Aches and Pains

Dori48August 7, 2011

I was flicking channels on TV the other night, and something caught my interest, so I paused.... there was a couple having lunch, it was their first date, he was much older than her, probably in his fifties. He seemed to bit a bit of a nerd, he said to her "there's something you don't know about me" and she replied "what"? He said "I have very severe back pain, I have to live with this excrutiating pain 24/7", and she said something like "oh, that's too bad" to which he replied "actually I have learned to live with it, I actually enjoy it, I have made friends with it". Are you (bleeping) kidding me? This program I later learned was "90210" which is "fluff" that I would not watch, but there was something pertinent about this, the screen writers these days can be "over the top" but the usually have their finger on the pulse. Obviously, it's a well known fact that there are millions of "baby boomers" who are suffering with back pain and more. Whether it be due to arthritis, bursitis, menopause, or whatever, but the point is "we are suffering" and no matter how many physios, massage therapists, accupunturists, etc., these are temporary and not a solution. My doctor sais the only way I can get a hold of the pain is by taking Tylenol (or) other anti-inflamatory drup around the clock, which is contrary to my belief, but...I haven't been able to go back to the gym and I can't get beyond my pain. So when I saw this show, I wondered whether he was making light of this epidemic or is he actually trying to bring more attention to it. ????

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It's a TV fictional show - NOT reality... you are giving it WAY too much credibility.

BTW - I know MANY people who have learned to live with the pain. That is not unusual.

It is a shame that you will not try anti-inflammatories for you pain....

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