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happyintexasAugust 8, 2012

I'm hosting a thank you brunch for several of my friends that have been true rocks to me during my recent cancer treatments. I want a fun, creative, laughter filled morning...

I'm thinking of serving:

Quiche, bacon and spinach filling (Bake morning of...)

Southern Tomato Tart (prep ingredients the day before, bake morning of)

Fruit (grapes, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries)Cut up the day before

Either muffins (what kind?) or banana nut bread (Bake the day before)

Frozen lemon filled butter cookies (from a recipe from Sol on this board, if I remember correctly. They are sweet, tangy, cool, rich, but not heavy) Cook ahead and freeze

Juice, coffee, tea

Too much? Not enough? Off balance? I want to be able to do as much ahead as I can since I still have energy issues. any suggestions?

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Sounds lovely....know what you mean about energy issues. I had internet friends I had never seen come for lunch the day of my last radiation about energy issues....I had to spend a little over an hour the morning of going to the radiation clinic!!

I would make the banana bread and freeze it and thaw the night before.....and I think you need a simple bread or roll too....maybe just a plain corn muffin. Make the mini ones so people can have some of each.

And make the pie crust the day before....or 2 days before.....and roll out and bake the quiche/pie the day of. Have your bacon cooked and crumbled and your spinach thawed and chopped and drained.
I don't know what fruit you are using but if it's the usual watermelon, cantalope berries grape blend, I would try to cut that up morning will be better.

How about mimosa's? Everything seems more fun when there is something bubbley in the mix.
Linda C

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I suggest doing a strata instead of quiche. You can get it together ahead of time and either bake it in the morning, or finish it the day before and reheat.

I bake muffins when I have time and freeze. They reheat well, probably because my recipe is loaded with butter and cream :) My favorite muffins are cranberry nut, but you probably can't find fresh cranberries now. Blueberry is always a big hit. Or try chocolate chip which surprises some people, but is great for chocoholics.

I like lots of fresh fruit which is in peak season right now. I also have rolls or bagels for people who don't like a lot of sweet food at breakfast.

Don't sweat it. One of my friends is a wonderful hostess. The food is always awful, but she has a knack for lively conversation. The company is more important than the food.


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Mmmmmm--great ideas, ladies. Blueberry muffins with freah blueberries sounds good. I can serve simple wedges of watermelon, some grapes and strawberries on a platter. Easy.

Prepping everything the day before (chopping and all) will help a bunch.

Good idea on the bagels or plain rolls.

I love the idea of mimosas! Bubbles mean celebration!
Raising my glass to celebrate your recovery, too, LindaC!!! I'm fortunate my internet buddies showed up the for my first chemo treatment. Don't think I would have made it in otherwise. They made it a party. God bless 'em!

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It sounds absolutely lovely. I would have a very simple tossed salad as well to compliment the two warm offerings. I know you have the fruit but the quiche and tart call out for a salad.

Mimosasa are a must!

Congrats on getting to where you are.....celebrate with those you care for and who care you. Life is so special, I know too.

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If you have someone who doesn't want alcohol, you can make a very good faux mimosa using Sprite or Diet Sprite in place of the champagne. Although I'm a huge fan of mimosas, sometimes I want the fizziness without the fuzziness.

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I would be the person who wouldn't drink the Mimosas, but you're also having coffee/tea/juice and many would probably enjoy them, so I say throw together a pitcher, it can't hurt!

Muffins are always nice and if they're smaller, people can have a couple of kinds. Today's huge muffins seem to be equivalent to two or three standard sized muffins. My favorite is blueberry, with pumpkin or zucchini, something kind of spicy, coming a close second. I think nearly any kind would go well with your menu, especially if you have something more savory, like bagels, as an option too.

The tart and quiche sound lovely to me and I think Chase's idea of a salad is also good. I'd probably make Mustangs' fig and prosciutto salad with baby spinach instead of arugula, only because I don't really care for salad but I like that one, LOL.

As has been mentioned, the company is the most important component, so have fun!


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I think it sounds nice too! I second the idea of a salad, you have a lot of carbs going on and something to balance all the pastry/bread would be good. I would even consider doing a crustless quiche as you have the tomato tart, cookies and muffins already.

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I think you menu sounds great, but I would add fresh fruit (salad?) too for anyone watching carbs. Otherwise it sounds like a really great time with lots of super friends.


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