Feel like passing out during a hot flash?

catherinetAugust 12, 2008

I started perimenopause about 10 years ago, and I'm still dealing with it. I'm having these spells and now I'm wondering if they are "just" hot flashes. I never had these exactly before. It usually happens right after I eat. I get very hot and break out in a sweat and feel nauseous and like I'm going to pass out. Anyone else feel that way with their hot flashes?

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Yes,,,I know exactly what you mean. I feel hot all over and then feel almost like I could get sick. The joys of menopause lol

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Hi honey,
I haven't had a period in 3-4 years, but I've heard some women can have hot flashes into their 70's!!
I've been thinking I have something really wrong, but now I'm thinking its "just" really intense hot flashes. Yes, I get weak and shakey and feel nauseous too. Are we having fun yet?

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LOL Cath,,,,I could pass this fun at anytime! I quit having periods about 20 months ago so would think by now some of this would pass but guess not. Lately,,,my biggest complaint is my hair is shedding really bad and I'm afraid at this rate I will be bald....Have you had any of that happening?

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Hi honey,
I seem to go through cycles with my hair coming out. Fortunately, it seems to regrown.
My OB/GYN says that just because our periods stop, doesn't mean our hormones have stopped. She said they can go crazy for maybe 10 years after that. I slapped her. hahaha

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LOL Cath,,,Now you have me really laughing!! 10 years?? I guess we have to laugh or we would be crying big time!
Thanks for responding as that does make me feel better to know that it should regrow!

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Hello, I am new I am 39, still having periods every 21 days, ovulating 2-3 times a month,and I too am having the hot flashes after a meal, nausea bigtime, and feel like I am going to pass out, I also have a rush of anxiety before I get the flash, and guaranteed I get woke at 5 am and immediately about 10 minutes after here IT comes. I also tingle and have a racing heart beat. I feel like I am losing my mind, all tests come back normal CBC Blood Sugar, Metabolic panel,Hormone panel was nuts,, Estradiol 210 FSH 5.2 LH 2.3 Thyroid Normal, T4 Normal, HIV normal, EKG normal, Echocardiogram normal, Oh yes, forgot the constant aching stiffness, Rheumatoid factor was 5 NORMAL!! and burning tongue, and horrindious allergies.. sneeze cough runny nose, itchy throat. and now a mysterious LUMP that has beenin my groin for 2 weeks and hard, hurts like the dickens. So all In all the DOCS say I AM NORMAL.. they won't entertain PERIMENPAUSE!.. say I am too young,,HAHAHHA RIGHT! i started my period at age 9, so been doing this bleeding forever, Oh yes I forgot.. YES I AM LOSING MEMORY TOOO!..HAHAHA. MOOD SWINGS, RAGE, BLOATING, BOOBS HURT, No appetite, and LOSING WEIGHT>> I AM STRESSED, I feel Ihave a deadly disease they haven't found yet at times..I dunno what is wrong withme but if it's not Peri...... What is it?
I feel like I am going NUTTSO!!> Fearful of everything..and 3 hrs sleep a night isn't cutting it.I wanna cry, then laugh then in less that a second I GONNA KILL !!!!! anything bugs, flys, whatever.. HAHAHH! Somebody help!!!!! if something hurts ,,, it's cancer. headache it's a brain tumor, memory loss. Alzheimer. racing heart, heart attack, a twitch or tingle, its a stoke, ovulation pain and period cramps and back ache, its OVARIAN CANCER.if i burp or nausea.. its stomach cancer, and if i get a pain in tummy on right up high, its my liver. Do you all feel like this, I got diahreah the other day and swore it was colon cancer. and the cough with runny nose.. well thats TB, I am driving my self nuts, my family says I need a shrink they checking the wrong thing and my daughter who is 16 is threatening to run away.. also I have 8 cats and 5 dogs.and my fiance left me cause oh yes lets see,,, the SEX DRIVE LEFT AND NO IDEA WHERE IT FLEW ON VACATION TOO. and also I home school my daughter..>> AM I HAVING FUN YET!>Also have a single uterine fibroid, but since going PERI,, Ihope to God that is what I have,,,i think it may have left. because my vagina and tummy feel different. I am sorry to be so long. Thank you for listening to me.! Have a great day!

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Hey Peri,,Welcome to the club!! haha I think you covered everything that we all go through so glad to see I'm not alone. LOL I also have a few of them animal critters at my house so glad to see I'm not only crazy one ha They keep me company and I love animals. Back to the symptoms,,yes sounds like exactly what you are going through is menopause at early stage but you could do this off and on through your 40's before actually being through. First I thought too young but when I saw when you had your first period,,,it makes sense. I feel bad for you going through this now with a teenager in the home. At least I had the opportunity to flip out after my kiddos took off too college so they didn't see their mom day in and day out go through all the mess lol I thought I was the only one that diagnosed all my symptoms over the net and then end result,,,always typing in some kind of cancer symptoms and the real hair raiser is lots of these symptoms match those so like my hubby says,,,,it always makes for a good night sleep when I'm searching the net LOL I don't know what it is with us women but we have to know exactly whats going on with our bodies and minds and we want an exact answer so it leads us to a search engine on symptoms! Anyways,,you are not alone and glad to see you here!

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Oh thank GOD, I am not alone. Thank you so much Honey 11, I am so happy someone understands,The critters do keep me sane a bit. I have a cat that when I have a hotflash he knows its coming some times before I do . He wants me to hold him. But way way to sweaty, so he sits and licks my feet.LOL! geez.. poor baby.Just happy someone can confirm what I am feeling and know that It's not DEADLY.. or is it? Can you die from all this? Never searched that one LOL! Thank you for helping me! Also. forgot to add. Bp is 115/64 pulse 90's in a flash its 120. I have lost 20 lbs i weighed 130 in January, and now I am 110lbs. I am 5'1". Do you feel nausea and dizzy all the time or is it just at times? Mine is constant!. I feel like I live in a FOG.. I can't get my mind to sync with my body to do things. Its a wild road. Hope it ends soon.! I now understand why in the olden days they committed women to insane asylems. LOL LOL. I want the padded room please, with a fan and AC .

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Hi Peri,
Poor you!!! (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))
I thought I was going to die for a long time too. I developed fibromyalgia about the same time I was going through perimenopause, so I was an absolute mess for many years!
One thing you might consider, or look into, is Polycystic Ovary disease. It can cause alot of problems.
Your symptoms are definitely severe. Have you seen an endocrinologist? If not, I would definitely find a good one.
How did your doc explain the lump in your groin? That's definitely NOT a symptom of perimenopause. It usually means an infection somewhere. Please have that checked out.
Who drew your hormone panel? Hopefully, it was your OB/GYN, who knows that those numbers can vary a whole lot, depending on where in your cycle they are drawn. Your FSH is not high. And estrogen can go all over the place in a short time. One day mine was 44 and a few days later it was 400!
When I was in perimenopause, I thought I was dying from every new symptom I would get. It seems to come with the territory! I have such sympathy and empathy for you!
Like I said, that lump in your groin concerns me. Now don't get freaked out by my saying that. You just need to see the doc and have him check it out.
Hang in there Peri!

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Hi Honey11 Thank you for the HUG:) .
I am so sorry you have fibromyalgia, I can only imagine what you must be going through, Do they have you on any meds? I wonder the way I ache all the time, If I may be getting it. I thought I had the Polycyctic Ovary, but I had a ultrasound in March, I have a simple cyst on the right ovary, 4cmx2cm. They don't know what the lump is they told me to apply heat to it, I have no change at all, Just painful,its about 1 inch by 1/2 inch, The OB/GYN drew my hormone panel, he made me very mad, My testosterone is 51 and he drew it in the Luteal Phase. He said on NO menopause and laughed ,said maybe you run a small fever during the day and at nitetime.Thats why you have sweats HA RIGHT

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Today started good Bbq'd and all , then boom. The lump has me scared , im aching now, and crying, I dunno what happened, and I lost another LB.

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Hi Peri,,,Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. Honestly,,you need to check your lump out but seems like to me if it was anything to worry about, your dr would have already run some tests on it. Just to be safe,,I would get a 2nd opinion. Cath is the one that responding to you above about having fibromyalgia which I definitely feel for you Cath as I have a friend that also suffers from that and know it can be quite painful at times.
Anyways Peri,,,Please don't be crying,,,I'm sure its nothing but needs to be checked into. What is LB lol

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Oh Crappers, I am so sorry,, I got the names mixed up, see what I mean I am losing it..! MIND IS GONE!!!. LB, is pounds.I lost another pound. I am going to try to get into another DR today and see if we can find out what it is. I applied heat. I did ICE. I tried sqeezing it, I did something embarrassing, I uh shaved, you know there, and I did it 2 weeks ago. When I get hotflashes and sweat, that uh well you know. But I dry shaved it, wondering if I cut something or wild hair, or something, Sorry for being so graphic. I hope I am going to be OK!,, So scared everything is cancer, woke with 3 bruises on my leg and I swore it was deep vein thrombosis, but I have a claw mark in the middle and 2 bruises by that, so I think it may be from the dogs. I cried and cried last night, went to bed at midnight and got up at 3 am. was scared to go to sleep thoght about the lump. got scared paniced and then thought if i fall asleep I was gonna be dead by this morning, Well.......... I AM HERE!!!!. This is all crazy. My period ended last night, I has to be hormonal!! Had my usual hot flash, and my blood sugar was low this morning 83, they say 76-106 is normal.. I shake and sweat and feel anxious at that level. So drank a soda and ate Ramen noodles. Felt a bit better. Ok have to go open the school and get started, It is so hard to FAKE being happy and normal.When you feel like HELL!!!!!!!

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Well if this isn't GRAND!!!!! I got off period last night and here I am OVULATING now..What the HELL! is going on with me?

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Wow...I too have had crazy symptoms from the age of 39. I am now 41...and have gone from a brain scan (thought I also had a brain tumor) to a colonoscopy...Gladly all was fine except for my symptoms. I have had more blood taken that I thought was possible...all for everything to show normal. Must be peri-menopause. I too home-school 3 daughters, so I know that my stress can be high...but lately I have been experiencing night sweats preceded by anxiety attacks and all over body tingles (the tingles are quite troubling for me because it is a fairly new symptom ). I was told that I am estrogen dominant because my endometrium is triple the thickness that it should be, and was told that I should really have a hysterectomy...but I always thought that hot flashes and body tingles were attributed to lowering estrogen levels. How can this be possible? Sorry for going on and on, but I swear most days I can't even find my brain....I feel so foggy. I would love any advice that anybody can offer....did I mention my anxiety is out the roof, and I also feel like I have some incurable disease that they just haven't found yet...would having a hysterectomy make my symptoms worse? Thank God for this forum...I am driving my husband nuts...he has been so understanding these past couple of years. Knowing that I am not alone is refreshing, but don't wish for anyone else to experience what I am suffering.

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Oh...I forgot to mention that my hair is falling out...my lips and skin are extremely dry...and I was taken off of Yaz bc 2 months ago because they caused high blood pressure. Has anybody had any side effects after being taken off of birth control? My periods are fairly light...which makes me think that is why my endometrium is so thick...cancer was ruled out...but prior to Yaz....I had my period for 65 days( my husband said we should have bought stock in Kotex), which was why I was placed on Yaz. Any input would be highly helpful to my mental state of mid right now...well....whatever mind that I might have left..LOL

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Hi Pericrazy,
I have the tingling all over too. Stress brings it, hotflashes, and also blood sugar. I have had it really bad all day today. I went to the DR. Just so all the ladies know,It is a swollen lymph node. They said my vagina has bacterial vaginosis. And also it is from hormones wacked out. The vagina has atrophied. Just like the boobs and skin does, so does that. JUST SWELL. They gave me Macrobid and Ibuprofen. Should be Ok, I have a yeast infection as well. I thought the tingling was the blood sugar. I checked it and it is 95 so that is not the problem. But I am stressed to the max. And hot flashing bad today. So I dunno what to say except, I have it too. I also get the anxiety, had it when I woke this morning. I am so nauseated and achy today, I get like that when the weather changes I did gain a pound and a half. I am 113 today! Yes.!! Hot can you have a hot flash with a body temp of 98.4 Go figure,More Peri NUTTINESS!

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Catherine, Thanks for all the info. I got to the Dr. The news of BV was not what I hoped.But easy to treat. I think I am going to find another Dr. I am so scared, This anxiety is pathetic.I only have 1 cyst have had it about 20 yrs.Thank god only 1. and 1 fibroid. I am so sorry about your fibromyalgia. I can only imagine how you must feel. You will be in my prayers.

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Hi Peri2008...thank you for your comments...I was thinking that your lump might have been a lymph node...and I am so glad that you got your answers to it. I visited my Dr. yesterday also, and aside from doing B12 and thyroid testing...he said that anxiety can surely cause painful prickling and tingling also...and most of the time there is no immediate stressor to cause it. I guess once we get stressed out...our minds adjust to it, but our bodies don't....which is why there are so many physical symptoms that come with stress. I hope you feel better. I have been taking a low dose of Ativan, and the tingling has gone down a bit...I hope all is well with you, Yvonne

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Hi Pericrazy, I had a reaction to the med. Had to stop taking it. They said my body should fight off the infection without meds. God I hope so. My daughter has been a royal pain in the wazoo. Smart Mouth , told me F me. Wrong move. That made rage. She refused to do her schooling today. I am so mad.The house is going to hell in a hand basket, and I can't get it done today. I may need something to take the edge off . If I can get past the dang constant nausea. ! Just pray for me! Thanks Michelle

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Hey Michelle...I sure will pray for you...homeschooling is a chore, but I know that it will show high marks later on in life. Sorry you feel so @#$%&...sometimes wee just have to put the yucky feeling away, and do something else. I can drive myself crazy by researching something to death, my husband calls me a Cyberchodriach...and he is right. Most of the information out there does not even pertain to our personal situation...and can even drive more stress into us, even though the researching makes us feel good for a temporary time....have you been to the Dr. to discuss your tingling? What was his/her suggestion? Nausea is one of the main symptoms to stress also, so it could be all related if you put your symptoms together...and of course, I so believe that Perimenopause is the trigger point. Hormones need to be balanced in order for good health, so when they are messed up, our bodies don't work the way they were designed to. Take care, and I will pray. Yvonne

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Morning Pericrazy,
Hope you are well this morning, I am doing better,Not dizzy yet,Ate some biscuits and gravy and coffee this morning,The lump is a little bit less red.Hope it leaves, creeps me out. Still feel nauseated, but not too bad.Feel pregnant. LOL! Right ! You have to have sex for that don't you LOL LOL!Your hubby is very right about cyberchondria LOL!. Sat down with my ex fiance last night and we talked made me feel better. He is going through mid life crisis and with my peri ... its a bad combo. But I love him!. He doesn't want to hear my stuff no more he said, suffer in silence I guess.Men can be so unsympathetic.He just had a vasectomy In May. We did something in July,can I still get preg and have a cycle.? Makes me wonder now boobs are still big after my period. Surely not? I know focus on something else. LOL!!!!!!!Would at least free me from PERI for 9 months..LOL!!Ok gonna go grade papers.Talklater Have a great day! Michelle

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Just got back from the DR. again.They gave me a clean bill of health and a TB test.Said I am fine,and healthy,the lymph node is still up.ButI guess I am FINE>. So they say. They gave me a complete physical.Suppose everything I have is PERIMENOPAUSE. NAUSEA INCLUDED>! Hope every one is FINE!

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hello peri2008,
I have just found this forum and read your first posting....oh my God you are describing me! Everything you have written has been going on with me over the past 7 years. Thank you for making me feel better...I am not a hypochondriac. Thank you, thank you.

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hi peri2008 i have a swollen lymph gland in my right armpit which swells up and causes me a lot of pain ive had it checked out and IT IS HORMONAL so try not to worry too much hun ok

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I am only 23 years old and I had a full hysterectomy 6 weeks ago!! These hot flashes are awful. I wake up like 15-20 times every night having them and sometime i am vomiting and feel like passing out!! I cant go on the hormone replacement therapy for 3 months because of endometriosis so i have to contine having them! But my doc also told me i could go through this for up to 10 years!!! I pray that i dont!

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I get that 'tingle' vibration and dizzyness at night! It wakes me up, get tingle, vibration in head, down arms, kinda dizzy in head, then big wave of heat, sweat! Had a neck injury and its almost like the muscle tension in the neck, increased by menapause stiff muscles, joints is blocking the blood flow to the brain when the flash occurs or its just night sweats, menapause. Worry for nothing. Chiro and doc says neck no major injury.

Here is a link that might be useful: cleareyesight.info - Narural Eyesight Improvement

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Hi there,

I have been suffering for nearly six years with menopause symptoms and for the majority of it have been told by doctors that it is not hormonal. I have had hot flashes, nausea that used to culminate in panic attacks, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea, acid like feelings in my stomach, dizziness, crying spells etc.
I am still suffering although the panic attacks are gone due to Dr. Levinson diagnosing me with an inner ear problem that the hormone change brought or ignited. I also seem to have IBS.
I am still searching for answers to the IBS and now dizziness. I was told I am severely anemic and my hair is falling out as well. I'm aslo facing taking care of aging father who was diagnosed with dementia.
It really helps to read and compare stories.
Take care,
Synical Sally 42

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Hi girls

I was so happy to find this forum as I had my first hot flash today and I came home to research it as I was sure it was cancer! I am 47. I was walking in Walmart and suddenly my knees felt stiff, my feet were heavy and I was out of breath. I also felt weird, not sure how to describe it. I was exhausted for no reason. Then the sweat came...my neck was wet to the touch, and with the big winter jacket on. The flash lasted for 15 minutes but the other symptoms persisted even 2 hrs after, the feeling of weakness and trembling and feeling weird...oh I was also suddenly in a mood from hell.
I have been having night flashes for a few years now and sleeping 4 - 6 hrs max a night, but today was the first flash where I was awake. I was kind of ok with the night flashes as at least I was asleep for most of the time.

Are there some supplements that any of you are taking, natural or vitamins, minerals that actually relieves the symptoms somewhat?

Peri2008 ater I read all your posts and giggled a lot about what peri is doing to your life I started feeling better for the first time after the flash today. Thanks for that :-)

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hi there fallow menopause women ,i just thought i would pop in and tell you my story... just hope you dont feel like crying at the end of it ...i know i do .
3yrs ago i started feeling "constantly " hot ...i am 45 . i have not had a period in 2 yrs ,just a bit of spotting on 3 occasions. on top of feeling hot (very hot even in winter) i get hot flashes ,morning noon and night . i cant remember the last decent night sleep as it has been so long ..im up 5 -6 times a night ...with cravings for sugar foods.... dry mouth ,fibromyalgia pains ,constipated 24-7 ,bloated ,very sore right shoulder ,weight goes up and down ,have indometriosis so cant take hrt (not that i would advise that to any one.. starving one minute then feeling full the next ,sheets on ,sheets off ect ect..
but the worst is when i have what i call a "violent " hot flash......im feeling good ,then my face gets hot ,then my neck ,then a crawling under the skin ,arms go tingly ,chest goes hot ,knees go week ,then im on the floor , wondering if i want to pee ,puke or poop ,crawl to the toilet on hands and knees ,swap between ,staring at the bowl and sitting on it ,,,nothing much happening ,think its passed only to loose control of bowl and bladder (some times im not even in the toilet when this happens ,then on the floor flat on my back for the next 5 mins till the heat goes away ,,,then i am ok again till next time ... all this is in a space of 10 mins ....ive been tested ,pushed ,poked ,proded for everything i can think off ,one doc said it was vaso vagal reaction ???? either way this has screwed my life up ... i must own part of the chemists in oz ,ive tried every menopause pill on the shelf ,nothing works ...the doc put me on a low does of antidepresents to stop the heating up ,i took 1 ,i spent three days tripping ,ill never touch another one of them ever again .... it made me suisidle (sp) i did look at the net but by the end of it ,like others here ,i had some form of cancer ,tumor or similar...not good trying to diagnose yourself ,you will go crazy ....has any one else had it this bad ???? its horrible thinking you have a deadly disease and you might die ,,,no one ha any answers ,this is my 3 doctor and my 3rd lot of tests ,all saying im normal .....I DONT FEEL NORMAL!!!!

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I am so Happy i found this site! I am gonna be 51 in October this year and I have been a complete HOT MESS! I didnt start hot flashes until two days a go but i have had migraines,touching my scalp was painful now, my hair seems to be falling out but my hair is thick so you dont see the loss! I havent had a period in two years And today at work i was having a hot flash and felt like i was gonna pass out! wOW I AM SO HAPPY i NOW KNOW i AM NOT A Nut case!! Thank you all!

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Nanny11, you're definitely not a nutcase -- or if you are, then you're in good company with all of us who have been enduring the strange and troubling symptoms of perimenopause!! I lost hair on a regular basis for several years -- I really wondered whether I was going to be partially bald!! But after my hormones stabilized (around age 52 - 53), I noticed less hair falling out thank goodness. My hot flashes also showed up later in the perimenopause process and there were some that caused great anxiety -- and a few times I felt like I was going to faint. I'm sure this was all due extreme hormonal fluctuations, but it was unsettling nonetheless. There were about five years that I didn't feel like myself -- I felt much older than I was, and I missed my former vibrant self! That part of me is just now coming back but it took a long time. I kept coming back here reading the stories of other ladies, and it helped me so much to know I was not alone in my suffering. No you're not a nut at all!! Glad you found this forum so you can share what's going on and also know all of us understand what you're going through.

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I am 52 and have a very light period (mostly spotting) every 3-4 mos. but just last month I had a regular heavy period with cramps, something I haven't had in a few good years. This evening, I just got off the phone w/my hubby telling him how weak I'm suddenly feeling then after hanging up, started walking to the kit cabinet to grab one of my supplements (Womens Wellness) and I started feeling so warm from my hands on up to my face, shortness of breath and feeling like I was just about to pass out! I knelt over on the kit counter, hurried and swallowed my supplement then sat in a chair w/my head between my knees taking slow deep breaths. My heart was racing but within a few mins. I was feeling back to normal! It definitely is hormonal and taking these supplements has helped me greatly. I buy them from HSN, Andrew Lessman's Women's Wellness. A lot of women have had much success in alleviating the hot flashes and discomforts of peri and full blown menopause from taking Women's Wellness (you can find them on HSN.Com). This may be something some of you may want to try to see if it helps. Read the reviews from everyone and see if it's what you too are experiencing. It can't hurt, but let me tell you, it helps me to no end as I would probably be experiencing worse symptoms had it not been for taking these life savers! Every bit of info can help us attain a much easier passage thru this.

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I am so glad I found this forum!!! I am reading through all the posts and this is ME!!!!! I thought all of this was in my head (and i think my doctor does, too), or that i was having heart attacks or strokes!!!

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