Greasy, Sweaty, Miserable

poseyAugust 2, 2007

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has experience w/ going off of Prempro (next to the lowest dosage), then going back on the lowest dose of the same. I decided I couldn't take how I felt anymore after a couple months of being off. I too suffered the awful headaches and nausea from withdrawal, but just am so tired of the hot flashes and not feeling clean EVER. I was wondering how long it will take to get back "me". I am on my 4th pill and I guess it will take awhile to kick in again. Right now I'm experiencing hot flashes PLUS intense sweating episodes which seem worse than before! Woe is me!!... or whoever I am. As someone else has said "I don't know me anymore" I also take Zoloft, 100 mg. Any advice appreciated. Bless you all!

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Hi Posey,
Did you just start the Zoloft? Because I think some of those meds can cause sweating. I've always been told (and experienced myself) that it takes about 2 months to really feel the full effects of hormones. Hang in there!

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