Need Ideas on how to get hubby to spice it up...

mrsg77May 2, 2007

We've been married 9 years and I'm EXTREMELY sexual. Hubby works hard and goes to bed rather early (5-6pm) and is up between 11:30p and 1a.

I am having the most horrid time getting him to understand that Sex is getting boring for me. He doesn't even take his time any more and some time I don't even get "there".

I have tried to talk him into getting a "toy" but he's all "you don't need one of those, you'd get one that is bigger than me." .... to me he is not satisified with size but I've never complained.

any way. I know this is rather personal but I really need some suggestions on how to spice it up.. I'm tired of the same ol' same ol'.


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Oh boy.If he isnt satisfied with his size,he is going to be insecure about things. Someone else I know had the same issue with her husband.
You guys have kids?

Why does he go to bed at 5 or 6pm and get up at 11pm?

Do these hours conflict with yours?

Every sex life goes through ups and downs.The key is,to find the reason it is doing so.Are you both getting enough sleep?
Are you working too much? Are you stressed about things? Need a break from kids? A change of scenery?
When this happens to me and my husband,we have very open communication,so we talk about it. We try to figure out together what is going on.

Then it's a baby-sitter for our child,a night on the town,and maybe a nice hotel room.
Other times it's something as simple as turning off the tv!
You'd be surprised how many missed chances come from the tv.

With your husband sounds like you need to make it clear it IS NOT HIS SIZE that is the problem,but that you need more time and a variety of ways.
It is actually quite common for women to not be able to "get there". Maybe if your husband is kind enough if you cant "get there" with intercourse he could help you in some other way???

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