Heavy painful periods, hysterectomy?

nannie8August 7, 2008

I'm glad I found this post and I'd like to share my experience and hopefully get some input. I have had severe, debilitating cramps and heavy bleeding for years (I'm 42 and not in periomenopause). I went to my gynecologist who took an ultrasound and CT scan of my pelvic area and found that my uterus is extremely enlarged. She ordered a hysteroscopy with biopsy, which I had done a few weeks ago. The biopsy turned out benign, but she said my endometrium is extremely thickened, I have fibroids, a HUGE uterus and just tons of "stuff" in there; I saw it on the screen and it looked horrendous. My periods are always irregular, sometimes I skip months, sometimes I bleed for 10 days, and I always have a lot of clotting and severe pain. This time she gave me Provera to bring on my period (it took 10 days to make it arrive). I have now been bleeding for 7 days and pain is so severe I have had to take off work, pop 800 mg Motrins like candy (which is messing up my stomach), called the emergency line for pain pills yesterday (which did NOTHING to take the pain away) and I've spent the past three days crying, feeling like I've been in constant labor. I'm exhausted from the pain. I am scheduled to see my doctor in 4 days and we're going to talk about my options. I'm too old for the pill and I smoke, so that is not an option. I do not want to be on the pill at all. She suggested a hysterectomy when she saw what was in my uterus and heard about the suffering I go through (she is a surgeon). She said my uterus is so huge and my vaginal canal is small (no kids) that she would be unable to remove it through the uterus, so it would have to surgery. I am not attached to my uterus, don't plan on using it for anything...so any thoughts on hysterectomy? I cannot take living in this kind of pain anymore; it's been far too many years of this and I look pregnant from the swollen uterus. I appreciate your thoughts.

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Hi nannie! I don't usually look at this site but I just had a hysterectomy in July so I was wondering around looking for information. Before I had my hysterectomy I'd had a very heavy period for about 6 weeks. I was willing to put up with anything to not have surgery. That was a mistake. I lost so much blood that my hemoglobin dropped to 6, I beleve the low end of normal is 11. I was in a great deal of pain and couldn't really do anything. Too worn out, out of breath and in so much pain I couldn't move. I ended up in the hospital and got 2 units of blood and then surgery the next day. My uterus was big too but I've had kids so that helped and they where able to do it vaginally. You know you can't go on the way you are now, beleve me I tried hard to keep going thinking it would some how take care of itself. It didn't and it would of been a whole lot better if I had planned this thing out and schedaled things instead of ending up with an emergency situation. I'm 52 so I'm a bit older then you. They gave me a hormone patch which has helped me. I hadn't had any hot flashes or problems with memopause before my surgery but I had them take everything and I sure have had some problems after. I plan to cut the amount of hormone down in the future and eventually get off of the hormones completely. But not now I need to recover first before I can deal with anything more. Well thats my 2 cents!!

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If you knew for certain that your problems were caused by fibroids you could consider non-surgical treatments like uterine fibroid embolization. Since this procedure is performed by an interventional radiologist and not a gynecologist, gyns often don't even offer it as an alternative. It's not effective in relieving symptoms caused by problems other than fibroids though.

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omg, go to the dr and get a hysterectomy!!! i had mine when i was 27 or 28 (im 41 now) and that was absolutely the best thing on this earth (other than having 2 kids) that has ever happened to me !
i had a huge uterus, and periods that lasted forever, (60 days) and just knew that i was never going to use it ever again. the pain, the mess, the surprises, all of that was such a pain!
my operation was 30 minutes, and i was off from work for a total of 7 days. i didnt lift anything heavy for 6 weeks, but other than that it was good. i felt so much better, i had more confidence and energy!
the only advice i would really have is listen to your inner self, and do what is best for you.

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