smileyroseAugust 17, 2006

I'm really worried about going through the menopause I've heard so many bad stories about it. I don't have any symptems yet and hopefully I wont for a number of years however I'd like to know how I'll know when I'm actually having the menopause, is there be an obvious sign?

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Don't worry... it can be a pain, for SOME people... some sail right through! :o) Everyone is totally different... I had one friend who couldn't figure out why she was crying all the time and having anxiety attacks.... then the sweating started, then it was obvious.
I don't have anxiety attacks.... thank goodness! I tend to get a little angry quickly though.... homicidal is more like it... more of a pain for those around me than me! :D
I figured it out when I was watering my garden, it was 70º which is almost winter temps for me, and I was sweating from my head PROFUSELY, I mean it was dripping from my chin. I was wondering.... then *ding* menopause occurred to me! yup! If it's a BIG problem, there are many things to do about it. I wouldn't go back actually... I LIKE being my age, and menopause is just a bump in the road, a little sign that I am not a teeniebopper anymore, thank goodness!

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Well I still have a few more teeny bopper years to go. Although I don't have any immediate plans to have any more children I heard not so long ago that women can carry on giving birth right into their 50's without going through the menopause!

It seems a shame really that my partner divorced me before I even got to the menopause stage when I could have given him some 'real' hell and LOL really given him a good reason to divorce me! :D:D:D

Oh well, I guess he'll never know what the bad times were really like!;)

~Thanks for your reply.


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Well, you should worry, that is if you have depresson or some sort of emotional problem. Remember, there are some prescription drugs that help, and herbs like soy and black cohosh. I don't like precription drugs, but their there if you need them. Take care of your health, whatch what you eat, we are being poisioned in this country you know. No, I'm not nuts, just look into it and you'll see that they are putting weird hormones in our milk, pesticides on our food, the water is ruined. Believe me, a lot of these problems come for what man has done to our earth, and because of what the FDA considers FOOD. :) Arum

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