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melonwhelzAugust 11, 2006

Ok..I am not crazy.One can ovulate more than one time a month--and have no period.I am normal-for my age .My pelvic was good and altho Ive been SWEARING that I can FEEL( with my hands) my ovaries she told me that it was impossible --because they were NOT enlarged..I am just bloated-WHICH by the way has gone down a lot with a diet change--no caffiene, lo-fat, lo-dairy, 2 alcohol drinks a day at MOST,eating GOOD carbs..

Anyhoo--wont have the tests (mammy and pappy and HPV) results for 3 weeks--but I feel better now that I went--I am NOT crazy--and I am NOT going to die ( at least no time soon--I hope)...just good ole perio-meno.

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Glad to hear it mel!
When my ovaries hurt, I can push on them and know where they are. I think some of us are just lucky that way! ;)
I find it so amazing what a huge variation there is among women, and how they go through menopause. Wish I was one of those who hardly notices it.......but it wasn't meant to be! lol!
Good luck to you Mel!

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LOL--my post makes me sound like a lush!!IF I drink it can be no MORE than 2 glasses of wine--or beer.Its not all the time!Altho it can be a good pain killer.CAT...I can FEEL the AREA of my ovaries too--but the doc said that it was a swelling of the area I feel..possibly fluid to to immflamation?

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