Tummy Bulge and more!

feelintheheatAugust 1, 2007

Hello all! I'm 47 definately going through the change and thought I'd tell you about my recent doctors appointment conerning MY bulging tummy! I'm having an ultrasound scheduled shortly because the bulge is directly under my boobs, mainly feeling pressure under my right breast. Looking at my profile in a mirror I look about 7 months pregnant because it's so high...no I'm not pregnant! I have a 21 year old daughter and 18 year old twin boys...that's it thank you! It's liver or gallbladder related I'm told. When the Estrogen disapears the liver is overworked, not a huge problem but an ultrasound will tell if it's more serious, gallstones for example. Also did you know that many women are misdiagnosed for menopause symptoms when it's Thydroid symptoms (Hypothyroidism) they're experiencing? Good idea to have that checked out. Black cohosh is toxic to the liver so please if you're in Menopause check with your doctor before taking! Can you tell I'm a nurse? Here's something I read on another site that was interesting! Believe it or not your fat cells are your menopausal helpers! They have the amazing capability of observing the first signs of declining estrogen levels so they activate more fat storage enzymes and increase their size so they will be able to produce estrogen. The bigger they become, the more they will be able to produce estrogen.

Studies have shown women with the largest fat cells produce 40% more estrogen than those with smaller fat cells. Your abdominal fat cells are more conducive to producing estrogen. These fat cells surround the liver and adrenal glands which lend a helping hand to produce estrogen.

The adrenal glands produce a form of testosterone, the liver produces the enzyme to convert the testosterone to estrogen and the fat cells surrounding the liver and adrenal glands promote the laboratory to get the job done. The result is more estrogen...expanding waistline! The docter suggests it's a good Idea to fast once in a 7 day period and no fried foods or anything that would additionally over work my over worked liver. After all this I'm still very excited about my new found freedom from menstral complaints..hated my periods! No more planning vacations around my period..no more asking family to check out my butt getting out of the car for little (accidents). I'd gladly except a bulge in my tummy and be proud of it! Not to say I'll do everything in my power to get rid of it of course! Good luck ladies and enjoy your journey!

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Feelin -- thank you, thank you. I think too many of us beat ourselves up because we don't look 20 years old anymore. Just the other day I finally said, I'm going to wear this t-shirt that hugs my hips because I like it, darn, and to heck with trying to look like I'm not 65! Who am I kidding!? So, I have a little pot belly. It doesn't make me a bad person, and now I have another reason to not hate my curves. Thanks for the education.

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