Now, however, with no change in the brand or size of condoms, his slight itch has begun to turn into sores. In fact, recently, he removed a condom with several drops of blood in it. The blood did NOT come from inside him, it was smeared all along his open sore, which does not only itch anymore, it hurts and stings like nothing else. So, thinking he just needed time to heal, we'd purposely wait a few days before making love again. But then, when we'd try again, his sores would come back in full force. And now, not only are the sores along the edge of the head, there is also one that is square in the middle of the penis. It's very small, but small enough to hurt very much. Another thing is this. His testicles become very dry and, even when we try to put moisturizing lotion on them, they become flaky like dandruff. Then, it clears up. These open, bleeding sores and flaky scrotum are becoming a real bother. It was something he could just ignore until it went away, but now it is really affecting him, enough to were his erection goes away because of the sting.

Could it be that he is just allergic to the latex condoms? Is there a cream of some sort we could try? Or should we just go see the doctor to get it sorted out? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!!

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Latex allergies (if that's what it is...sounds like it) are quite common. Many doctors and dentists have the same problem with their latex examination gloves. Ask your pharmacist for non-latex alternatives. I have little doubt they are available.

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I think it could be allergy or contact dermatitis.

I had to switch from rubber gloves to non-allergenic gloves recently. I'd been having problems with dry itchy hands and then I remembered reading that surgeons and nurses sometimes develop an allergy to the gloves they need to use all the time. Since I switched I haven't had any problems, except a couple of times when I grabbed the rubber gloves and after a while I felt the beginnings of that itch. So I'm sure it's the latex.

I just did a very quick google search and was surprised to find out that it can become a serious problem. Best to avoid any more exposure at all. I'm going to mention it to the doctor next time I see him. It might be important to find out if it's contact dermatitis or Type IV allergy (Type 1 allergy sounds pretty unmistakeable). Apparently it's more common in people with asthma or hay fever, or allergies to certain foods, or who have undergone frequent medical procedures. Latex-free condoms are available according to google.

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LOL we were typing at the same time!

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Okay, you can attack me after you read this post, but I have to say what i'm thinking.

I'm surprised he didn't go to his doctor when this first started, but since he didn't he should call for an appointment right away. Latex allergies can lead to a severe attack that could compromise his breathing.

At the risk of starting trouble, is it possible these are STD sores that are being merely aggravated by the moisture of the latex condom?
Are you sure these sores aren't there in between sexual events? Again, I apologize for suggesting a venereal infection, but I find it strange that a young man would prefer to use a condom with his wife when she's already on BCPs.
I have to wonder if he doesn't suspect he has a problem and just doesn't want to infect you.

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Please see a physician , BOTH of you

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Thanks everyone for your comments and advise. I think we will try to seek latex-free condoms.

To monablair:

I am pretty sure it is not an STD because both my husband and I did were not sexually active before marriage. Is there any STD that is present even without sex? If not, I am really very positive it is not and STD.

As for the sores being there between sexual events, as I said, they begin to heal and close but are just broken open again.

Preferring a condom even though I am on birth control? I hate the mess to be cleaned up! He doesn't appreciate spilling semen all over the place, either. Plus, we are in college and are still young and wish to take every precaution in the wind towards pregnancy. If a child happens, fine, wonderful. But we'd really rather not at this point in our lives and our marriage.

Thank you for the warning concerning latex allergies, neither one of us had any idea. It would have never occured to us that it could compromise his breathing. We just assumed it was a skin allergy and nothing more. =)

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To be safe and sure, both of you visit a doctor to get to the root of the issue. It'll give you piece of mind and then you can continue on with your sex life without reservation.

Good luck,

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I'd check with a doctor too.

I "thought" I heard oral herpes (fever blisters) can be spread to the genital area. And, I'm no man, but could it be a type of jock itch? Furthermore, if it is a latex allergy, you really do need to find this out...because that allergy can be VERY serious and he needs to know so that he avoids contact with other items that have latex in them.

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Visit the doctor, I know this might be embarassing for you both, but you will have to do it sooner or later.

Please go. It's important.


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I wud also say that a visit to a doc wud not only give a solution but also give peace to mind and wud ensure relaxed relationship.
Otherwise u will keep wondering and at last get frustrated since u guys r newly weds

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