Does anyone peri have this weird head feeling?

javabean1August 23, 2007

I am 44. I have the regular peri symptoms; hot flashes, memory loss/forgetfulness, mood swings, etc, etc. But, I have been having this feeling that scares me to death. My head feels "funny". I can't describe it. I am not dizzy, not really light headed. My best description that I can come up with is feeling off balance. I don't ever fall or anything, but this feeling can happen when I am sitting, driving, standing, walking, anytime. I just feel a weird feeling in my head.

Please, someone, tell me you know what I am talking about and what you call it!

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I'm 52, in menopause. I have all the regular symptoms as well. I had a major migraine last month that lasted for 3 days. Ever since then, I've been feeling off balance. Sometimes I'll have this strange feeling go across my eyes, like a lightheadedness. There's no pattern to it.

I know what you're going through, and I call it a pain in the -----!

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Too funny, cheerful. I agree a pain in the ...! Some of these symptoms are frightening to me and I get in a panic. I am finally going to see a GYN on 9/4 and I can't wait. So far, my old male PMD would say, "this has nothing to do with peri". I just want to know if I am having something terribly wrong with my body/mind, or if I am normal!

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I think I know exactly what you're talking about, and thank goodness I haven't experienced it for quite some time. When I have gone through periods of depression and anxiety, I felt like there was something "buzzing" in the center of my brain. I honestly wondered if it was misfiring and screwed up chemical messengers in my brain. I don't know, but I understand.
Mrs H

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Thanks, Mrs H (I knew a Mrs H on a skin care board!) I feel better knowing I am not alone!

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You're welcome javabean1. Like I said, I don't know exactly what causes it, but I know what you are talking about. Scared the crap out of me at one time. Now, I just try to take it all in stride. It's difficult at times. BTW, what is the skin care forum you referred to? My old skin is really starting to show some wear and tear, lol.
Mrs H

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Hi, Mrs.H. Well, it used to be called "yes they're fake"!! If you just good YTF forum you should come up with it! Another good skin care forum is EDS forum (same thing just good EDS forum). Lots of good info out there, but also very confusing!

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Hi javabean,
I had so many weird head feelings during perimenopause! It included feeling like I was going to fall over alot, to having my scalp contract whenever I leaned over or touched it. There's just no limit as to what can happen to us during perimenopause! Hang in there!

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Yes, catherinet, that is it, like I am going to fall over! Thanks for sharing. I am trying to hang in there, some days are way better than others!

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yes, me too! can it happen as young as 39? i've had more and more "symtoms" and along with feeling pregnant (pms from hell i've never had so rough"), i feel vacant, buzzy, falling-over feelings - almost like a blink in the neurons or something. very weird.

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I get these same feelings, my peri is complicated by the fact I had a stroke 5 years ago. So I am 45 peri menopausal, stroke survivor with two teenagers in the house!EEKKSS going nutso here!

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wow, joolsy42. That is a lot going on. You were so young to have a stroke. May I ask if they know why you had one at such a young age? That sounds horribly frightening. My mother who is 85 had one last year but unfortunately for her, she has never been the same since and has never recovered from it. She is still living, but she can't talk or walk.

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OK! I've suffered panic/anxiety disorder since the late 80's. (I'm talking big time stuff - not your little few months episodes...) So I'm VERY MUCH AWARE of those feelings of feeling off balance, or feeling of 'unreality', etc., etc.

BUT, I've had this same 'different' feeling for a couple years now. (I, too, am peri-meno sufferrer!).

Anyway, it's been going like this: I go into kitchen and suddenly feel like I'm going to just fall down.
I've had the dizzies and the light-headedness. It's NOT that. It's just...I feel like I'm going to fall down! It's not even so much like 'off-balance' in a sense...I just feel like I'm going to fall down.

I don't get funny feelings in my head. No buzzing or anything. No migrains prior or during. I will be just fine then suddenly feel like I'm going to fall over.

This has been happening at random for about 2 years now. I don't know what it is, but I've tried to express this to the others in the house, and all I can say is "I just feel like I'[m going to fall down!"

It is COMPLETELY different from any anxiety/panic attack related. It is NOT like the low-blood-pressure-suddenly-stand-up thing. And it is not headache/migrain related.
It's not even your typical "off-balance" type FEELING, as I'm sure we've all had at one time or another.

I can't describe it. I GUESS it would be BEST described LIKE an 'off-balance' thing, as I DO feel like I'm going to just fall over. BUT, I don't feel 'off-balanced' (if that makes any sense - probably not).

I think it's menopausal (or peri...) related. OR, something lacking in diet or? I don't know, but it's weird.

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cathie54 - EXACTLY! I can't figure it out and the GYN looked at me weird when I tried to explain this to her. She just kept asking did I mean "foggy". No, it is not a foggy that I am aware of, it is off balance like I hope I don't fall, but I never do. You are feeling the exact thing I am, but I don't have a clue as to what it is. This feeling in my head has not been there for maybe about 1 week now, but I know it will come back. The GYN did lab work and all hormones came back normal except progesterone was low. She told me to start on an OTC cream called Pro-Gest. I finally got that, but have not used it yet. Anyway, if you ever get this feeling figured out on what it is from or what, if anything, we are lacking in our diets, etc, PLEASE let me know!

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Thanks for the link, workinpants. I am glad I brought this subject up. It seems a lot of women have this! What I hate about it most is that it does last for days. It goes away and I stop thinking about it, only to have it return and then I am sure I go into a type of panic attack about it. To me, it is a scary feeling. I am keeping a "cycle calendar" to try to track this to anything. I have not had this for probably about 1 week now. The GYN did start me on a progesterone cream, but I think it would be too soon for that to be working, as I have only used it for about 4 days!

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hi java----yes,i agree it is scary---i always think the worst and the only thing i ever come up with is Brain Tumor!!---but i looked up the symptoms of that and although they do say dizziness,there are so many other terrible symptoms i assume for now it's to do with menopause----i really hate it though,cause even now as i type my head almost feels like its swaying!!!----i can't imagine progesterone cream working,but if it does ,i must get me some!!! there is a theory that the problem is related to fluctuating hormones---i am so glad i found this thread---i feel a little better hearing others discuss this,but it is still creepy!!

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I think the worst, too, but I don't think brain tumor. I get scared of heart issues. I get really anxious when it happens and the my pulse races, which makes me more anxious and I worry about my heart! I agree, it is creepy! The progesterone cream is over the counter, it's called Pro-Gest by Emerita (or something similar to that). You rub on 1/4 tsp twice a day. It is supposed to be for perimenopausal symptoms. We will see if I continue not to have this off balance feeling or if it comes back! I'll keep you posted.

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Yep, I have experienced the same thing. I will be sitting at work and all of a sudden I feel like a train just rushed through me. I think that if I weren't sitting down I would have fallen right over. Very weird.

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Oh is it so good to find this site and you guys (I mean gals:) I am here to help myself, as you can see by my user name I am serene on the outside but feeling pretty "nutty" on the inside. I think they call it "the change."
That weird head feeling:
Does this sound familiar? I can be sitting in my office chair, or watching television or standing up and suddenly I grab onto whatever is near as my head feels as if it is moving sideways and of course the natural thing to think is I am falling. It is sooo scary. Medical professionals refer to it as "subjective vertigo." There is no spinning..just a quick sideways tilting sensation. The feeling is so frightening and my husband looks at me strangely when he sees me suddenly gripping the arms of a chair. Then there is the flutteing in the ears and feeling of thousands of hot needles in your head. At 47 I cannnot believe my life has been turned so upside down. I will write more later as I have no energy to attack all that I am going through. Sometimes I feel like there is no end to this torment. Hope my little bit of info. helped with the weird head sensation.

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I have been having the dizzy/foggy feeling a lot lately, and also my sense of smell seems to be so off. Does anyone else have this happening to them? The other night I was folding laundry from the dryer and I kept smelling a pungent cheese smell! haha I was like, "what the heck!"..I had my husband and my sister both come to check it out..they said they only smelled dryer sheets.. These past few months are probably the worse with my peri-menopausal symptoms..I will be 50 in December.

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I have had similar sensations periodically for about the past 6 years. I described it to my doctor as a sudden feeling of maybe being about to pass out, but not precipitated by any feeling of weekness, dizziness or nausea. It can happen at any time...watching t.v., in the middle of a conversation and so forth. I've never fainted in my life, but imagine maybe this sensation is what one might feel the instant before they lose consciousness.

My doctor says that I am not the only perimenopausal patient who has described such experiences to her. After ruling out brain, blood sugar or blood pressure problems, she just chalks these 'attacks' up as being a strange variation of hot flashes, meaning they don't involve sweating or a sensation of intense heat. We call them 'brain blips' or 'head flashes' and she asks me to keep track of how often they happen, and whether anything was different preceding an occurence. So far, I have only noticed one similar factor, and that is that I am more likely to have a 'head flash' on the day after a night that I didn't sleep well. The only possible upside to these scary episodes is that neither myself, nor one of my friends who also experiences 'head flashes' gets hot flashes as well. Personally though, I think I'd rather have the usual hot flashes, because I'd find them less scary since they are common and describable.

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Wow, pickyshopper, your doc sounds great. I finally after years of searching found one that I really like. He doesn't think I am crazy, or having an anxiety attack, etc. as most other doctors have chalked this feeling up to. He is sending me for a whole bunch of lab to rule-out any type of inflammation that might be causing the feeling, and then said he would probably send me for a brain CT if the lab was all normal just to make sure we are not missing anything. He said that this feeling could possibly be caused by some water retention stuff going on with the body. Anyway, I wanted to update on this, because as it seems there are a whole lot of people who experience this feeling. I have had them for a few days this week, but they are not near as severe or long lasting. I really don't know if the progesterone cream is helping or not because last month when I posted this question, the weird feelings were so bad and I was really scared and a nervous wreck about them. Since starting the progesterone cream, like I said, the feeling is very mild and does not last long at all. I'll keep everyone posted if my doc finds out anything else.

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This is awesome! I have had these beyond wierd feelings for some time now. I am surprised to find this on a garden site. Then again, all the websites dedicated to menopause describe such a typical plethora of symptoms they make you feel like you are straight out of the twilight zone. I have had that feeling like you are going to pass out or fall over for several years now. Usually when sitting in a chair and it is like I am about to fall over or pass out for no reason and I start gasping for air like I had forgot to breathe or something. I have dealt with horrible periods for like ten years, been on iron for anemia most of that time. Now the periods come twice a month are still heavy plus I get the funky hormone head before, during and after them. Funky hormone head is the one where you feel like you can hardly think, heavy, congested, eyes hurt, light sensitive, head aches or throbs, neck stiff, every wierd feeling there is all at once. I find the funky hormone head brings the terrible feelings of self doubt, fears, anxiety, worthlessness, doubts or panic about your faith, etc. Its just like getting sucked totally inward and feeling like a prisoner there. Self absorption times a thousand. Can't seem to be able to focus outward without huge effort and that is distressing in tiself. Its like your mind is looking everywhere to find out what exactly is WRONG and searches every aspect of YOU only to come up with something wrong with every part of you. That is distressing and exhausting. You want to focus outward and get back to feeling relaxed and having a normal life, to feel like the old you you were comfortable with...but you can't. Yep, hormone hell... I hate every second of it. I used to have a couple bad days a month around or during the period, now I feel like I am blessed to have a couple good days in any given month. I am only 47, been going through this for a couple years now but lately its taken this drastic turn for the worst. I now get the breast swelling AFTER my period! I've read those wise women and hormone workout books and they did me no real good. They were interesting but not useful. I eat a good diet but its not all raw and its not going to be. I am from a celiac family of swedes. I excercise but not the way they tell you to. I wish I would get hotflashes like normal women are supposed to according to the books. But I get cold flashes instead. I have episodes where I am so freezing cold right to the bone I can't warmup. I do layers of clothes, cover up in heavy blankets and just shake until it finally stops. A hot flash sounds nice compared to that. I do get nightsweats and they don't bother me, they are usually during periods. Its the funky hormone head that makes my entire world reel bringing awful terrors and anxiety, distress, unbelievably exaggerated emotions, etc. that I really hate. The physical symptoms are pleasant compared to the that wierd head.

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Boy! I was searching for unreality and premenopause and got to this one. I get this weird feeling too. Especially when shopping or talking to someone in a crowded room. That feeling scares me and go into anxiety. It feels like a switch in your head down your spine and it feels like your head is swinging from front to back and you are going to block out, my face gets hot and stays hot for 1/2 an hour or so before I calm down. I panick and need to run I don't know where. It feels good to know I am not alone. I am 44 AND HAVE THIS FEELING FOR 3 YEARS. I want my life back, when I hit 40 my life started to go down hill. I don't want to go anywhere afraid of this strange feeling I don't want to exercise because that make me feel hot and I am afraid to get that feeling again. I went to the gym the other day and had this feeling on the tredmill and I have to leave I was not happy. My life is limited I want premeno done. Thanks for listening.

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Yep, this all started for me at about 40 years old too. I can go maybe a month with nothing, and then this weird head stuff will come back. I also have been feeling like me ears are "full". I get the breast tenderness/swelling after my period also. I actually feel that the period brings relief to my head feelings. Anyone else feel that way? Lately, I have been having a very dull headache, right in the middle of my forehead or in my temples, and this has been happening for about 2-3 weeks. Starting to get concerned that maybe I do have something wrong with my brain.

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Wow, it seems that so many of us are experiencing this, but has anybody found anything to get rid of it? Please don't tell me time!! I hate that answer.

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I get that and the tingly sensation of "my foot fell asleep" only its on my head, and down over my face. I had it for about 6 months straight, (was beginning to think I'd had shingles)then it went away for 3 or 4 months, now it comes back sporadically. Anyone else get that one?


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I get those off balance episodes too. The other odd thing I get is , you know how in your car, when the alignment is off and the steering wheel is turned slightly off to the left or right, and you have to drive that way to stay going straight, well I feel sometimes that to walk or look straigth ahead, I have to turn or tilt my head slightly cause I feel off balance. Is that daft or what? Its like there is something that has shifted my centre of gravity for a few minutes. very wierd. I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say, its hard to explain exactly.

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I have just survived 2 months of a frightening hell consisting of all the symptoms mentioned by you other good ladies i.e. buzzing in head, rushing noise in ears, tinnitus, contracting squeezing scalp, temples and forehead. Palpations, panic attacks, brain arriving 2 minutes after my body, a feeling of sea sickness. Now for the good news - it has finally lifted. I fought hard against it with yoga/body balance every day, meditation, bach flowers called Sweet Chestnut (for extreme sadness)Seven Seas Hormonal Balance(mag,B6,zinc)weekly back massage and loads of sleep. Doctor was a total waste of time and put it all down to a headcold!

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I am so glad I found this site! Afer much searching on the net, I am pretty sure I am peri, and I'm only 37. I have all the symptoms. My period, which I have right now was a horrible experience this month.My cramps were so bad Monday I couldn't move, and now its Wed. and I'm hardly bleeding at all. They have slowed to about 3 days a month over the last yr. I had panic attacks, vertigo/brain fog(thats been going on for a while) which have been scaring me to death. I'm so glad I'm not the only one going through this. I will be seeing my doc soon, to rule anything else out, but it sure sounds like peri symptoms.

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I've had the head feeling too. It lasted a good two months. Part of it was neck related and corrected by my chiropractor, but the residual "spacey" feelings lasted a good while but are finally gone. It's like your head is on a 15 second delay...VERY ANNOYING!!!!!

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mojo, just wanted to say that quite a few "menopause experts" will tell you to go on anti-depressants, as it supposedly helps with these symptoms. I would not take the anti-depressants, either, but just wanted to mention that fact. I still get the "weird" head feeling, just not as often, but the heat of a FL summer is a definite factor in it for me!

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Hi , I can add this one to my list... Thought I was NUTS.. it feels like your swimming..swaying when sitting. And the lights at Walmart and Schnucks make me sick as hell that same feeling. Even Hardees, I sit at the PC and i feel like I am gonna plop over.

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Wow - finally I find others that are having the same horrible peri symptoms. I am 48 close to 49 and have never had any symptoms of peri - I thought I was going to have one of those easy times being my mother is asian and I had a healthy diet, weight and a high soy diet all of my life - but low and behold here it comes with a vengence just a couple of weeks ago!! - I started with heart palps, sweating, headaches, heavy bleeding and the most scary of all my head was feeling weird with a high electronic buzzing noise - a feeling of helplessness - felt like all my hairs on my head was standing up like an rush only a terrible feeling rush - I have been in this stupor for two weeks now and several blood tests and cat scans later I realize I am in peri - late peri - I can deal with everything but the weird head thing that feels like I am going out of my mind - the whosh feeling that comes over me - give me hot flashes - but take away the dislocated brain feeling - I am now behind in my job duties because of no concentration!! - how in the world are you ladies coping with this madness?? - Give me some advice - does the progesterone cream help with the comotose head symptoms??

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I've had the same feelings too...I went to the doctor recently and he said I had fluid in my ear and asked if I felt like what you're decribing. I know it's probably related to perimenopause, but just to make sure you might want to have the doc take a look. We may all have the same type of symptoms, but I'm no doctor. Better to have an acutal professional take a look.

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Youngin-24, have you been checked over by a doctor? You're way too young to be having the problems you are. If you don't like MDs, I'd suggest the Key to Health Clinic in McMinville. Dr. D. helped me through some rough years.

I don't come here very often, so you need to put my user name in the subject if you want to ask me anything. I hope you can get to the root of your problems. This is the prime of your life and you need to be having fun! I was very ill in my late 20s, so I can relate. Good luck!

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I too had this weird feeling in my head. It was like I was high on drugs or something. Sometimes I felt like I was going to fall over too. At first I thought my thyroid medication was too high.
Anyways, I am 46 and have been having really heavy periods for about two years. I went to the doctor and told him how I was feeling, these head things, feeling like I couldn't breathe at the same time, having heart palpitations. He said I was having panic attacks. I have never had anything like this before, so I thought maybe he was right, but I still didn't think that I could be having panic attacks, just out of the blue. He suggested that lots of women, in perimenopause, get panic attacks, and that I could take an antidepressant (!) or try the birth control pill to regulate my hormones. Well, no way was I going on antidepressants. Never. If I felt legitimately depressed, I would. But only then. So, I tried the birth control pill instead.
Two weeks later, when I still felt weird, my doctor ordered blood tests, which, guess showed that I was severely anemic!! No doubt due to my heavy periods.
Anyways, long story short, I got 5 iron injections (which I took because the oral iron was making me so nauseated, or so I thought), and I'm not anemic anymore! The head 'rushes' are gone!! Yes!! Check to see if you are anemic!! Please!! You can be anemic and the body can hide it for a long time. Those head rushes were from the anemia. It was 'lightheadedness' or near fainting! But it sure didn't feel like that. I was so happy to find out that it was the anemia and to have the weird feelings gone. Wow, huh?
Anyways, FYI, I had to stop the birth control pill because IT was causing the extreme nausea. I thought it was the iron. I am going to a gyn to look at ablation. Hopefully, it'll be the miracle they say it can be. I'll keep you all posted...

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I've been experiencing the weird head thing too. I'm 54. I've been feeling so off-balance lately that it brought on chest pains and pain down my arm. I ended up in the ER. Had a stress test two weeks ago and everything checked out. Now I'm worried I have a brain tumor. No one that I know who have already gone through menopause has experienced this off-balance feeling. I've had it for a number of years but in the past month or so, it has gotten so bad that I have it most of the day, every day. I always feel like I could fall over when walking. Sometimes when I sit at my computer, I feel like I'm falling forward and put my hands down to stop myself from falling into my desk, but I never really move. It's so strange. Glad to see at least there are some other women out there who are experiencing or have experienced the same thing. It makes me feel a little better. Thanks!

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Ok my story is a little different, i first had distorted vision in my right eye for about 7 mins, have had a headache for about 6 days now, feel foggy and tingly in my head. I have been told that i started peri-menopause at least 8 years ago, i am 49. I have had panic attacks for about 20 years, have been on anti depressants probably all of them, i cant take them they have the adverse reaction with me. I went on Wednesday for a CT scan, havent heard anything yet. My father has had 4 surgeries on his heart, my mother was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, my husband of 30 years passed away last year from a massive heart attack.. someone please tell me , is this my head? my hormones? is it normal? Cant seems to get a straight answer please help!!!!!

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I've had This weird out-of-balance feeling since sometime. It's just awful.Many times, I can't even walk properly and feel that I'm going to fall down or even fall apart. I'm 53 and was told based on the examination of my pulse that I'm hormonal.
Therefore, I finally went for a 10-day acupuncture and tui-na treatment, given a wonderful and caring TCM woman doctor. Now, I'm on my 5th day after treatment and have few more days to see (some) results.
Love and blessings to All of you!

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I too have had that funny head, off balance, dizzy feeling every day since Jan. 09 (7 months & continuing). My symptoms are very similar to those described in the post by BEVMEMINE on Tue, May 19, 09. I'm 49 and my dizzy funny head feeling started just after the Christmas 08 holiday. I had a very stressful month in Dec., compounded with a major snow/ice storm that knocked our power out for 2 weeks before the holiday, so i blamed my funny head, dizzy feeling on stress. When, in January, that funny head feeling didn't go away, I went to see my PC who had just treated me for what I thought was a sinus infection a month prior but was actually the symptoms of the funny head feeling I was experiencing. So he ordered every kind of blood test, including hormonal, and a chest x-ray, which all came back normal, including the hormonal. He said that just because the blood work for the hormones came back within the normal range didn't mean I wasn't experiencing a hormonal imbalance, so he recommended I try an anti-depressant (Celexa) to try to balance my hormones. I am opposed to synthetic medications so I opted not to take it; so I went to see an ENT doctor who gave me a CT of my sinus (the kind of cat scan (64bit) that sees your whole brain) and he said I didn't have a sinus infection or an inner ear infection or any kind of ENT problem, so he recommended I go back to my PC; so I went to see my GYN who is a specialist in Boston in the field of endometriosis and fertility. I thought for sure he would be able to help me with my dizziness but to my dismay he said he had never had a patient whom he's treated or ever heard of having dizziness or a funny head feeling and he had never heard of women in peri-menopause experiencing such symtpoms, but he recommended anyways that I try a low estrogen birth control pill (Loestrin 21) to see if it would help. My GYN did say that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose a hormonal imbalance because when your blood is drawn, it has to be drawn at precisely the exact time the hormonal imbalance is occuring, which is sometimes impossible to determine. In any event, as opposed as I am to synthetic drugs, I tried the birth control pills and just finished my first pack. It doesn't seem to have helped me with the funny head, foggy, dizzy feeling, and my first period on the pill was very, very painful but the bleeding was not as heavy as my past periods off the pill. Also, during the past 7 months that I have been experiencing the funny head feeling, I have had panic attacks, ranging from very small head rushes to major, major melt downs, to the point where the head rush is so intense that I get heart palpatations which then make my adreniline rush even more and I get very scared so I start to shake and cry, which only makes the panic attack worse. I've noticed that I tend to get the panic attacks about a week before my period, which I've also noticed that the dizzy head feeling is also worse about a week before my period. I should also mention that I have a 5cm endometrioma in my left ovary which my GYN has been monitoring for the past 3 years. I've read that this type of cyst can cause the type of symptoms I've been having and I'd like to know if any other women out there who have had a chocolate cyst have experienced dizziness or a funny head feeling, etc. I am taking a good (GNC brand) multi-vitamin without iron for women 50+, and I take an extra C vitamin. I also just started taking an iron pill, hoping that perhaps I am a little anemic and that that is the cause of my dizzy problem. I plan on having the cyst out in September when I go back to my GYN for follow up, but I'm hoping the funny head dizzy feeling goes away before then. I am hoping for some feedback and help!!! from other readers of this site.

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I turned 40 2 months ago and have been having this weird head feeling for quite a while. I just had my annual ob/gyn checkup last month and didn't even mention it because I didn't know I was having any peri symptoms. I just started getting the hot flashes and have been doing research on menopause. I'm so happy I found this site. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy or making it up. My husband is a doctor(unfortunately not an ob) and he tells me its probably just menopause, don't worry. He knows I'm the kind of person who always thinks there is something wrong w/ me. But I get this feeling alot anymore, several times a day. I'm an exercise fanatic and work out all the time. I really limit my calories, so I figured maybe I wasn't eating enough and working out too much. So I started eating more and then gained a few pounds. It's like a vicious cycle. I have 4 kids, ages 6,8,11,14 and I need to be on the go all the time. I don't like to sit around, I thrive on being out and about. But lately this head weirdness has taken over my life. I don't even like going to the grocery store or walmart because it seems like it happens there esp. when I'm just standing in line. Then I start thinking about it and feel like I'm going to pass out. Then the hot flashes come over me. Its exhausting to go through this. And I read on someone else's post that the lights in walmart bother them. I noticed the same thing. I guess I'm going into a panic state with this and that is a problem. I made an appt. today w/ my doctor, but its not till the end of next week. I can't wait to see what could be done about this. Something I hope. At least it makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not making it up and others are going through the same thing.

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Hi caymangil38 P ease read the post for strange-head sensation you will see my story. I am very sorry this is happening to you. It started for me 6 years ago and it is at its i worst. You will read about my adventure through doctor land and exactly where it has gotten me thus far no where. I would like to share with you something positive but so far nothing. Stop n Shop gets my sensations going something fierce. Maybe I should cook less and order out more. LOL Hang in there i'm looking for a cure. lostnj

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Hello mare555,
I know you posted the above comment on menopause over a year ago but am hoping that you still check this forum/get this mail.
Hopefully, menopause is a thing of the past for you now and I can use you 'wealth' of experince. Your comment on chest pains and ER visits are so like mine that I had to write you.
I am 44 yrs old and have been having an array of health issue for the past 2 yrs. The most scary so far are the off balance, chest pain, pain in my left arm and electric shock in my back and left side of face. I also have internal tremors and the worst feeling of dread that am sure I'll be dying soon.
I'm on my fifth month on Prempro which is estrogen/progesterone pill which has helped some of my symptons but presenyed new ones. Like, I am constantly bleeding, have a feeling on pain from 'pins & needles" all the time and the left chest/arm pain has not abated.
I went to a naturopath dr who recommented only a progesterone cream and that I d/c the estrogen but am reluctant to bring all the other symptoms back.
Is there anything you tried that has provided lasting relief? Do you have a physican that actually listens? I will travel to anywhere even outside the USA if need be. I leave in NY. Pleas you kind response will be greatly apprecaited.
God bless and keep well.

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I just turned 41 and for the past eight months or so, I have had this surreal feeling, as if I am observing someone else's life. When I look at family members -- my husband, step-kids, parents, dogs -- they look "different" to me. In a way, I feel like I am hyper-alert. I went off the pill a year and a half ago after my husband got a vasectomy, and my periods have not been regular since. My doctor thinks I am in perimenopause because of the length of time between my periods. I went four months between my last two, and now it's been six or seven weeks since my last period. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really feel like I am losing my mind. I would be even more scared about my brain, but I had an MRI of my brain last August due to a vision problem I've been having for the past year. Apparently, the MRI was normal. Please help!!! This feeling scares me.

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Dear Julie,

Yes I know exactly what you are saying. I suffer from the same thing and about 20 other menopausal symptoms. I have posted under this topic and also "strange head sensations" so you can read my story. I know how scary it is. Went to tons of Docs they say its your nerves Well you think! Im nervous because of all these weird feelings I am experiencing. I feel so over-sensitized like you. I look at people, I open closets, folding laundry, it happens at all different times. I started going for bio-identical hormone pellets in October it has helped 75%. Although pellets are wearing off going next week again. I am 49 this started 7 years ago. I went 15 months no period then got it last March and then this past June. Worst time of my life. I live in NJ if you ever want to chat. I feel soooooo bad for you. You are not crazy your hormones are. Trust me.


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Hi sweetheart im 45 and i was just telling my mom and a few girlfriends how im feeling the way i described it was exactly the way you did!thank god im not crazy :)i have also experianced slured words and my tounge gets a tigling feeling my heart starts pounding its like a stroke or something its freaking me out :( xoxox

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ive had all this and im off balance to. I will be walking or standing and i totally sat oh im losing my balance . I almost fall over at times. I also hate the heart palpation sespecially when I lie down.I suffer waiting on relief to get my period because i get cramps but it never comes. I never know when i ll get it and then it lasts 2 weeks at times.Have sinus and headaches am tired,seem to grieve my fading youth every day and im so hot i go outside alot. HAVE ALOT OF HOT LONG FLASHES AFTER I EAT IT SEEMS LIKE ANYTHING EXCEPT BLAND FOODS. I have been hot all day and them i get chills so my sweatshirt is on and off all day
. I hate the hotness feels like its 100 in here.NIght is bad i wake up fanning myself...I went on fem gest and it helped me so i guess it did well with the wellbeing but i still feel weird like i dont know whos body this is every day its a new thing with this krap. It copuld become VERY DEPRESSING SO I DO ALOT OF WALKING AND SOME WEIGHTS. It helps buti know the person i was is different because i cant stand how i feel about this aging thing. The dr thinks your crazy but I sincerly know what your talking about and i crave chocolate. Feels like pms and the head gets foogy have senior moments at times.Get alot of weird dizzy feeling and i think about things in the past more like im reflecting over my life. Its all very strange and scary this menopause junk and its not all like these dr. say everyone is different.... Go get some femgest
It helped me alot has no chemicals in it....

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hi all, I've posted a few times on here about the weird head feeling. Mines goes from dizzy and feeling "not right" to zapping feelings on my scull and everything inbetween. However, I'd like to know if anyone experiences strange headaches. They come on all off a sudden like a punch in the head and make me nauseous. I've been feeling good for the past three days and was out in my garden today for a couple of hours when out of nowhere this "headache" started. I find it frightening. It is hard to describe because it comes and goes and I can still function but I'm just waiting for the next pain. This probably isn't a very good explanation of this but if anyone recognises this I'd really appreciate hearing from them.

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All, my mom located this blog for me, and I am glad she did. I have experienced many of the same symptoms you all have. I feel like I'm constantly trying to balance myself - it's never been a spinning sensation but rather a balance I am going to fall over to the left or being pulled to the right. It's a struggle to walk really. I am suffering major anxiety and panic attacks as a result. The first time I started having these feelings was back in 2002. I suffered with these issues until 2009. I was able to manage for those 7 years with a regimen of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. In 2009, it just went away. I took myself off of all the meds. I was THRILLED to have my life back. For the first time in years, I was able to go to the store, attend social events, go to work, exercise, etc. with NO FEAR!!! And then...2 weeks ago while out of town on business...BAM! IT'S BACK!!! I am terrified. It seems like it is worse than it ever was before or perhaps time has just dulled the memories of how bad it was. I'm back on the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds...still struggling. Has anyone officially been diagnosed? Does anyone know how to make it stop? I feel like I am losing my mind. It's so frustrating. Thanks for listening and I welcome ANY suggestions!

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i am so happy i have found this thread also. i just turned 49 and about 7 weeks ago i got this weird buzzing didn't know if it was slight dizziness or what. slight pressure feeling and mostly getting checked out by everyone and they all say how healthy i am and cant put a finger on any of it. i also get a headachy feeling. it is also hard for me to use my visual as in tv, texting, or working on computer as it is scrolling. i get like a wavy feeling if i have a little bit of stress or think of something stressful and to be quite honest i have felt like noone will ever have the answer and that i am doomed:) as to date noone has had the answer..just that i am depressed, stressed..and one doc even said i needed to get i tried that..nothing..
finally i decided that perhaps it is hormonal and has to do with menopause. i have healthy periods still, but have sore nipples a lot right now..feelings of nauseas too sometimes also.
the list goes on right? ha ha..but i continue to do everything i have always done to be healthy..including walking briskly..i believe in natural health care, but have persued both options since where i live they have no natural doctors. i like you have tried to stop thinking the worst about what could be wrong with me..having anxiety and panic..and on and on. now after reading all of this i can rest assure that many people my age are experiencing the same types of things..i have been thinking its my ears, cause my ears have bothered me, i have also been thinking its like a dizziness, but cant quite explain it..i feel the weirdest as far as dizziness in bed and have to keep my head propped just yes, it has tried my faith, and i feel tested by the fire and in the fire. i have lost my faith in God and regained it back time and time Jesus is my Everything, but i have been tested that is for sure. it has costed so much money going to docters trying to figure it out, only with answers of nothing. i think this isnt the atypical night sweats etc, so they have no clue and don't even think of it. it is very hard to go thru and im going to try and find something that will help, because i definaly think it has something to do with being out of balance and if we had something that fulfilled that offbalance we would do better.
i will tell you what has been helping my weird head feeling and maintaining me, i take advil-1 (no i don't like too) i take my natural wobenzymes-4-5 and vitamin b12 under the tonque dissolving type from longevity plus, and i take magnesium..three a day. those are the things that keep me going and i do this regime 3 times a day..sometimes taking more night my head didnt really hurt just felt funny buzzy etc, and my husband said just take an advil and i did and it went away.
i feel like i can do my regular activities, but i do feel things invovling less stress is better, because than my head doesnt go weird on me..its almost like a wave what is happening in my head when i think a certain thought. if i do things to get away and to not dwell on what is happening..because it can be so scary than i feel better too.
Please my God guide me. thank you for listening..let's work together

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I'm 49 almost 50 - my head issues started 16 months ago. I don't get dizzy or light-headed - mine is pain...pressure - it moves around from the top of my head to the sides to my jaw to my nose my ears feel comes and goes in degree of pain but I always feel something - my period stopped about 3 months before the feeling arrived. Been to neurologist, TMJ specialist, phsychologist, massage/chiro/ I'm on HRT - tried bio-identical first - did nothing -now pharmaceutical's been 3 weeks - still nothing .... guess it is nice knowing I'm not alone because it's the most alone feeling in the world :(

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i suffer with the same, its like a sort of lightheadedness, and like im gna fall over, it happened whilst i was sitting on the loo of all places, n u start to panic, i hav,nt had period for over 7months, suffer with anxiety bad, n have started a job working from home as i can,t go out to work,threw the anxiety n panic symptoms. i did go to see my gp but she never really said anything, so no better for going. its such a strange feeling and to be honest im copeing with all the other problems, but this is quite scarey, be nice to get to know what it is, n find a cure,take care every 1 lets hope it stops for us all soon, im 50 this year, and been menapausal for the past 11 years, got to b comeing to a end soon, i do not take anything for my anxiety, as im not good with tablets, and also, the side effects are just as bad as the problems so was against them, ive got this far without anything so im trying to percevere, so lets hope things get better for all us suffer,s lol

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I'm 51 and have had various peri symptoms over the last couple of years. I am currently waiting for an operation to remove a polyp from my uterus which has been causing heavy periods making me anaemic. I've always suffered from occasional migraines, but 3 weeks ago had one of the worst ones ever, the pain eventually went after 3 days, but since then I've been left with a weird feeling of pressure in my head and sinuses that I can't shift. Its almost constant and the number of hot flushes I am having has gone through the roof!

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I am 53 and ALL this is what I've had for 5 years! I call it the dizzy-weirds because it's not true dizziness-- a weird feeling of surges of energy in my head, an off-balance feeling, an unsettling bouncing feeling, a reluctance to look up as if something may come down and knock me down, occasional intense anxiety when trying to concentrate, exaggerated startle reflex, rare/occasional true sudden vertigo, which is the scariest.

God I am so weary of it. Some days I fight through it, some days it's not so bad, some days I resign to it and just cry and cry. I have gone almost 11 months without a period. The only people I find with these crazy "symptoms" are here on the internet. It's not fair! Menopause is NOT a disease, but boy it feels like one! No HRT for me but was on BC. Doctor took me off at 50. Had a clean MRI and EEG, which aleved my brain tumor and epilepsy worries. (mostly)

I take fish oil, vitamin Bs, magnesium, calcium, flaxseed etc. etc. Oh yes Klonopin too. (for anxiety and twitching condition I have) Kinda works, but my blood vessels and hormones are working their own schedule, similar to when you go into labor and your BODY is running the show.

Man, NOBODY told me about "dizziness" and menopause! So, BAWAP. (Be As Well As Possible!)

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All I can say is perimenopause and menopause does weird things to you. No symptoms sound strange to me. I have lightheadedness, nausea, not dizzy but when I close my eyes feel kind of "swaying" and the nausea nevers makes me have vomiting but makes me feel "off balance" or "off center". My OBGYN said the head feelings are caused by hormones fluctuations. Ive had nausea, lightheadedness, no night sweats but had flushing, throwing off and on of the covers, mood swings galore, anxiety, depression, fatigue, to mention a few. Im on Prempro now 3 months. Had a full fledged period last month, UGGH! Dont miss them at all! Although I have heard myself say I'd rather go back before menopause and have a period every month and feel better than I do now in meno, than have no period and go through menopause! Im not so sure that being on hormones is right for me, plus the docs got me on a sleep aid pill. I do get relief from mood swings, flushing, and the fatigue isnt bad. But the ringing ears is most difficult right now along with the nausea, lightheadedness. I also developed 4 allergies in menopause, great! I used to have a lot of itchy skin but it went away with hormones but then my skin became oilier because of estrogen and I developed seborrheic dermatitis...sheesh. So much to go through and so unfair. Fortunately, I have a very supportive husband and 2 other sisters in menopause who understand. I wish all of us better days. My primary doc she keeps saying "it will get better" regarding menopause. She's through the worst of it and understands. My OBGYN, well, he cant tell me what a hot flash feels like and he just throws everyone on hormones and goes on. He mostly performs surgeries anymore. He doesnt give menopause much thought I dont think. Wait til his wife goes through it, then she will (she's nearing that time) then he will be a wealth of information! LOL Keep your head up everyone!

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Wow! At the age of 35 all hell broke loose in my hormones! I started having anxiety attacks with many symptoms that have been named above. I have been to the ER so much, they no me by name! Kept experiencing this symptoms before my period and couldn't understand why! I will tell the Dr what was going on, but soon as as I said I suffered from anxiety, they wanted to 302 me! I can't take the SSRI because I'm to sensitive to them, so I went natural and I got my hormones checked. I now take a multi-vitamin everyday, progesterone cream and fish oil everyday! It helps! I still feel tired somedays, but has been really helping with symptoms! I'm praying to return to work soon.I gety the head and sinus pressure thing, like a week before my cycle! Will be going to my gyn soon to get the rx strength progesterone cream after my 24hr urine test to check my hormone levels!

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I am so glad to have found this web site. I have been experiencing much of the same symptoms that you are explaining here. I have been going through menopause for about 2 years now and like many women am having the common menopause symptoms hot flashes, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. but recently I have had onset of headaches and a feeling in my head that I can only describe as "an odd feeling". To best describe it, I feel a lot of pressure in my head- between my eyes. I have difficulty at times concentrating and focusing. Then periodically, and very unpredictably I have these "spells" that I can best describe as "waves" of unsteadiness. It feels like that carnival ride you take where you are standing along a wall in a cylinder the wall spins and the bottom drops out from under your feet. These spells / waves of unsteadiness can last only seconds but have lasted as long as several minutes. The most severe spell I have had occurred just recently. I felt as though I was going to fall. Although I have had these "spells" sitting this particular "spell" occured while walking. Without warning, I became - for a lack of a better word -very dizzy/very unsteady. I was actually walking feeling as though I was leaning to one side. I felt like I had just gotton off the "Tea Cup" carnival ride Although I cannot describe the room as spinning I could not visually focus clearly and it was as though I was visualizing things cross eyed. I felt as though I was having a stroke. I could speak clearly and talk appropriately but was unable to walk a straight line and had to actually hold on to something for fear of falling. I have had extensive testing. All tests thankfully have been normal.

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OMG! Hello ladies! I'm so happy to have found you! This weird dizzy head thing started on Labor Day. I rolled over on my back when I woke up and went into a horrible head spin. I spent the next month in a horrible, constant dizzy weird head thing. Went to Urgent Care, Gynecologist and they couldn't help me. Said I had a inner ear virus and it would eventually go away. I saw a Chinese Herbalist who diagnosed Menopause. My blood pressure was spiking all over the place now. My normal is 110 over 60, now with spikes to 140/93. My Gynecologist told me this was "normal" by the way! Are you kidding me!? The herbalist treated me with herbal tea for about 3 weeks. I found some relief, but I still have it. At least he was the only one that knew this was Menopause. He did some acupressure points for dizziness and that did seem to work as well. But again, here I am Oct. 17th and I still have this constant weird head thing 24/7. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting, standing, resting, sleeping, walking. The feeling is the same no matter what. I started taking Evening Primrose Oil, Vit. E and Vit. C. This combination works wonders for my hot flashes I must say. The dizzy head thing continues. I decided to start taking Melatonin as a relaxant at night since this thing is causing great anxiety and a panicky feeling. It does help me sleep. I started Black Cohosh today after doing some research. This is supposed to calm the central nervous system and I know some women swear by it. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works. The only way for me to attempt to describe how this feels is it's like my brain is tight and shivering (not cold), but shivering and misfiring, like a light bulb getting ready to burn out. That's how it feels 24/7. God help us! Whoever knows how to end this madness and make you feel better, please write. I'm amazed and disgusted that the medical or any other community is still at a loss to diagnose this properly and mainly treat it. There are millions of women around the world who suffer every day with debilitating menopause. We still don't know how to fix it!!!??? Are you kidding me!? I'm crying out for anyone to take this under their wing and find a cure. Let me know how you're doing ladies. Keep posting. I guess we all need to stop running around doing brain scans and god knows what and wasting great amounts of money and time for nothing. We need to find a fix ourselves and it sure isn't with medical doctors who can't figure this out. God Bless and God please heal us! In Jesus Name! Amen

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Hi there, i like all of you have this same thing happening to me.Im 49,work full time, have 2 teenage sons, a pain in the a$$ husband..HA Mine seems to have started about 2 months ago, with what i thought was a panic attack at a business function, my co-worker asked me if i was OK, becuase i didnt look well, all the color drained from my face, i got really dizzy, and could hardly focus, began sweating..i sat down and it passed in about 1.5 mins. I sat for a bit, then drove home, and ever since...ive been experiancing the same undescribeable symptoms. Certainly not as bad as the night it hit me like a ton of bricks, but the "weird head" feeling that comes and goes in different levels of severity. sometimes it feels like a little headachy thing, and my eyeballs get kinda funky feeling, i feel like im loosing my balance, i feel a weird sensation in my brain..kind alike a dull stinging...then it quickly fades away..sometimes not totally, and other times i feel perfectly fine. Its so worrysome...its really bothering me, and sometimes its downright frightning! I like most of you went to my MD she ordred a CAT scan and that was fine, she said it was "stress related". Ive had occurances of depression and have had Generalized Anxiety since my early twenties...i take .05mg's of Xanax everyday to keep my anxiety in MD suggested taking an extra 1, and i did try it, but it did nothing regarding my "weird head" thing symptoms...i took a 4 hour nap though!! Im not thrilled that i have to rely on meds for anxiety..but ive taken prozac, paxil, wellbutrin and non delt with my aniexty as does xanax. Im not depressed, but my MD suggested the SSDI's for me not convinced that depression is causeing these head things. I am however convinced, after reading everyones posts, that this is Peri-Meno. I wonder what is going on in my brain that is making me feel like this..I want to find out what is causing it, and how we can stop it.I saw ny GYN and she wants to do a uteran biospy because of my unusal periods...(i'll let you know the results). I asked her of this "weird head" thing could be a fluctuation of hormones,and she said its "not likley" as i sit hre typing it has come and gone about 12 times, its like a wave of light dizzyness,loss of balance, a little dull sting (thats the best way i can desribe it)that flares up and fades away. it comes and goes in different levels of severity. sometimes im ok, and then i get the "wave", it breaks my concentration, and its sometimes really scary. I hope we can figure this out. I wish a specialist (dont know what kind of specialist) could read this blog and help us here! wish you all well, Geri

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I am the OP of this thread. I can't believe it has been 4 years since my post. Nothing ever really worked for my weird head feeling, other than time. It has eventually just faded away for the most part. I still get the feeling once in a great while, but most of the time I am without it. I wish all of you going through this the best. It is such a disconcerting thing to deal with, as well as frustrating and frightening. Just wanted to come back here and say that time does make it better. I think hormones just start balancing out again. Just my theory! Good luck to you all.

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JavaBean1..thank you for the follow up.You give me hope that someday this will pass... Im wondering how all the other ladies are doing? I also wonder what commonalities do we all have? (other than the obvious Peri-Meno. So glad to hear your feeling better these days (wish i could say the same) Have a great day! Geri

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Dear Ladies,

I have posted here and also posted my story Strange Head Sensations. I call them head rushes. Started 8 years ago. I had my first head rush, first panic attack, first missed period, first hot flash, nighsweat etc. all on the same day. So please Doctors yes its menopause related. I know exactly how you all feel it is so scary and unnerving.I have been to so many doctors , had more brain scans than I can count, tried lexapro horrible side effects did not help head rushes. Also take a low dose of xanax 2x a day does not help the rushes just takes the edge off. This truly has been the worst time of my life. I never feel normal and forgot what normal is. Fatigue overwhelms me, weird sensations, anxiety and panic attacks. Several years ago I went on HRT did not help. I was on Estrogen patch for 2 years. My body would not absorb estrogen. Then tried premarin and I was allergic to it. Last October I started with Hormone pellets has helped 50% but still struggling. Can't seem to balance me. Also on inderal for palpitations but now my blood pressure 90/60 too low but can't go off meds because my pulse races so much. I live at Doctors offices and can't can't answers or help. Trust me ladies I have been looking for a cure for 8 long years. I am sick of Doctors wanting to put us on anti-depressants that is not the answer. As you can tell I'm besides myself and wish I could help out with encouraging news. I feel this is such a lonely time in a womans life even though we have wonderful families, husbands, children and friends. I feel your pain and frustration and am crying at this very minute One thing I am certain of this is very real. It is not in your head and you are not crazy. Don't forget that. I pray for all of us that we can find the strength to go on even when it seems we can't.



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I am 52, not a clue exactly where I am in my Menopause cycle, but defiantly on my way to the "End". I have had Tinnitus for many years. Never stops. Recently, I have added a strange sensation to that. When I move my head or my eyes, even slightly, I hear a strange sound and feel a dizzy like sensation. I have tried to describe it, but come up with nothing clear to anyone. Recently, (the last 2 weeks or so) I now have a numbness that lasts for a fleeting moment. It is located on my left side of my face and into my mouth. I have noticed a slight difficulty with some words, and my typing has changed. I can easily type drow instead of word and not give it a thought. I saw a Neurologist yesterday and she has ordered MRI, MRA and MRV for me to rule out any abnormalities. of course, we get to add to this that I fell last December and hit my head pretty hard. I had 5 staples put in it, and it was right on the lower back side of my head... Dr is saying it could be Post Concussive Syndrome. Only problem I have with that is the injury was 10 months ago. A bit late to be having these symptoms now.
Finding this site has helped me to feel like I am not alone anymore. Thank you all for letting me share my story.

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I'm SO glad I found this forum.....I have the weird head feeling, it's very scary, I have been to the doc's about it, blood pressure etc etc all fine but these symptoms are difficult to cope with. I don't sleep much because of my "power-surges" and find the dizziness is worse after a restless night, we all still have to get up and get on with our days though!

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Ok, I just had MRI, MRA and MRV. Guess what?? All normal. but then, I think all here knew they would be. Now I need to find a new GYN. Mine quit to move to the Insurance side of things. So, bottom line is, I need a new GYN in Salt Lake, Utah. I have told a few of my friends that I will just have to learn to deal with it.
I will keep reading and hopefully someone will find a real help.

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Omgosh, I can't believe I've read so many stories that are similar to mine. I've struggled with this strange head sensation for the last 10 years. I'm 51 now. Mine can feel like I'm going to tip over and fall, to a jolt, as if someone has just pushed me, to pressure, as if my head were a balloon full of water, and the pressure is building. It's caused such anxiety because I think something is going to happen, but nothing ever does. Right now as I write this, my head is swirling, whirling. I'm rarely ever dizzy, but I'm off quite a bit. I just found a new doctor, so I'll post again if he figures any of this out. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Don't know why any of us have to suffer from this.

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Oh my God! 10 years? I am 41 and in April started having palpitations and the full, light head thing. It has been pretty much constant and I'm about to go crazy. The anxiety, every time it hits, is the worst. I have had cat scans, echo, MRI, numerous EKG's, and more blood work than I can count. I did the bio-progesterone cream and it just made me worse. It seemed to mess with my blood sugar. IDK. I am hypothyroid too and have been on synthroid for over 30 years and so naturally, because of the palps and a low tsh, the endo lowered my dose, even though my actual t3 hormone is low. Idiots. I am going to a holistic dr who specializes in meno and thyroid next week. Hopefully she will help me pull myself out of this meno H*LL. If any miracles happen, I will post. God bless!

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javabean, if you happen to check in again, I have a question for you. I responded to your original post 4 years ago and just happened to check this forum today and saw that you recently checked in again also. I'm 56 now, still haven't even skipped a period, but I'm obviously menopausal because of my age.

The only perimenopausal symptom I have ever had is the inability to stay asleep at night. I have still never had a single hot flash, but continue to experience the "I'm about to pass out" weird head feeling (without actually fainting.) I mentioned that my doctor felt maybe the head thing I get is my version of a hot flash.

So I was just wondering, (since your weird head feelings have mostly resolved), did you get hot flashes as well? And did your symptoms clear up while you were still having regular menstrual cycles?

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It amazes me so many doctors don't seem to know what they are talking about! I started with this tingling/itching/burning at the base of my neck two years ago (I am 54 years old). Over the next few months it crawled up the back of my head and over my face then through my body. Most of the time now it stays at my head although down my arms at night. A year ago I started feeling the dizziness, equilibrium off feeling with fullness and burning in my ears. Home ear remedies make everything burn more. Something else makes my ear burn more and my neck feels like it's also burning and swelling. I've been to four doctors. No one says anything. The last doctor said "You are a very sensitive individual". I have no idea what that means. I'm thinking maybe I should just stop giving money to all these doctors and assume it's peri-menopause????

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Is it a feeling like your brain is in motion but the rest of you isn't? I get that. The girls are shrinking, which stinks because there wasn't that much there to begin with. Night sweats, hot flashes, super dry skin... UGH! My forgetfulness is from ADD, my lack of focus is worse though.

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Wow you sound like me. Never thought in all my life this is what life would be like going through menopause. It as been horrible same symptoms as you for 8 years now. I hope you continue to get better and find peace within. Thank you for sharing your story and for the link.


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So happy to have found all these posts on this subject, felt it was just me going crazy. As many have said this weird head thing is so odd, comes and goes, sometimes alittle, sometimes more intense. Not giddy or dizzy, sort of "off balance" and like I'm not quite with-it, things don't feel real, so hard to describe. I try and focus on an object that's not too far away to get "balance" back, although not really off-balance. Kinda makes me feel bit panicky like I will keel over (but never happened yet). Am post meno....I think. First remember this "funny head" after birth of first child, it came and went...then went completely when pregnant for second time. Eventually came back post baby and has come and gone ever since. Sometimes it goes for months and months, then, there it is again. Thought it was back because of meno, which seems logical. But,it scares me as I just think "I'm going to keel over" Really gets me down and it's so hard to try and forget it,but then when it goes I feel great, like a weight has been lifted. I forget all about it, thinking it's bit psychological, but NOPE, back it comes out of the blue, no warning and starts making me feel "strange" again. So glad to find many others have had the same thing. It surely must be hormone related. I have it today and feel lousy.......tomorrow ??? who knows xx

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I found this site just by doing a search for menopause/weird symptoms. I, too feel like I am going crazy. I was convinced last week that I had a brain tumor, and the week before that, a serious heart problem. No one understands what I'm talking about! So glad to find you ladies going thru the same thing, but wish we were not suffering like this! The best way I can describe my "dizziness" is like when you are parked next to a car and they start moving, but you are not, but it feels like you are moving...... that's how I feel EVERY day. It's not vertigo, no spinning, just a weird uneasy unbalanced feeling. I can't work, and I even had a chance to go back to my teacher aide job, and had to turn it down. It makes me so sad, mad, depressed, angry, disappointed, frustrated, etc. etc. to have my life be on hold because of these awful feelings. I have told five different doctors about it since December 2010, and all I get is "you need a low dose antidepressant" or "I've never heard of those symptoms being related to menopause." I also have heart palpitations, a fluttering feeling where sometimes I almost pass out. Had all the heart tests, they think I'm crazy. My family is planning a trip out west to several National Parks this spring, and I am petrified because if I feel like this, I'll have to stay home!!! I read some of you have had these feelings for years and years? There has to be a reason and a solution. . . . and a way we can feel normal again. I am trying to eat very healthy, take vitamins and supplements as recommended by my dr. and Dr. Oz (I watch his show and find it very informative most days), exercise (except it's hard when I feel like I'm going to fall or melt into the floor) get enough sleep, keep the stress level at a minimum, and reading about other women's experiences. I'm 54 and it's been exactly one year since my last period. My gyn doesn't believe in hormone testing, so where do we turn???? Sometimes I say if we were celebrities in Hollywood, we'd have access to all the fancy doctors and holistic healing centers/bioidentical everything, but even with health insurance, you can't keep going to all these different doctors or go to different cities to try specialists. Keep posting, maybe we will finally figure this all out!!!!

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Wow, I too am so glad I found this forum. I am 50 years old and had been struggling with GERD symptoms for the last 8 months. Now I'm having this weird head feeling too. I was in a meeting the other day and had to get up and walk out because once the symptom started, I started to panic, which made everything worse, heart palpitations, vision was funny, mild headache and although not exactly dizzy, not quite on balance either. I thought maybe my blood pressure or sugar was to blame but now I see I'm not alone with these feelings. I am also trying to eat healthier, starting to excercise more and taking calcium chews with D3 as I recently found out I am vitamin D deficient too. Please keep posting as I guess "misery loves company" but again good to know I'm not alone.

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Hi to all female menopausal suffers,

I'm so sorry to read yet more woman suffering from these horrible headrushes, sensations, or pressure, I get them all in June it will be 9 years. Have not had a period for 18 months.

I started with bioidentical hormone pellets 15 months ago, has improved my life 50% but not enough to get a real job or function like normal woman.
Somedays I get so sad and depressed and of course scared but other days I make it through knowing it's not going to kill me since it has been happening soooooo long. Along with panic, anxiety, heart palps, etc.

You are not alone! Always remember that. It can be scary but say to yourself, this feeling will rise and fall and go away. Today happens to be a bad day for me.

I do hope one day to post a cure and share it with everyone. Believe me I have sat across the desk from way to many doctors all kinds who look at me like I'm crazy. Maybe one day when one of their loved ones will suffer from this they will believe it.

Please hang in there. Sending out a group gentle hug.



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I like your description Redbaron about sitting in a parked car and the car beside you begins to move, for a second you feel slightly weird, that's as good a description that I've read. These scary hormone/adrenilin rushes are just so odd and they do make me feel panicky, and as a previous poster said, almost could make me stop doing things, but I force myself sometimes saying "it's fine, the feeling will go away - nothing is wrong" etc. Some days it works, others not so much. Had a "rush" of something earlier just before I got out of maddingly starts the day on the wrong foot because the thoughts are already now in my head and I will probably have to fight them all day. Wonder if hypnotherapy would help......just a thought !! Keep posting, it makes me feel better to know that I'm not alone. xx

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Hello to everyone!
I have just spent the last hour readinfg all theses posts and to say I am relieved is an understatement! I have had all these weird things happening as well I really thought I was going around the bend and to explain it to the other half well lets not go there, he has no idea what I am going thru. What I can not believe is in this modern day and age of medicine that nothing has been found to help any of us! I go to a natropath as she is the only place I get any help. I have a question does this ever stop? Trying to cope everyday with this wears me down as it totally interferes with nornal living, but I dont give into it! I remeind myself thats its hormones/menopause and try to push thru it and not let it take hold of my life, its like fighting a battle every day and I am a warrior! There must be light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so.
Love and peace to you all xx

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I totally agree Awaywiththefairies, the times that it goes on for 3,4,5 days + it is a battle.Then it goes away and I'm feeling like a different person who could conquer the world. WHY does this happen WHAT causes it and as I'm now post meno willit disappear anytime soon? Just despair at times.

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I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms as a lot of you lady's are.The funny thing is I'm only 23.This feeling is bothering me so much I cry about it every night I wish I could die sometimes because it causes me such torment.I was never like this so I know that It must have something to do with my hormones.I'm experiencing a lot of heavy periods that are irregular every month,and I'm constantly telling my husband I'm pregnant because of my breast swelling abnormally all of the time.I'm experiencing extreme flashes of hot and cold ,and I feel that trapped feeling like you cant quite get out of your head like you feel hazy in a way and its very scary to feel that all the time.Ex:I almost ran off the road because of this feeling).My last period came so early that I thought I was having a miscarriage.I'm so confused by these symptoms and I feel so hopeless and to make it even worse I don't have insurance.I feel so lost can someone please tell me what they think is going and what I should in this situation.I know that what we are all experiencing has to be hormonal related!

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hello all, I first posted on this forum 3 years ago (cant believe the time has passed so quickly). I had my 52nd birthday yesterday and I'm fairly sure its been about 11 years since all this hormonal and menopause stuff started. Magnolia44, like you I have these odd feelings of the weird head stuff that can last a few days,but when it goes I feel fantastic.Strangley, none of my female friends have this head stuff. I sometimes think a lot of women don't admit to it. Some of the weirder symptoms are receeding but I still get overwhelming tiredness and headaches completely out of the blue. Yesterday, it was exactly 2 years since my last period, so I had hoped all this nonsense would be over. I'm resigned to the fact that this is my life now and I just have to get on with it and do my best to ignore whats happening to me. I seldom mention it to my husband now. The only thing that really gets to me now is my lack of libido. I've tried all sorts of natural foods, vitamins, lubricants for dryness, moisturisers for itching. I would love to have a sex life like I used to. I feel so bad for my husband as he's only 43 and should have a decent sex life. Luckily, he's very understanding. I could go on but I won't. Its just nice to come here and let off steam now and again. Knowing that I'm not alone with all this has also stopped me from going nuts! I will continue to come to this forum and hopefully one day I'll be posting to say its all gone and I'm normal again but until then, everyone take care and be well.

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So glad I found this forum...I am 51 soon to be 52 and have not had a period since October. I was very regular prior to October. Starting in early December I just felt off. Could not explain it. Felt like my head was too heavy for my neck at certain times. I do not feel dizzy but just weird. Sometimes there would be pressure around my eyes and sinuses. No pain though. At times I get this weird feeling like a rush that goes through me. I had a full blown anxiety attack the first time it happened because it scared me. Some days are fine and then some days like today are annoying. Going to see the doctor tomorrow to at least get some blood work done to rule out anything else. I feel better knowing I am not alone or going crazy.

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Hello again, wow amazing how many of us suffer these strange feelings. I met a friend in town for coffee and shopping last friday.....the day was ruined as in the first shop we visited I suddenly and unexpectedly began to feel "weird" nothing specific, just "weird" I couldn't concentrate on anything only myself and how I was feeling. Try as I might it just wouldn't go away. The trip was cut short as i just wanted to get back home (in case, as I feared, I may collaspe) no PAIN, not DIZZY but totally unreasonably "spaced out and detached feeling" It did hang around for the rest of the day but ebbed and flowed up and down. It makes me so miserable, it completely ruined the day, it makes me feel tired because I'm constantly fighting IT to some degree. I do despair but try to stay positive. Today, so far, it hasn't happened, but unfortunately it's in my thoughts so 'may' appear later, but not always.....just so odd. I sympathise with anyone going through this. I'm 61, it's been 'around' on and offer for years and a connection with hormones seems the only thing that makes any sense. The days that 'it' doesn't 'visit' I feel absolutely great, like a different person with bundles of energy, confidence and totally focused on enoying life !!!

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I found this forum from searching about perimenopause lol and this is a gardening forum , still I am glad I did because I now feel normal knowing all you ladies feel the same as i do , I have felt like this on and off for a few years, feeling like i am walking like a crab at times , my head feeling strange like it is weak on my shoulders not dizzy but just not feeling right , it comes and goes and like others i can be going about my everyday duties happy and i mean extremely happy, then suddenly i feel like i want to end it all, this perimenopause is a pain in the butt and when it is finished i will be a happy bunny once again, i have been skipping my periods since i was 36 and sometimes i have felt like a wet lettuce no energy , having to lie down my legs often feel like they have no energy and they ache so much at times its like i have been on a ten mile run or something . Anyway the longest so far is 10 months without a period , this time its nearly 9 months , they say when you complete a full 12 months your through ,but i don't necessesarily believe this as i have known other women to start again after about 15 months , this is so unfair and i like you ladies want my life back . Roll on post menopause .
It's great to know I am normal , thanks for this thread it has helped so much :)

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hi all,
Just wanted to quickly say to Kaya47, my last period was january 2010 and guess what.....I still have the weird head feelings, no energy some days other days fine, hot flashes, joint pains, itchy skin, mood swings, etc,etc,etc. Being post menopausal doesn't mean it goes away I'm sorry to say. Maybe I'm just unlucky, who knows. This forum helps me so much when I'm feeling particularly lousy. I think I would have gone mad had I not found it. Hope I haven't depressed Stay as well as you can.

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hun49 - Hi its ok glad to know this information , but it can't last forever and I have noticed that the symptoms have become less severe as time passes even the leg pain is less , but its still there.
I hope yours ease too :)
ps you didn't depress me there are people worse off than me in this world who suffer sickness and I have health and menopause is just another stage in a womans life.

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Hi everyone,
I just found this site this evening and am glad to know that I'm not alone. I am so sorry to hear that many of you have had this "heavy head' feeling for a very long time. I started having it about three weeks ago after having my first panic attack that landed me in the ER thinking I was having a reaction to the pain medicine I was taking. About seven weeks ago, I had a partial hysterectomy (done abdominally with ovaries left intact) and had a lot of pain during recovery. It was very stressful and we also had to put one of our dogs to sleep three weeks ago. It was only a few days after that that I had the panic attack and since then, have felt on edge and have had a heavy feeling in my head like I could fall over, just like everyone is describing here. A friend of mine informed me that often anxiety is the first symptom of menopause (or ovaries not working well after hysterectomy) and that I should have by hormone levels checked. Last week I had a blood test done and sure enough, she was right, it showed that my Estrogen and FSH were in the menopause range, even though last fall, my hormone levels were normal. So, I'm really beginning to see how these more unusual symptoms can be hormone related. My doctor put me on an estrogen patch last week. I'm waiting to see if my feeling "on edge" and the heavy head feeling diminishes. Has anyone in this forum had success with HRT taking away these symptoms? I am also planning on getting my iron levels checked. One of the blogs awhile ago mentioned that anemia can be a cause of the heavy head thing and that iron injections cured it. Anyone else find iron deficiency to be the underlying cause? Thanks and my heart goes out to all you women going through this. I really am surprised (and a bit disheartened) that no one (except the lady mentioning the iron) has gotten help.

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Hi Everyone:

So since my first "episode" in January, I am noticing that anxiety seems to be on the upswing too. Is that something that others find too, especially once the whole panic thing starts. I don't want to turn to medication if anyone has had success with alternative treatments, I would love to hear. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hello All, there certainly doesn't seem to be "one size fits all with this" we vary so much. I take a VERY low dose of estrogen every 3rd day (to keep flushes at bay - it works) but although I quite like alittle estrogen in my system it doesn't seem to help with the 'heads'......having same that, if I get a bad day on the day I've had the estrogen I think "its the estrogen" but seems to be more coincidental. Other days I take the estrogen and feel fine. I do take an "over 50's" multi vit, but this doesn't have iron it in! All a bit trial and error really. Having had this on and off for YEARS I do often wonder if it will every completely go away for more than just a short period of time (which is has done in the past). When we see just how complicated our bodies are, chemical balance, hormone balance - just the tip of the iceberg - is it any wonder things go a bit haywire sometimes, especially if we try to "self medicate" to put them right, which maybe does more harm than good, and sometimes the docs don't get it right either, we are often a guinea-pig for them as they are not quite sure the best way to 'deal' with our strange symptoms. I'm always optimistic though...!! xx

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Hi Gals, im still having the weird head thing, although, its not as severe as last year. I told my MD about it, and she said that it was a panic attack..i disagree...(ive had them) but the 1 thing i noticed was that it's worse right after my period stops...anyone else noticing that? let me know..Wish you all well !

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oh and ladies i have researched this stuff for awhile and found taht VAnderbilt has been researching these "head rush feleings, buzzing " for are several articles you might find interesting...from the buzzing to the faintingfeelings article is "head rush' disorder genetic link discovered,..another one is investigators seek cause of persistent "head rush" made me feel soemwhat sane! ....and i printed them out and am going to bring them to my doc.

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Wow, Thought I was insane! I am 49 almost 50 and went through my change at least 4 years ago. Have had the off balance, trouble walking straight, feeling like you might fall over feelings for quite some time now. Almost feels like your head and ears are always stuffed full of something. twice now I have been put on antibiotics and does not help. Praying it stops everyday it seems like a struggle when it is at it's worst. I also suffer from very severe back pain up through my neck. I went through spinal injections which helped my back some but seemed to make the head thing worse. My doctor has told me that the arteries in the back of your neck can get restricted causing lower circulation making you feel this way, still not convinced of that cause it can happen when I am standing, sitting, or even flat on my back in bed. It is so aggravating people do not understand. I have just decided to take each day as it comes and try to work through it, some days though with my back I just have to stay in bed most the day, when I get up hold the walls. Thinking the back and neck issues feel worse when I have this feeling as it makes me tighten up cause I do not want to fall. I do pray there will be an end to this feeling for all of us, until then I wish you all the best and keep pushing through until things get better.

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I'm so relieved, like many others it seems, to have found this forum.

I'm 47 and have been probably having dizzy head symptoms appearing gradually for the last 5 years or so. I have always kept very fit doing yoga etc and going to the gym, but started to notice I disliked being in overheated places, like offices and trains etc. I would also notice first thing in the morning a strange throbbing/thickheaded feeling especially when I looked to the left.

I was at a yoga class in November and doing a pose which pushes the head right back, and I had a severe dizzy episode where my eyes were flicking side to side every time I tried to get up, and I felt I momentarily passed out. I had to go to hospital in an ambulance as I couldn't get up, it was terrifying. After that I couldn't lie flat for a couple of weeks, but very slowly over a few months the severe dizziness went. Now I have slowly gone back to yoga because I love it, but without doing any neck poses at all.

Nothing was discovered at the hospital - they x-rayed me but when found nothing abnormal, I was sent home.

I had previously had an x-ray as I have worked many years at a computer and was starting to get neck pains - going up into my skull. The result of the x-ray was mild to moderate arthritic changes where the facets of the vertebrae had been worn down. I also have a small 'buffalo hump' (not a dowager's hump) at the top of the back/start of the neck, which a scan was unable to say what this was (fat/bone?)

I don't know how widespread these things are - I know osteo-arthritis is very common and is just called 'wear and tear', but I tend to connect the arthritis and the 'hump' with the thick-headed feeling I have a lot of the time, as it seems these things are combining to restrict the circulation in and out of my head. But doctors never seem to know how to resolve things - ie. is my hump from bad posture, I have no idea, I just have to work it out for myself and try different things, and I refuse to take medication ie painkillers etc, because they just mask the pain so you can carry on doing whatever it is that caused you to get the problem in the first place, so it will quietly behind the painkillers get worse and worse...

I can be free of the dizzy feelings for weeks, and then it can just re-appear out of nowhere, I can't seem to stand heat very well, and just like many of the other people who have posted, as soon as I feel a bit odd, I tend to hold my breath, or lose my breathing rhythm.

Two things I have found that are extremely helpful, if I can commit to doing them are:

1. Meditation - calms me down and helps me 're-set' my breathing rhythm if you like
2. A few exercises to move the head and neck :

a) Chin to chest slowly breathing out for 5, head up to look at ceiling - breathing in for 5, (can hold for 5 seconds while holding breath). (x 5)
b) Head to one side , ie tilting top of head to one side (while looking straight ahead) while breathing in slowly, back to centre breathing out (can count to 5). Head to other side repeat (x5)
c) Look over shoulders slowly, breathing in for 5, can hold for 5 while holding breath, return slowly for 5.

These exercises really seem to help ease up the circulation to my head. The only thing is as soon as you feel better, you stop doing them, and gradually they re-appear and you start the exercises again!!

Anyway hope this helps some people - although I disagree that the symptoms are caused by anxiety which is what doctors always say - I think it's the other way around - the symptoms cause the anxiety and cause one to stop breathing properly out of fear - what people need is reassurance and to understand that what is happening to them is common, (i.e. you do not have a brain tumour), - in this way, the dizziness is not compounded by anxiety and erratic breathing - most of us breathe too shallowly most of the time anyway.

No doctor ever told me dizzines and thick-headedness is common in peri-menopause - why not?

Thanks for this up-lifting forum xxx

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I am 53 and in perimenopause. My last period was 5 mo. ago. For over 9 months I have had continual head buzzing. I thought it was my ears. I have had my ear wax removed, been to an ENT, and an Audiologist and have confirmed my ears are fine. I am having night sweats several times a night. I also have terrible motion sickness. I had a general physical and blood work is good. I just purchased a progesterone cream made of yams, used for two days and head buzzing is worse. Maybe I used too much. When I take B12 head buzzing is worse. Other tips from watching Dr. Oz: l-theanine (an amino acid for mood enhancement), herbs (black cohosh, etc.), fish oil, vit. E, D, C, soy products. I eat pretty healthy and exercise. I feel good otherwise.
The head buzzing, ringing is the worst part. I was scared it was something worse, but now after reading other postings, I now don't feel alone. Thanks

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I have these weird head feelings too. I am 55 and just recently last two years or so started having irregular and heavy periods. My gyn was a bit concerned. Anyways,.. I have not had my period now for 2 months and counting. I have recently been getting this feeling in the back of my head. For me, I feel as if the floor is rising up to meet me. Lovely! I call it "elevator head". I make jokes about everything or I would not survive. At work, we try to find ways to cope and all use a lot of humor and I find humor is helpful as is working out at the gym. I think that if I was not on Paxil it would be much worse as my hormones have always been a problem. I am very sensitive and used to have panic attacks during my PMS time. I work in a hospital and standing still is torture, like if I meet somebody in the hallway I know. If I stand still and speak with someone I feel as if the floor is coming up to meet me as I said and also have an awful feeling in the back of my head. It is very stressful at work too which does not help and I could go to bed earlier. Sleep is very important. I am trying to cope but it is not a lot of fun! It is good to hear that I am not alone. Any suggestions/ideas would be helpful. I will not take hormones as my mom had a very bad cancer which may have originated in her uterus (never knew the primary site). The great actress Bette Davis said that "aging is not for sissies" - boy she was right!

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I have had some success using a progesterone spray. I just keep forgetting to use it!! I was at the library today and I just kept getting that feeling like I was going to keel over--and I was sitting down! The reason I got the spray a couple of years ago was because I was having megaperiods, just the most god-awful heavy periods that would last weeks. The progesterone spray was a miracle for that--it stops a period in about a day. Hope this helps someone. :o)))

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Hi Ladies, I had a hysterectomy when I was 30 and am now 48 years young (lol). A couple of years ago I started to get the evening/night sweats, which were annoying but bearable but last April, whilst out riding on my motorbike (I am a motorbike instructor)I luckily came to a stop then suddenly keeled over without any warning. Obviously I still had to ride the bike home and realized very quickly that there was something not right with my head. Every time I slowed down or stopped my head felt like it was still moving, from that moment onwards I got these feelings everyday, walking the dogs meant I kept tripping over as I kept walking into them, just couldn't walk in a straight line, felt like someone had given me a gently nudge and knocked me off balance.
Went to the doctors and he referred me to the hospital for the normal hearing tests and everything else to do with the ears, also had a MRI scan and that was clear, then sent me to a hospital that specialised in balance and they couldn't find the problem either. I'm sorry to say I too have tried every pill going but nothing seems to work, but I have asked my doctor to have a look at this web site to hear what other women are saying, as I too, thought I was the only one with this problem and had already asked him if it could be any thing to do with the menopause but was told no.
On the plus side, I went out on my bike this weekend for the first time since last year (been working in the office since this all happened, still got the feeling when I started to slow down or stop, but didn't let it beat me.
I will post again if I get any joy on how to get rid of this
weird head feeling and will also keep checking to see if anyone here has any joy, sounds like we're in it for the long haul.
Good luck to you all.

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OMG I am so happy that I am not going crazy. I have felt like this for such a long time. My head feels wierd. I feel my ears are full I get so lightheaded and dizzy at times and every doctor I go to saids I am fine. How?????? I am 46 and I know I am going through something I have never felt so bad in my life. I want to feel better I want to feel like myself again and I am so sad that I don't. I must be going through menapause I know it. I sweat at night I feel my head is soooo wierd like I am here but not here. My periods are so bad, and I have breast pain now too. I am so happy I found a place where other women are feeling these issues too. Not that I am happy you guys are but at least I am not nuts. So happy for you guys I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one.

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Glad to find this support group, now I know I'm not going crazy and definitely not alone. I am 51 years old and have been experiencing anxiety for at least 10 years. I too have been having weird head sensations! Tried magnesium rich foods and it seems to be pushing something through my head, with a weird taste in my mouth, I get drainage then it starts my burning feeling into my chest, down my arms into my stomach!! My weird head thing is like so many others have described, lightheaded, a little tingly and sometimes fullness and especially around my right ear! Dr. put me back on acid reducers, after taking them 10+ years on and off! I also take Zanax, Celexa and just started estrogen! I am now trying to stay away from magnesium, seems like it makes it worse:/ Anyone have any suggestions, I would sure love some!!

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i am soooo glad i found this forum. i'm 52 & i thought i was going crazy. not dizzy, not quite lightheaded, but like i was going to fall over, even when sitting, & my thighs feel weird when this happens...not really weak or tingling, just different. (also, if i'm really focussed on something else, i don't seem to notice it as much.) my husband thinks i'm nuts as i make sure i can walk a straight line (forwards & backwards), close my eyes & touch my nose, etc. i actually will bend over then stand up real quick to see if i can make it happen, but it can't. so i've been blaming lack of sleep on my weird feeling....lack of sleep, not from insomnia or hot flashes (which are horrible) but from watching too much of the food channel (i'm always hungry). i'm so glad to see other women have this problem.

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hi everyone...
i am 52 and have been experiencing a weird head for nearly two years now....
its very random and feels like pressure in the head ..sometimes like its all behind the eyes, others like a pressure..when it comes on it sucks my energy and at first i had to stop working...
i began a health regime in may this yr 2012 and i have had two bouts of it since then..each time lasts a few days....
i now have smoothies every day..and it has
1 tble sp golden linseeds
1 dsp sunflower seeds
1 tblesp pumpkin seeds
12 almonds
few walnuts.... soak all the above over night in a cup of water
in morning blend till smooth ..add to this fresh pineapple, 1 apple half a banana blueberries grapes any fruit and a large handfull of spinach...
more water and yoghurt if u like.
i felt loads better after 3 days..more energy less aches and pains, gone off meat and coffee... this recent weird head attack may be cos id not had the smoothies so regular... so im back on it every day now..
LINSEEDS REDUCE/ BODYTEMPERATURE they are a natural plant eostrogen... so stop hot flashes xxxxx

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Hi, I'm 50 and also pleased that I've read all this. My gp wanted to send me to see a psychiatrist!! It's ridiculous that no dr's seem to know about this and yet there are so many people posting about it. I'm at the end of my tether, none of my friends have had this and I really don't think anyone believes me. I feel like I'm not here most of the time and can't concentrate on anything. It's making it difficult to socialise and I find myself covering up for my lack of memory. I was going to go and see my gynae but after reading this, I'm not sure there's much point. Maybe changing HRT? If anyone finds anything to help, please post a reply!!

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my friend used my recipie above and now dont need the my post xxx

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I'm so glad I found you ladies. I've been having strange feelings in my head etc. lightheadness, fog and dizziness while sitting. I'm 46 years old and this occurs after my period. At first I thought I was having a stroke, then I thought it was coming from low blood pressure, then I thought I was suffering for Alzheimer's even though I wasn't forgetting much. I was just driving myself crazy. I went to a doctor and had blood test done but everything was normal. I started taking Dong Qua everyday and the symptoms seem to go away, but as soon as I stop they come back. The Dong Qua is suppose to balance your hormones and it seems to work. Good luck to you all.

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Hi Everyone, I too have what I call "feeling off". Mine however is complicated by the fact that I have Meniere's Disease which is when you retain fluid in your inner ear and it effects your balance and hearing. At times, it causes what is called the "whooshing effect" and based on some of these comments, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have Meniere's Disease. If hormones don't explain this feeling, I would suggest seeing and ENT to be diagnosed.

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I'm so happy to have found this thread. I remember turning 40 and thinking - 40 and fabulous, it has been anything but fabulous. For the past two years I've experienced lightheadedness, palpitations, put on BP meds, anxiety, jittery feeling, nervousness, low libido, hands will tingle if I sit a certain way. My periods are coming further apart, now at 36 - 38 days. I get very irritable, and angry when I have my period. I snap at everyone for no reason, I have an extreme fatigue right before my period and could eat non stop without feeling full. At first I didn't notice a connection, but lately I've been noticing some of my symptoms correlate to my period. I've gone to my obgyn and discussed it with her, she seemed doubtful that it was perimenopause, but said I could be starting to have a hormonal imbalance. Ran blood tests, all normal, she said they may not show anything, and they didn't. Went to my regular doctor today, he reviewed the blood work and based on what he thought I was saying, he was quite adament that I was depressed. I told him I honestly didn't think that was right, really thinking it's peri. He told me I had classic symptoms of depression, which I quickly responded, they were also classic symptoms of peri - he handed me samples of an antidepressant and suggested I take them. I threw them out when I got home, if I was seriously depressed I would possibly think about taking them but I'm not depressed at all. It seems that prescribing antidepressants seem to be the cure all for these docs. I specifically said I was not looking to be drugged up, just trying to make sense of what's been going on for the past two years. I'm not sure why the doc's totally do not think I could be in peri, my mom actually started menopause at around 44, 45 and was finished at 48 yrs old. So it seems likely I could be in peri since I'll be 43 this year. Frustrating that doctors don't even think about it - they're acting like I'm too young to be experiencing this. Makes me realize I'm not going crazy when I read others having the same issues. Just keep thinking it will pass one day and I'll start feeling normal again.

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Hi just found this site, and fill so relieved that i,m not going through this on my own beginning to think something really bad was happening to me been like this for months and doc says its just the menopause? like to see them go through what we have to. now i no this, but is there anything that can help to stop these horrible feeling has anyone tryed anything or have any ideas of what can help. :-( :-( :-(

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Wow, Ok I am happy to see I am not going crazy either, LOL...So sorry for the rest of you that is going on through this. I have very similar or same symptoms that most described, weird fuzzy feeling in my head like I am about to have a seizure any moment. It comes and goes. When it happens, I am suddenly aware of it and have to sit down, pale and panicky. I have anxiety issues too (who wouldn't) since I started having hormonal issues (and heavy bleeding) at 43. The bleeding got finally under control with birth control but I experience a lot of weird symptoms that even progress or change as I age. The other day I had a horrible burning/squeezing feeling in my left arm, I thought I was about to have a heart attack! Fought it off (including resisting to take Ativan and calm myself the easy way). Last week I kepr getting headaches and one migraine even. My doctor put me on antibiotics, suspecting sinus infection..felt a little better first two days but now I started feeling this like I am about to have a seizure or something. Indescribible feeling that makes me panic too. I already take multivitamins with iron (got anemic from all that bleeding), acid-reflux meds, BC pill, now this antibiotic, and Ativan as needed. I am trying a vast of things atm and I will post the progress (if any, so very discouraging:() But we have to keep pushing forward right? Love and hugs to all.

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I feel so relieved that I am not alone here. It is such a scary feeling these symptoms we are all facing. I am 40 yrs old and have been feeling weird for the last 3 or 4 months. I was told by my Gyn/Ob that it was too early for Perimenopause. But I have been reading a lot on the internet that it can start in your mid 30s..What I get is this weird, detached feeling, this strange sensation in my head and eyes, someone mentioned like a brain freeze is the best I can explain it. Its so hard to put express these feelings as its so unexplainable, its just an uncomfortable feeling in my brain, head, forehead, eyes , I get dizzy, spaced out, I have been wondering if its anxiety or my sinuses. at times I do think I am going to faint. I have worried about heart problems, am I anemic, do I have diabetes? Blood tests come out ok..It has me worried so much just like all of you, that I want to get a Brain Scan just to make sure I don't have something wrong. .I never thought it could be Perimenopause but after reading everyone's symptoms, and we all have such similar ones, that may be what we are experiencing. And this goes on for another 10 years?? I don't think I can take it..

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Aw, SherryAnne, hang in there! I hear you and I feel for your troubles. I am happy to report I am feeling a little better, did a lot of research and did some things, melatonin and Valerian for sleep (didn't notice any relaxation to be honest), however I went back to something I used when I was at my worst couple years ago worked somehow! Evening Primrose oil in capsules, 500 mg. I would take one the moment I am up, and then up to 3 a day (can take up to 6 per day). I don't know how, but it cleared my head and calmed me down considerably! I also became more aware what causes me to panic...heat, any kind of physical pain or feeling unwell (how stupid it's not even funny) and dreading sleeping time (hard to fall asleep). So I devised more strategies to cut these situations before they begin. :) I garden in early morning only when it's not 100 degrees yet. :P Oh and eat regularly! Small meals but like 6-7 times a day. That helped too, I think our sugars jump after our hormones and cause us to feel dizzy etc. As we are into all these raging hormones, all we can do is keep our bodies in state of balance as much as possible, not too much of anything, good or bad. I still get moments of quick panic flashes but they go away as quickly as they come. Distracting yourself works well, even if it is just going to kitchen to get a drink. And hey, I started going to gym again. :) I couldn't even reach the basketball net but's a start. :) I hope you start feeling better!

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my dear friend who is just starting the menopause carousel called in complete panic. I did my absolute best to reassure here that these episodes do not mean she's crazy or dying, Oh, how I wished I've had somebody to talk about these feelings/sensations. I suffered thru most of them pretty much alone. When I started reading sites where other women described similar stuff, I started calming down. I was not alone!

But I keep thinking--what did our mothers do when they experienced this stage of life? there were no online sites, it was not lady-like to talk about it, or you were relegated to the looney bin. How horrible it must have been.

One of the things that helped me was to get a middle aged female doctor. When I spoke to her of my experiences, she did seem to undertand. Perhaps she was going thru similar???I realize that these professionals are disappearing thru retirement, but do try to find one. Avoid the Doc that calls you special, or suggests the "walk it off" therapy. Run as fast as you can from them.

I have noticed that the more I learned to RELAX about it (after getting a thorough ckup to rule out all the horrible illnesses conjured in my troubled head) I made progress. that my dear friend is entering this dark stage, I am committed to reassuring her and stressing the need to relax and control worrying. I know, I know, its hard to do but little steps, baby, little steps.

For example, I completely stopped watching medical shows on Tv. They could be talking about penile inadequacies, and SOMEHOW, I could relate to those symptons, LOL, Quite crazy, huh? Stopped watching, and it helped towards reducing stress level.

Also, I used to be a horror film junkie. Just loved them. But in the last 10 years they kept me on edge. No, it's not that I was sure that the Snake on a Plane was lurking in my gardens, ready to attack me. It was just that it made me jumpy, defensive, impatient. I quit the horror movies, and I became better equipped to deal with the real aggravations of life. Seems like such a stupid, trivial thing, but it helped. In tiny steps, I keep feeling empowered to separate what I call manufactured worry from legitimate worry. And it is an ongoing effort.

Best wishes to all of you, I know first-hand these sensations/experiences are not a barrel of monkeys.

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I too have been having these feelings! I am 46 and they just started a few weeks ago. I also get this nausea feeling. I tend to get them when I am in a store. It is freakng me out because I am afraid it is an anxiety attack . Of course my general doctor can't find anything wrong. I am going to my GYN this week, so I hope he helps!

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While searching on the web, I found this forum. Wonder how the people who posted earlier are doing? I too have the sensitivity to lights..esp, white lights, feel carsick when I am not in a car, flashes, am 52. Close to menopause..neurologist said they are migraines and tried to put me on meds...although I do not get headaches, just the head nausea, sensitivity to lights, noise. Sorry everyone is feeling this but glad to see that I am not alone. Any updates?

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Hi Michelea, I am happy to report progress to feeling better than I did in many years prior. I am not exactly sure what tipped the scale but I was persistant in several things: I kept taking multivitamin supplement for menopause ( I am 47 and not officially there yet but hey I was too unwell to wait for my doctors to figure it out), Probiotic capsules, Activia Immunity, L-glutamate capsules (just 2 a day, especially when feeling very weak). Ocassional Echinacea for immunity and lots of fresh fruit and water. I kind of listened to my body, if I felt hungry I would eat but small meals (somehow that really helped). I am still going to gym and swim when I feel up to it but the main thing is, I am not pushing myself too much. Something seems to have worked because my anxiety level is down, my issues and symptoms (described earlier) have diminished. I still get a twinge of nervousness sometimes and upset stomach even but comparing to previous issues, what an improvement! My blood work came up almost completely normal with minor anemia. I still get dizzy sometimes but not as bad as before. I couldn't be happier :). I just hope it lasts :D

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am perimenopausal at 50. I have that same feeling. Its like, for me, a sense of diconnectedness, like im here but not here. I am not currently taking any hormones, but i am thinking about starting Bio Identicals for almost nonexistant progesterone. Anyone ever take that? BioIdenticals?
Thank you for your post. I really do believe sometimes that i belong in the loony bin! LOL

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I just happened to bump into this page and I cant believe that so many of you are experiencing what Im feeling.

I've been having this weird head for 2 months.
Initially , the 1st week was foggy brain and occasional spin in the head,, like I could be doing somethg, and suddenly I get a spin in my head (I dun see outside spinning),, for abt 2 secs and it would always make me very nervous.
it happened abt 3 times the 1st week.

2nd week, foggy brain gone, I could concentrate better, think better, reason better,, but a new symptom came,, HEAVY HEAD!!!

Sometimes the heaviness is at the back of my head, either on the right. left or on top of head,, some times heaviness could spread to my face, bridge of nose, and felt my entire head numb,, and at the same time, the OFF feelings that accompanies it is HORRIBLE, I would feel like falling over, and think im gonna pass out/faint anytime, but I don't,, just a horrible feeling. The feeling is like as if the heavy head pulls me to one direction, and when I walk, I feel like im tilting one side, though I look normal to others.
and many times bcos of tat, I feel a panic attack coming.
It has reached a stage where I even wake up anxious.
Though I must say anxiety comes after this,, not the other way round.

during the 2-4 weeks I beared with it and when it din disappear, I went to see the 1st GP, who write it off as stress/anxiety.
5 th week,, I went to see another GP,, who saw my inner nose red, my ears had fluid, and bcos I said I had v scant mucus, which was a little green, she said I hd a sinus infection,, was on antibiotics for 2 courses,, within 2 weeks.

was given other meds like decongestant, dizzy pills etc,, though I felt better, but I was still not good.

eventually , I stopped the meds, cos taking it or not makes no difference.
I was having loose stools since this condition started 2 months back.

Just yesterday, went to see TCM (traditional Chinese meds) instead.
The physician told me, I have a dampness condition,n digestives, intestines not very good.
Heavy head is related to a dampness nature in the body.
Like what someone here said abt water retention.

She gave me 1 weeks herbs and said I should feel much better after my period this week.

So we'll see, n will keep you posted!

Im 43.

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I found my "head pressure" is related to gluten. I gave up gluten awhile ago and after two months fully gluten free it completely cleared, along with all menstrual woes - endo, heavy periods, painful ovulation. I had gluten (accidently and very little) two weeks ago and had that sensation for 3-4 days after. I just sent this link to my friend today. I'll post it as it is an interesting read.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi, just thought i would add my experience here, i am not sure if i have posted on this thread before but just wanted to say that i too get this sensation, i am 49 now and have not had a period 2.5 years, i still occasionally get the strange head sensation where i feel like i am walking like a crab lol, feel like i am toppling to side , my GP said this is all part of peri and post menopause its just not one of the common mentioned symptoms, i do believe that exercising daily even if it is a walk is good to keep this feeling less, anyway i hope all you ladies are feeling better and i am praying the feeling is less as the years go by , God Bless xx

Just wanted to add that my new doctor isn't keen on the fact this symptom is to do with menopause .I know it is though

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I've just had this feeling today. Felt like I was falling over to the left but I wasn't moving. My husband was right next to me. But I'm only 18. Any helpful comments please?

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Please see your doctor.

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dessydoom18, it could be a case of a simple vertigo so I would not worry about it unless it happenbs again on a daily basis or more often. Our hormones also play a game on us every now and then, especially after 40's. I am happy to report the majority of my previous symptoms has eased up and are kept under control. It still happens from time to time but it's not nearly as debilitating as it was. I am trying to lose more weight, eat healthy, lots of veggies, fruit and fiber, plus I am listening much more to my body now and I don't overexert myself if I start feeling weird. Still on BCP, probiotics, fish oil and daily multivitamin. I really hope this helps! :)

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I am 52 and I haven't have my period in 19 months and reading all this messages , I felt better since I thought I was the only one feeling all this symptoms.
Menopause is Horrific!
Dizzy spells, hot flashes, sweating the bed ,confusion, headaches ( never had before) ear pains, forehead pain, sorry , I jus had a severe dizzy spell followed by a hot flash........ Anyway this is all the time everyday.15 times a day?
Also my head feels weird, a feeling of passing out or that I am going to die ( it lasts seconds) ,can't sleep at night, my blood pressure is 140-80, sometimes 120-90 ,it moves up and a bit down.
I am so tired of this and I wish menopause symptoms will diminish soon.
Girls you are not alone.
Any tips?

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I am 52 and I haven't have my period in 19 months and reading all this messages , I felt better since I thought I was the only one feeling all this symptoms.
Menopause is Horrific!
Dizzy spells, hot flashes, sweating the bed ,confusion, headaches ( never had before) ear pains, forehead pain, sorry , I jus had a severe dizzy spell followed by a hot flash........ Anyway this is all the time everyday.15 times a day?
Also my head feels weird, a feeling of passing out or that I am going to die ( it lasts seconds) ,can't sleep at night, my blood pressure is 140-80, sometimes 120-90 ,it moves up and a bit down.
I am so tired of this and I wish menopause symptoms will diminish soon.
Girls you are not alone.
Any tips?

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Im 36 and Im going thru the same thing but more..What is it? I've seened many DR's and nuerologist but they dont know..

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Yeah eder, it sure sounds like you're getting there. I am getting better slowly but surely, I've lost 30 Lb, got stronger and can do hard chores now! My periods are steady and controlled by BCP, but iron is always low. I guess that was my price to pay, it could have been worse! I still get dizzy spells and out-of-focus vision from time to time, I just know something is off and I pick up my healthy regime (plenty of water, veggies, fruit and milk), multivitamin with iron and probiotic first thing in the morning and voila, I'm back into shape. You wouldn't believe how true it is when they say the health of your gut affects everything else. Once I fixed my tummy issues, everything else seem to have clicked in.
Angel, it could be a lot of things as you can tell from all the posts. :) You are too young for menopause but it's possible you're under some heavy stress, and that can totally mess up your hormonal balance. If you are, it's time to stop stressing, if you can't change it, move on. :) It's so not worth it. I hope you feel better!

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I am 53 and in perimenopause. I had my first experience with this AWFUL thing about 2 months ago and again, a milder attack yesterday. The first time I took myself to the ER - despite having a $10,000 deductible on my health insurance - because of how serious it felt. They took my blood pressure when I arrived (140/90 - usually it's 90/60) but for the next five hours could not attend to me bc of another "emergency". I thought I was having a stroke or something really significant, but they just had me sit there. The feeling in the head and in my body subsided gradually, so by the time I saw the doc and had bloodwork done, I was almost back to normal. Bloodwork/electrolytes were textbook-perfect. I was taking Wellbutrin (300 mg) at that time, and a doctor friend of mine suggested this "transient neuro-sensory disorder" could be related to the meds plus stress plus menopause plus alcohol (I did have a few drinks night before). Have stopped the Wellbutrin as of a month ago, just to be sure, but it hit again yesterday. I own a business and both times it's happened while seeing clients. Very very debilitating. Someone posted "... feels is it's like my brain is tight and shivering (not cold), but shivering and misfiring, like a light bulb getting ready to burn out" -- this is a really close description to what I feel. Definitely a spatial disorientation - like the right side of my head is extended upward and outward, with this pressure feeling against the inside of my right eye area. Sweaty palms/feet, dilated pupils, a bit of cognitive impairment (had trouble spelling a word) and some difficulty typing. Balance does feel off in a way overall but hard to describe. No pain but horrible sensation that my brain is going to explode if I move my head too much. I think I'm going to resume daily vitamins with iron (I haven't eaten any meat in many years, but my iron is usually fine when I go give blood), and try some other supplements; maybe go for a nutritional consult. I am so grateful to have found this forum but on the other hand it is evident that this is hard/impossible to diagnosis and I will NOT spend money on a zillion tests...just hope that it is not going to happen often or last long...for those who experience this chronically, I offer my heartfelt hopes for relief and recovery. Any other resources online that talk about this or offer some good ideas? Please let me know.

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Hi Ladies, I posted back in 2011 and I'm sorry to say nothing has changed except for the last month each time I lay down, be it in bed or in the bath, my head starts spinning like I'm in a washing machine. Just come back from the doctors and he says it sounds like an inner ear infection and gave me some pills (Prochlorperazine), probably won't work but I will give it a go and get back to you if it helps at all. He also said that as you get older some people develope vertigo, oh well, it can't get much worse surely.
P.S I keep mentioning this site to every medical person I see and speak to but none of them seem interested.
I keep checking this site to see if by some miracle someone has found the magic cure but it looks like we are all still in the dark.
Good Luck Ladies.

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I have been having this weird head swimming feeling off and on for years as well. Recently, it seems to be more frequent, I'm about 3-4 years post menopausal. It really doesn't seem to have a pattern or a trigger. I can be standing talking to someone, or sitting, and I suddenly get this wave go through my head and I am prepared to try to catch myself from falling. It does seem like it could be a pre-fainting feel but I've never done that. I don't seem to black out or fall but everything seems to swim around a few seconds then it subsides. It freaks me out a little. I am afraid of strokes. My mother had these issues but she had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I have neither. I've mentioned it in the past to my doc but nothing serious ever came up. All blood work was okay. It still doesn't keep me from being scared of it. I plan on mentioning it to her again and see if this could be menopause related. I guess misery loves company because I feel a little better knowing that this seems to be somewhat common. Not that I wish this on anyone.
Thanks for sharing everyone!

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I am 49 years old and still have regular periods (but major hot flashes). About 14 months ago I had a strange episode while standing in front of my boss's desk at work. I had a brief but intense feeling of falling, followed by anxiety. The next day I woke up with a tingling feeling in my hands and mid-day had a more intense episode of falling and not being able to lift my head off my desk. I went to the emergency room and they released me and treated me for vertigo. After many tests with the ENT specialist and nothing conclusive, he presrcibed a daily low-dose of Klonopin. I still take .25 mg once a day with an occassional second .25 mg dose as needed. This has been a god-send to me. I feel like Klonopin saved my lift. My family doctor also tried to prescribe antidepressents, but I'm not depressed and they only made me extremely tired. I did try to wean off Klonopin a few months ago and after 4 days I was flat on my back again with the woo woo head feeling. It is still there every day when I wake up, but I feel like I can get through the day with Klonopin.

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Hi ladies, sorry to hear of your troubles, it will get better though. One thing I am sure of, it's never the same. We all have periods of more or less severe symptoms, and I still believe they are firmly rooted into our hormone changes. The most important thing is not to panic; half of those symptoms are anxiety induced, if needed, hop on the benzodiazepines or valium, whichever your Doc prescribes. I had to change the way of life to start experiencing some improvement, and I have to say, it is way better than it was. Sure, I still have some dizziness, weird "swimming" feeling, and occasional anxiety. Some of us are just very sensitive to changes and we notice it immediately. Good lifestyle, plenty of fruits and veggies, water and vitamins+ iron, and it should get better. It might take some time so don't get discouraged! Just remember there is a lot of us with the same issues. Hugs.

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Hi, its been a while since i posted here, i am now post menopause for 4 years still have these head issues . Been to the doctors had thyroid test came back clear blood pressure a little high nothing to worry about , no low blood pressure no sugar ,this is good to know :)

But i still freak out at the imbalance and what i call buzzy head , had this on and off for over a month i will be in the kitchen cooking and when i turn to go to the other side of the kitchen my head feels dizzy but not spinning its more on the top of my head which i describe as buzzy . I hate it and still panic . I hope this goes away soon as i have a life to live . Hope you girls are all well God Bless

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Is anyone's brainfog and headsymptoms getting worse-i can hardly converse at all due to there being nothing in my head and can't find the words?

Here is a link that might be useful: worsening symptoms

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Hey Jan, you might be having different issue, I recommend you see your PCP ASAP! I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!

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Wow, I am so glad to have found this board. I am hoping some of you are still active on this board because I really need advice. As soon as I plugged in "foggy head", this board popped up and I've been reading through it (as best I can) for the past hour. I am 43 and I truly feel that either I'm going crazy, or I am entering menopause. My mother was early, as was her mother so its not entirely impossible. I have that heavy head, foggy/buzzy feeling off and on for a while now. Today is especially bad. I get utterly exhausted to the point where my eyes feel heavy and full. I have not been feeling myself for about 2 yrs now, but now its worse than ever. Ironically, I also suffer from anxiety and that's also gotten worse and worse. Some of the replies I have read have fit me to a "T" and I am grateful not to feel so alone. I also have a tight/pressure feeling in my neck and to follow-up with yet another doctor, I'm going to see an endocrinologist this Friday as I have a strong family history of thyroid cancer, nodules and goiters. My recent thyroid sonogram did show it was enlarged and perhaps this is the reason for my neck issue. The head feeling has got to go away because I am finding it more and more difficult to function on a daily basis. Before I continue, I will wait for anyone's response and thank you all for sharing your stories because it is helpful to know this could be a normal thing.

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I hope someone can relate to my symptoms, I am okay while sitting but if i am in the kitchen or supermarket looking at things in the isles you know when you move your head from side to side or up to look at things on shelves ?, well my head gets dizzy on top but i don't get spinning at all it is a dizzy feeling i don't lose my balance at all i just know it feels strange and scary. I went through menopause four years ago (meaning 4 years without periods) i started peri aged 36 i am now 50 . I have been to the doctors and had blood test to check my thyroid , had blood pressure checked sitting standing , been checked for vertigo , followed the pen while keeping head still doctor looked into my eyes and all was fine . But still i am getting this dizziness on top of my head when doing ccertain things as described above. I wonder if it could be stress related as i suffer from anxiety and stress very severley . Please has anyone experienced what i am experiencing i want to feel normal and to not feel alone in this not that i wish it on any one

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Hi Kaya, it is very possible that is stress related, since I had (have) similar experience. Some of us develop very weird symptoms that cannot be medically explained except we become supersensitive to certain triggers. In some, it's food, others develop sensitivity to smells, changes in weather or even bowel movement. Anything that can affect our Vagus nerve (that controls like everything) produces all kinds of bodily responses. I hope you are keeping your anxiety and panic under control, if not, see a PCP to prescribe you something for emergency, and keep it in your pocket wherever you go. If anxiety strikes, just think of it as something that will not kill you or harm you, it will pass, and last resort you have the pills. It will help you feel safer. And don't worry, you will be fine. :) Sure, you will need to learn to cope with those symptoms, but they won't last forever. There will be periods when you do, but since you had your check up and they said everything is fine, you can relax now and try to enjoy things you like. Get busy for the Holidays but without stressing! Just take things easy and enjoy life. Wish you all the best!

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Hello to everyone thats posted here - this is my first time posting but I have read the entire thread after googling weird head !!
I am post meno by 2 years and have been having episodes of spaciness , floaty , dizzy heads for a number of years but not as bad as it is now . Feels as though I'm looking at the world through someone else's eyes , but at the same time I know that they are mine !! Yep a pretty crazy feeling and also very scary .
We all sound so similar in our experiences that its kind of comforting in the best possible way , because I know we`d all rather not feel like this . I wake up in the morning and often cant connect with reality and get anxious about this - every day is a struggle . Weird head stuff - pains that move around , tightness , adrenaline rushes , sinus pain & congestion, ear fullness , eyes often look very tired and irritated, tight chest - so much I can`t even remember now !.
I do however have Pernicious anaemia (b12D), ME & Fibromyalgia - and all these symptoms have become very much worse since going through the menopause .
Quite a few of you , well lots actually have symptoms of a b12 deficiency - confusion , dizziness , brain fog , spacey feelings , pins and needles , coldness , memory problems , hot etc flashes, exhaustion, etc . However these symptoms are also menopausal symptoms too , I was diagnosed with PA 18 months ago after really feeling like I was dying - seriously !! I'm in the UK , my level was 96 - that's severely deficient although my GP still didn't want to know ! I now self inject every day because I have absorption issues , and need it that often to stay stable , again GP doesn't understand much at all about PA . Why I'm saying this is that its worth getting B12 levels checked , it wont hurt and b12 jabs or supplements may help some of your symptoms , its also good for low mood and depression . If you are at the lower end of the scale , its worth considering b12 supplements for sure as B12 levels are inclined to drop with hormonal changes . Also include folic acid , potassium and a good b complex to maximise the efficiency of the b12 .
I also have neck and nerve damage from a recent car accident - I think someone else mentioned the vagus nerve ?? Well this can also cause many of the jittery anxious , spacey feelings experienced if its damaged , as well as problems with co-ordination and feeling like you are going to faint or fall . I also get the pressure feelings in the back of my head -sometimes its from doing something strenuous like cleaning , other times it just happens and I get headachey , cold and exhausted .
I haven't really suffered badly with hot flushes at all , had a few but nothing I couldn't cope with . At the moment I would welcome them because when they come I actually feel a surge of well-being and a feeling of clarity and clear thinking again . I have an energy surge and can get things done . Other times I get cold flashes and I absolutely hate these ... I feel really bad with them and cant warm up , cant think or function at all and I honestly feel like I'm going mad !! I'm also coeliac and have a gluten free diet , so I know its not that - everything points to part menopausal , part other auto immune issues - its so confusing and I cant separate them sometimes - they are just intensified !
Another thing Id like to mention is that its worth looking into adrenal fatigue and getting your cortisol levels checked - adrenal function can also be affected badly by the menopause and may account for the adrenaline rushes / head rushes if there's impaired function in this area . I suppose I'm lucky , living in the UK my GP can request this to be checked quite easily ! My cortisol is lower than it should be , so I supplement with herbal remedies supplied by my herbalist - a typical symptom of this is a salt craving amongst others !! Again worth thinking about and very common if you have a b12 deficiency also . Thyroid has already been mentioned , again common for it to go haywire during menopause and fluctuate between hyper and hypo-thyroid - mother nature certainly didn't make this easy for us did she !!
I continue to struggle day to day with this feeling of unreality or de-realisation , I hate it so much as it affects mostly everything I do . I try not to give the feeling the time of day whenever I can as it feeds on our fear of the feeling and ultimately causes anxiety - its a vicious circle for sure and its not easy to ignore I agree so I try and distract & ground myself whenever I feel it coming - a little mantra helps ... maybe a reassurance that this will pass and living one day at a time will help as it does me . Thanks for reading my lengthy ramblings - hoping some of this helps others just as reading this thread has helped me not feel so alone . Good luck with feeling good again soon !!

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Hi everyone Happy new year to you all xx
Just thought i would update on the fuzzy head issues, Well it still happens i went to the doctor Tuesday, she is lovely and really helped me feel better although she still insists this isn't anything to do with menopause, but i disagree with her. I'm nearly in my 5th year post menopause and 51 in September so i have come a long way since aged 36 when it all started :(

Had blood pressure taken again lying then standing both perfect ,tested my eyes ears .

She also did tests to rule out brain tumor because lets face it when something is happening in the head it does make you think all sorts of things, but all okay my balance is fine , so she just thinks its stress and anxiety and boy have i had my share of stress and anxiety.

Anyway she prescribed an anti depressant but i am too scared to take them as i have a phobia to medications after suffering severe side effects back in 1997 .

What to do then ? carry on regardless and pray it goes on its own .

On the plus side i had a lump just appear on my left index finger beginning of December, this morning it was there but when i looked at 6 this evening it has completely gone , well i do believe in the power of prayer i know faith isn't for everyone, but i am trusting Jesus to heal me completely , thank you all who have replied you have been a rock to me and you are all so very kind , we need each other in times like this and just knowing we aren't some kind of nut job helps lol

xxxx Kaya

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I am 7 years post and I have had this weird head feeling for most of these years. It came on with a medication reaction and blood pressure surge. I costed fine for many years and then this past summer anxiety took hold of me and won't let go. I'm in therapy now and it sort of helps. I really don't want to take medication. I want to heal on my own.
The weird head feeling is what I call being wobbly. I feel off, I look through my eyes and it's not the same as it always was. I worry too much. I think too much. I wish I could just live life like I once did.

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@tela, i know what you mean i don't like medication and i just got prescribed some for my doctor but haven't taken it as the side effects cause anxiety and panic, i have enough of that thank you very much. I want to get better by myself i think medication does work but who wants those side effects.

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i believe anxiety is the most terrifing illiusion there is i use to be one of the best atheletes in the tri state area but anxiety ruined my career cause i let it you can beat it its scary and i still have symptoms but they fade you have to beat it it caan and will ruin you if you let it i won't its very scary but you can conquer it you won't die from it if it was gonna kill you it would've by now its mind over matter pure willpower can you beat the scariest illusion its your choice you can let it rule your life or stand up and tell it no this is my life you won't control it.

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of course its under control now i am engaged to be married my life is back on track you can do the same have faith in yourself and you can overcome anything

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Hi again ladies,I thought I would come back and give you all my latest info.

I was referred to The National Hospital for Neurology and the lady I saw did loads of tests and they have now said the real bad feeling of being inside a washing machine is caused by my apparent underlining ear problem. She did a manoeuvre called the Eply Manoeuvre and those severe bouts of spinning have now stopped.

She has said that these bouts were bought on by an underlining problem which can be caused by things such as a bad cold of flu episode or like in my case, when I was knocked off my motorbike and although I didn't think it hit that hard, it was enough just to give me a headache for a couple of days and is probably the cause of my unbalance.

I am being given exercises to retrain by brain as far as the balance goes and I have found on Google a piece on Labyrinthitis which after reading was amazed to find that all of my symptoms seem to relate to this, even as far as the sweats and apparently my head feelings and the trouble I am having with my memory and concentration as my brain is focusing solely on trying to keep me balanced it basically can't cope with anything else.

I'm going back in July to see doctor and will post after this to let you know if this has helped.

Speak soon.

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