sweating heavily, not in a hot flash

linnea56August 10, 2007

Anyone else sweat heavily, not during a hot flash? Just get me in any enclosed space (like the car) and I'm sweating buckets. I can't say I'm feeling that hot even, but my body must think I am. Just had a 8 hour car drive and had to cover the seat and back with towels: this with the vent fans turned to me blasting. No flashing, just constant. I was already wearing a very thin layer of 100% cotton, and no bra (can't stand the bra anymore: it's just a sweat collector). I ended up driving home with my blouse fully open, and not caring who saw me in their rear view mirror!

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Hi linnea,
Are you on any other meds? Some other meds can cause alot of sweating.
I sweated constantly in perimenopause. It was like a years-long hot flash!

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Nothing new. Relafen (anti-inflammatory for carpal tunnel syndrome), for over 10 years, and loratidine for allergies.

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