Bigger breasts

barbaramAugust 20, 2007


Over the years leading to menopause (where I am almost sure to be), my breasts would get larger for about 2 weeks previous to a period. Now, they have just become bigger and stayed that way. It is not amusing whatsoever as my clothes don't fit and I don't feel like my "normal" self.

Does anyone know anything about this or what can be done?

Much appreciated,


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I remember a few years back - my older neighbor told me that when I go thru perimenopause/menopause that my breasts would get bigger. I am there and they have. I joke and say thats because you get more fat under your arms at this age and it pushes to the front to fill your bras out better hahaha. I suppose you could have a breast reduction (haha), possibly losing "some" weight might take away some of them, short of that - buy new clothes because thats life as a woman. It is normal for a womans body to change ALOT during this stage of our lives :)
I wish that was what I would consider a problem during this time. My problem is for the last 3 weeks straight, I have not slept but maybe 2 hours a nite, massive, horrible, hot flashes with and without night sweats. At least bigger breasts do not disrupt sleep lol.
Good luck !

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Thx for responding. This whole change of life thing is quite the experience. Anyway, I am going to lose weight if that is the answer eventhough I read that it gets harder to lose pounds at this time....crap, but oh well, another challenge.
Luckily, I do not have "hot flashes" very often...just some "sudden heat" stuff here and there but nothing to write about really.
Wishing you a good night's sleep!

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I am going through Perimenopause and my breasts have also grown. I feel so uneasy. I tried the losing weight. I lost it everywhere but my breasts. I am going through the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and will be asking my specialist if there's anything I can do about this problem. I had the hot flashes terrible. After the saliva test showing how low my progesterone is, I was started on a Progesterone compound and hot flashes are gone. Thank God. If anyone has any suggestions on this issue, please let me know and I will do the same. Good luck ladies. This too shall pass right? I hope so.

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