First period in 4 months

gerinaAugust 3, 2008

I'm late 40's and just got my "so called period" a few days ago. This is the first one in four months :o(. It started out with the brown dregs of one leaving and not much else. Day two was the same and then there was some bright stuff like it was starting, but back to dregs. Day three was more dregs and then one bright bit and nothing. Day 4 back to the dregs then nothing. Today it's one bright bit and mainly nothing. It seems like it can't make up it's mind if it wants to start? I had my annual two months ago and everything was fine. I also read Wisdom of Menopause, but I would still like to hear from someone else that this is potentially normal. Is it?

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Hi Gerina, Sounds like you are going through menopause and probably will start and stop this year and then you will stop for a year and shouldn't have anymore periods. So what you are going through is normal and you can also have your dr run some labs to see if you are in midst of menopause just so you will definitely know.

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