New here--need help..PLZ!!

melonwhelzAugust 3, 2006

I replied to a post already but have had no response..I am wondering if anyone of you seems to be excessivly ovulating--I know I am from the pain and the egg white discharge.Can you ovulate more than once in a month..can you ovulate w/out having a period (that happens to me too) I pray for a period to burst this bloat..I wonder if I have IBS--maybe my crazy hormones are causing my tummy to hurt so bad--I can FEEL my ovaries--they are swollen.I have a pap next week--it was normal a year ago--I am 49..I guess its my time but it HURTS--and I LOOK preggo!

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Melon....did you see my response to your questions in the other post?
I have a theory that as our FSH goes up (follicle stimulating hormone), it sort of starts beating our ovaries, trying to get eggs out of them. There are several people on this forum who seem to get ovulation several times a month and get it more painful than when they were younger.
Are you on any hormones? During perimenopause and even after, I am plagued with alot of bloating. Try to really decrease eating sugar and other refined carbs. I think our fluctuating hormones can really do a number on us.
I'm glad you see the OB/GYN next week. Whenever women have alot of GI problems and bloating, I think it's important to take a good look at their ovaries through a transvaginal ultrasound.....which is a very easy test. They just go into your vagina with an ultrasound probe and get good pics of your uterus and your ovaries. I'm sure they might want to check out the thickness of your uterine lining too. Sometimes that just gets built up too much.
Good luck, and hang in there. Does tylenol help at all?
And try to avoid alot of salt.

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I just got back from my family Drs office--he is the one our "plan" uses..he said--w/ out even really checking me out--feeling --or ANYTHING--that I may have diverticulitis--he prescribed Bacrtim ( an antibiotic),Compazine (for my nausea) and Nulev ( a drug for IBS--pain, cramps and bloat)--I dont think I need all that crap.I KNOW MY BODY.My ovaries are wreaking havoc.Anyhow Ill start the Nulev--read good things about it...and adjust my diet .Ive had gall bladder worries in the past that caused nausea and r-sided pain and all I did was cut out dairy and fats and I was fine.My gall bladder is bothering me too.But I truly feel its stemming from diet and hormones--all of it.The bozo doc also gave me a PREGGO test..I KNEW I wasnt pregnant--altho I am married --but we havent been real "active".I am 49--no way..Id DIE!
Ty for posting back.ill BBL w/ my drugs and results.

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Oh Gee melon.......isn't that just like a doctor to load you up with all those meds and not really check you out????
Could you go to an OB/GYN instead of a family practice doc? That would be my suggestion.
The Bactrim could potentially cause you alot more problems, by destroying all your good intestina flora.
Here's an option: Try taking something like pepsid or prilosec for a week. I got a ton of bloating, belching, nausea and diarrhea from my GERD during perimenopause.
If you get relief from that, then you can probably assume you have reflux. At that point, if you don't like being on meds, then try adjusting your diet......avoid sugar, white flour, caffeine, etc.
My GI tract went absolutely bonkers during perimenopause.
But I think what I would do first, is call an OB/GYN. They will pay more attention to your ovaries. And men just don't get it.
I went to the ER on Christmas day for severe pain. I was sure it was my ovary. The CT scan showed a small cyst on the ovary. The doc was convinced I had diverticulitis. He even made a bet with me. How could he think pain was on my right side, and diverticulitis occurs on the left side! Well....I was right. It was "just" the cyst on the ovary. He said it was too small to cause all that pain........but he was wrong. I had that particular pain for almost a month before it went away.
Yes, it's possible that you have diverticulitis. And I would hate to steer you wrong. But if it is reflux, you should feel better soon with something like prilosec. If not, then I would try the bactrim.
Do you have left-sided pain? Do you have a low grade fever?

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My pain is on the right--just like last time --its my gall bladder/ I KNOW IT!!!!!-but also my ovaries are aching- constantly swollen -both of them..Ive been eating badly--BTDT--know the symptoms of gall bladder stuff --but if the gallbladder is inflamed the antibiotics should help that too--I think.I have my YEARLY OB/GYN appt in a week.But think I will take the antibiotic,,Pepcid is no help to me--Ive got reflux and have taken it a lot.
But oh yes--typical Dr loaded me up w/ meds w/ out checking--just covering his butt.And mines aREAL pill pusher.The ONLY thing I take regularly & Happily from him is my Xanax--it helps w/ my stress (I have 2 teen-age sons--LOL-need I say more)..anyhow Friday at the gyno should help the meantime I will see if my diet change and antibiotics help. Thanks, Mel

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LOL! Sorry for calling you melon! Some of those usernames I can't seem to divide properly, and come up with the wrong names!
Just be sure to eat alot of yogurt and take probiotics so the antibiotic doesn't do you in.
And I'm not trying to scare you.....just trying to keep you up on things. Women get alot of GI problems with ovarian cancer. So I feel whenever there's alot of those, especially bloating, it's important to get a transvaginal ultrasound. Chances are it's something else....but it's a good thing to check.
I've also wondered about my gallbladder. But doctors think if you don't have stones in there on ultrasound, that it's functioning properly, and I don't think that's the case.
I'm much xanax do you take each day? I seem to live on the edge of freaking out each day, and I'm getting really tired of it. Occasionally, I borrow one of my husband's 1mg xanax tabs, and it puts me in a coma for 4-6 hours. It sort of lets my brain "re-boot", and I do a bit better when I wake up. But it would be nice to feel better and be able to stay conscious!
I have 2 kids.....17 and 19, and I'm 56. I understand!
Good luck at the Gyno's and keep us posted.
I know from first-hand experience that perimenopause can be an absolute hell for some of us. It's all so just have to find those things that make life liveable and tolerable for you, and hope for a quick transition.

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Melon!! Too funny--I feel like one right now so thats cool.Ok, Cat( can I call you that?)..heres the deal.I had a tranvsvag ultrasound a year ago to look for fibroids, I had heavy bleeding (then) fibroids--and everything else looked good.I have a "heavy" feeling now--have gone 2 months w/ out a period .I have an enlarged uterus, I think.They said so at my last ob appt, also.As for the gall bladder--it can get inflamed quite easily..choeleocystitis--hope I spelled that right ( I went to nursing school but that was awhile back!)Mine flares up eating fatty,fried or high dairy its not always stones that make it hurt.As for the Xanax mine are 1 mg--but I take a 1/2 at a time --it just takes the edge off.I may it take 2 to 3 x a day.I used to use wine for THAT( at night) but my digestive problems worsen w/ alcohol.
Are your kids in school or boys are just back to school after a very short summer break.Ive got to go out and buy a butt-load of school supplies now.
I wish my gyno appt was sooner...Ill TTYL! mel

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Hi Mel,
Did they say why your uterus was big? Back when I was about 48, I started missing periods. Then I started bleeding alot. I just about bled to death, and they did a D&C. It showed that I had something like "benign proliferative disorderly cells". Things like this can happen in perimenopause. Anyhow....I would about every 6 months go in for a transvaginal ultrasound, and they would measure the thickness of my uterus. My OB/GYN never wanted it getting too thick, because that means the blood layer is building up too much, and you can start bleeding and not stop. Plus....a thick lining can predispose us to cancer.
When our hormones get out of whack (from perimenopause), we tend to build up too much lining all the time. I think we don't have enough progresterone, which lets the lining sluff off.
I'm thinking they need to establish if your lining is too thick, and if it is, they could give you progresterone (yuk), or do a D&C. I'm sure your enlarged uterus can make you feel really full and uncomfortable.
Let me know what your OB/GYN says. I hope he/she is good!
I'm daughter (although home now for the summer), is going into her second year of college, and my son will be a senior in high school........but he makes up for her not being here!! Everything is an argument with him and it really wears me out.

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My son is a senior this year as well..I know what you mean-(psst take 1/2 a xanax) -but at least hes a good student.Im sure yours is too.
I didnt like the last OB I went to. they rush you around like cattle ..and their stupid office overcharged my insurance company.I need to find a new one.
My yearly pap,exam and mammy are being done Friday at a huge cancer centre here in Tampa where I live.They done it for years and are very good.Maybe they can refer me to someone.
I didnt know that about my uterus Thanks -Ill be sure to question that.I wonder if I can ask for the CA-125 blood test that shows if you may have ovarian cancer at my clinic.I know that a pap just shows cervical cancer..right? have you taken progesterone? I always get estrogen symptoms and progest symtoms mixed up.Ive never been on the pill..everyone I tried gave me heart flutters...Mel

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