Romantic Dinner for Two

ruthanna_gwMay 2, 2002

Around 30 years ago, my BF owned a shop that was open late on some nights of the week. One night at dinnertime, I showed up at his shop carrying a basket with a picnic dinner for two. I made fruit soup, roasted chicken, potato salad, a salad of marinated tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cucumbers, french bread (bought), and chocolate mousse. Well, he was surprised and a couple of years later became my DH. He calls that meal a "trap dinner" because he said it trapped him into marrying me and every couple of years, he requests that I make that same meal because it has a lot of memories for us.

Greek salad also has the same effect because it's what we ate at a little cafe on one of our first dates. Do you and your spouse have any dishes that jog your romantic memory?

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Wine and cheese! My husband is not a drinker, but I love red wine. When we dated he would "try a glass" just to see what it was like, but doesn't really like alcohol or understand the appeal. So I introduced him to the wine/cheese combo. He was totally amazed at how French cheese could open up and enhance the taste of the wine, and he loved it. It was romantic and sensual and fun the first time, so we order that when we are at a french restaurant and its special everytime.

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Ummm, the funny thing was that when I started dating my fiance' 4 years ago, our "dates" probably wouldn't even be considered dates by some! LOL On the first date he invited me to come watch him play softball in the men's slow pitch league he was in~this will be the 5th year I've sat in the stands and ate ballfield food. After that our dates were usually after I got off work and we'd meet and hit the local convience store and have a hot dog, nachos, hoagie or whatever we felt like having. We'd eat in the parking lot and then go for drives along the back roads just to kill time. We were pretty simple I guess but it was fun.


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10 years ago...steak...i'd made him a steak dinner, it was cooked to perfection...he choked on piece, it was awful...
but later that night he told me he loved me so it turned out ok ...and i haven't made him steak since

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When my DH & I were dating, I took off work one afternoon & went to his house & made him country ribs (his favorite) and all the fixings. He ended up at the emergency room - a piece of bone shattered his tooth! He STILL remembers that! LOL!

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Yes a memory jogger is when we see BUTTER BALLS..yes BUTTER BALLS. Well long story short our first date he took me to a very fancy expensive Italian restaurant. I had NEVER been to a fancy restaurant we sat down on the table was really fancy breads and a plate of Mozzarella Balls so Im trying to be all sexy in my new outfit hair done nail done etc so I reach over with my fork poke a Mozzarella ball put the whole thing in my mouth bite down to find its BUTTER!!! FANCY BUTTER BALLS!! I died a thousand times over I hoped he didnt notice I joked and said "Dont mind me I just love butter" then I excused myself like ladies do and went to the bathroom ...where I proceeded to wipe my tongue of the grease with toilet paper and curse at myself in the mirror! Best part he didnt notice. Later as we dated I told him ..he said yeh I thought that was weird with the BUTTER LOL so now when ever we go and this is on a table we laugh and believe it or not it brings us to a very ROMANTIC MEMORY

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