Bloodwork indicates menopause, but...

cheerful1_gwAugust 16, 2005

I'm still getting my periods. My doctor's office just called, and the FSH and LH levels are consistent with menopause. I have to go for a sonogram to check the lining of my uterus. I'm 50 years old, and very confused right now. Has anyone gone through this situation? My doctor should be calling me tomorrow with more clarification.

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Hi cheerful,
I don't think we can count on everybody being the same at this time of their lives, or the labs meaning the same in everyone. You could be going through menopause, but because you might not have the right combo of estrogen and progesterone, your uterine lining might be too thick.......and not always sloughing completely. Are your periods still regular?
I think you might have one level of FSH, and I might have an even lower one, but maybe I wouldn't have periods, and you would. I think everyone is soooo different in this respect. But, I'm glad they're going to check your uterine lining, in case it's too thick.
I think it's common sometimes for women, during their passage through menopause, to get thick linings. If you constantly have a thick lining that doesn't slough can develop cancer that way. So I'm glad you're going to have the ultrasound. Good luck! And I wouldn't worry about still having periods if your lining is within normal limits. If you were 60, I'd be more concerned. Let us know what they find.

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Catherine, my periods have been every 4 weeks, give or take a few days. My doctor wants me to get a trans-vaginal sonogram, where my lining will be checked. If it's thin, then it's ok. If it's thick, I will need a biopsy. On top of that, the results of my mammogram show a density that may be just cysts, but I need a sonogram for that, too! Has not been my week! I appreciate your input; I know you've had a hard time as well.

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Hi Cheerful,
Good luck with your tests. I'm you bleed a normal amount for you? I'm not sure why the doctor is worried about your lining, if your periods are reasonable. Did you stop having periods, then start up again? I imagine lots of women continue to have periods up into their 50's.

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They were every 4 weeks until last year, then they were every 3 weeks for 3 cycles, then 4 weeks, then a 6-week cycle, then back to 4. I started at age 11, and do not have children.

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Catherine: I had a 3-week cycle this time, but the flow was very light (one tampon a day was enough - unusual for me). A week later, I felt like I was ovulating.

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I am 43, after 3 different sets of bloodwork all showing that I am in menopause. Last year I would have a period twice a month. Then I started skipping a month, then skipped 3 months. Back to one a month (last month and this month). I am misrable with itching and burning. Went to Dr. today and she said that I should not be having periods at all. She wants me to start BeYaz (a birth control) for the estrogen. She suggested clobetasol cream for the itching. and wants me to come back in 2 weeks for a v-ultrasound. She is adament that I need a biopsy and to consider a hysterectomy. I am horrified!! Help

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