Vaginal Bleeding with Prempro

pricklypearsatxAugust 21, 2010

Was on Prempro .625/2.5 for a year, and it helped my hot flashes tremendously.

Downside: I had vaginal bleeding

Had all the tests and a uterine biopsy. Everything is normal. My FSH shows I'm post menopausal.

GYN says the bleeding is from the HRT.

I looked this problem up online and the bleeding seems to be related to the progesterone...

There are different doses for Prempro with different ratios of estrogen/progesterone too

There is a .625/.5 (Higher progesterone)

and .4/1.5 (Lower estrogen/Lower progesterone)

Does anyone have experience are insight regarding vaginal bleeding and HRT?

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Dear Pricklypearsatx,
I have been on the same dosage of prempro for 2 months now, currently on day 10 of pack 3. My experience is that I basically bleed from the 2nd week through the 3rd week for 1 total of 10-14 days of the 28day packet. So in summary, i have the 1st and last week with no bleeding and the 2 weeks inbetween with heavy bleeding. My GYN had said to expect some "spotting or retutn of my period" but what I am having is more than a period both in trems of lenght and quantity.
I compalined and he said I either discontinue cold turkey, then go on prozac or wait to see if anything stabilises or changes after the 3rd month. I too have had my hot flashes/sweats go away but not the internal tremor, funny head feeling, anxiety, stiff neck, burning tongue....., get the idea.
I currently seeking alternative therapy, pls share success or otherwise you get as they occur. Good luck

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Mine started out as spotting if I forgot my pill. Then gradually over a year, it turned into menstrual like and eventually I was bleeding more often than not.

I had no idea that burning tongue was part of menopause. I've been struggling big time with that. Glad I'm not alone.

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Yes, menopause is one of the causes of burning tongue. I haven't missed a pill so far yet am bleeding buckets so I cant imagine what will happen If I do.
I am 44 yrs old, started periods at age 9 and I heard Meno hits harder if one is younger.
So what are you on now or have you weaned off all medications?

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