Menopause and Birth Control

mrstlcAugust 29, 2002

When I saw my GYN in June, a blood test was run to confirm I was menopausal. The nurse said I didn't have to worry about birth control any longer. However, after not having a period for over 9 months, I'm having a period now. It makes me nervous about not using any kind of birth control. Any similar experiences here? Any advice?

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Well, I was regular as a clock until 40. Then they got irregular, and I got nervous. Finally DH had the big V when I was 42. I never had a period again, LOL! Poor fella. Oh well. I get hot flashes, that's about it. I take 1500 mg. calcium daily, and that's it. Don't want them hormones. You probably don't have to worry about birth control, but if you're in doubt, do something about it.

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