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passport4vickiAugust 11, 2006


I just got confirmation (FSA Blood Test) that I am in menopause. I was not expecting it yet, I am 46.5 years and my sister is 2 years older; still no symptoms for her.

When my doctor called with the results he said he could put me on hormones. I would like to read about natural alternatives and try watching my diet first. I want to know what to expect. What should my husband expect?

When I first had things going different for me, I was worried I might have ovarian cancer or cysts or something else wrong. (The ultrasound was fine.) How does one know what symptoms of menopause are normal and when one should be concerned?

Again, any book suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi Vicki,
Everyone has different experiences. What one person has, the next may not. One of my sisters went through it at the age of 42. So you never know. You may not experience the things that others do. I've heard people say that they never felt any differently when going through the change. (somehow that's hard for me to believe) :)

Do alot of research on line. There were so many things that were unusual for me that I knew it was the hormones. Keep in mind that the hormonal imbalance affects alot of things. I just kept reading and doing searches for my symptoms.

Read my response to the peri-menopause query.


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