HRT; How long until I feel some relief?

kim0201August 20, 2006

I've been diagnosed as having hit menopause & of course I'm experiencing most of the symptoms. After almost a year of these symptoms, I finally asked my doctor to prescribe an HRT for me. He prescribed Activelle & I've been taking it about a week. Any idea how long until I might begin to feel some relief from menopause symptoms? Certainly hope this one works for me. I've heard friends talk about having to try several before finding an HRT which worked for them. Thank you.

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I always thought 2 months was about right. I know that probably depresses you. But hormones are powerful things that make big changes, and it takes your body about 2 months to incorporate the hormones. You'll probably feel some changes before then, but good or bad, you should give it a 2 months run before deciding for sure.

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I had the same problem,and I want to a health store and had a good talk we the person in chager.She said there were a few things that will help you so I tied the produit she told me to and it worked for me,and I also went to an acuponter.It took a few times and now my hot flashes are all most gone.So the only thing I can say is "give it a try it can't hurt you"

Good luck

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Thanks catherinet & moumine_2006:

I've waited this long for some relief; a few more weeks won't be bad. I was lucky to get about 50 days worth from the Dr in free samples so by that time I should know if this HRT is right for me. Wondering if I might experience more energy; I'm hopeful. I don't know if it's so much that menopause is zapping my energy, but possibly not sleeping well thru the night is the culprit. At any rate, I'm about 10 days into it and I'll remain hopeful. Thanks again for the advice.

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