Ovulation Pain

landygirlAugust 28, 2006

I know there have been a few posts on here about this subject but I need reassurance at the moment so hope you can help.

I have experienced ovulation pain since I was a teenager, am now 45, and it usually lasted 24-48 hours.

I would get a sharp stabbing pain in lower right abdomen shooting up to top of hip whenever I stood up, sat down, walked other than very gently and worse of all just before I urinated. It would build up to unbearable then go away.

In last 8 months my cycle has become irregular anything from 20-33 days long and my ovulation pain starts on day 5 of my cycle as a mild stabbing pain in lower right abdomen that slowly builds up until by day 10 its agony and carried on till day 14.

I have over the years been admitted to hospital twice with suspect appendix/ovarian cyst with this pain and ultrasounds have shown nothing amiss with appendix or ovaries.

Two months ago I was in pain for so long that I visited my GP who examined me and when she pressed left! ovary I got excrutianting pain in right side so she said ovary was def tender but normal size, she said unless I was willing to take hormones to suppress ovulation nothing could be done other than suffer!

I am going to go back to her and ask for another ultrasound scan of ovaries etc as I am frightened that somehting is amiss.

It doens't help that a distant relative is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer!!!!!!!!

Would help tremendously to know I am not alone in suffering like this and any suggestions on how to ask my Gp for the scan.

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It's my understanding that ovarian cancer doesn't usually present with ovary pain......if that's any consolation.
Just tell your doctor that you would be very much relieved by the information that a transvaginal ultrasound would give. My OB/GYN said that cat scans aren't quite as good as transvagainal ultrasounds, in looking at the ovaries. Good luck to you.

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My GYN gave me a long explanation of my constant cysts, which seem to me, in a non-medical way, to be related. That when I ovulate, my ovaries get irritated and swell up, like a blister... which, would seem to me, that when one ovulates, that pain would be similar. Like you get pain, but not cysts. The only thing that ever helped me, was long distance running (heavy exercise) or progesterone, that I hated taking until I started taking the over the counter progesterone cream for the menopause.... then my cysts just stopped dead.
The exercise helped due to the effect on my hormones. Hormones really rule our bodies... we are slaves to them.

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Let's MUTINY!! :)

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Hi all thanks for replying.
Was so convinced I had appendicitis that I went to dr this morning and she exained me. She thinks it ovary pain but she did do a blood test to check white blood count as this goes up if you have appendicitis and she has arranged for me to have pelvic ultrasound in three days time. So can't complain she is doing the tests.
I have to wait till later today for results of blood test so hope its normal and I don't have to go in and have my appendix out!
Don't you just love being a woman!!!!!

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HI Landygirl,
I'm glad you have an ultrasound scheduled. That will tell them the state of your uterus and your ovaries, and will put your mind to rest. Keep us posted on the results!

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Got my blood test results for appendicitis and they were normal so at lease the pain isn;t from a festering appendix. Just got the joys of the scan on a full bladder which is such a joy I can't wait!!!!!!

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HI landygirl,
Glad it's not your appendix. Be sure and let us know how your ultrasound goes. It's a really easy test.

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Had my ultrasound of pelvis and told ovaries normal so radiographer said if I am getting monthy cysts that burst every month nothing can be done about it that isn't drastic so looks like I just have to put up with it. HO hum joys of womanhood. Go back to my GP later this week so see what she says.

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Hi Landygirl,
Were you having your pain during your ultrasound? Did you have a transvaginal ultrasound? That's when they go into your vagina with the ultrasound probe. Did they do that? It would have been good for you to have this when you were having pain, so you could see if you had a cyst at the same time.
Can you take tylenol or NSAIDS during your most painful times? I've also heard that the supplement "chasteberry" might work for ovary pain.

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It was a normal pelvic ultrasound, here in UK ( am I right in guessing you are from US?) they only do transvaginal ultrasounds if they pick up anything untoward on the normal ultrasound.
I told the radiographer that the pain had stopped on day 14 of my cycle and its a shame I could not get a scan during the pain but she said it did not matter as they are only interested in cysts that are present after an egg has been released as this means it is permanent. She said there is no treatment for cysts that burst at ovulation other than hormones ( contraceptive) or the drastic step of ovary removal!
I wonder if men suffered with this if there would be more on offer????????? I'm not anti men I have a lovely husband!

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As I was reading your post,I had to do a double take, and make sure it wasn't me! Everything you have said, is exactly what I have experienced. I am 47, having the intense pain at ovulation, long light periods. I even had the episode with appendecitis, however, I really did have appendecitis and had it removed at age 16. I've had endometriosis (diagnosed w/laparoscopy) for many years, infertility, but now have 4 children. I had the ultrasound and the transverse ultrasound. They show numerous med size (2-3 cm) cysts on one ovary. That is what causes the pain. I have the options of having a vaginal hysterectomy, remove ovaries. I'm reluctant to lose the estrogen from my ovaries, and don't know whether I'm just trading one problem for others. If there is anyone out there with similar issues, and success, I'd love to hear your story.

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