help me 'get rid of the crazies'

pipaleeAugust 23, 2010

I am new to this site and also "new" to the beginning stages of PERIMENOPAUSE. 2-3 times a month I feel as if I am going nuts, I hate people, VERY moody, mean, and just not my normal self. I still get my period but it's been only last 2 days and not as often. Hot flashes sometimes, I can live with them, but I can't stand being so emotional, & crazy. HELP...I am going to see my Doctor soon, but I am not sure I'll get the help I need. I have read a little bit about this phase in my life, and as I can figure out it the dropping of hormone levels that cause the crazy emotions and hatefulness. I get these feeling 5-3 days before my period, & when I should be ovulating.

Is this common, and what is everyone out there doing to get RID OF THE CRAZIES?

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IÂm not so sure I can help but I sure extend my sympathy! A crazy woman took over and I went from an understanding calm person to a wild and ranting lunatic. Thankfully that faze has subsided but now I find that it really hard to make small talk with people.
I have just started to skip the odd cycle and other than the moods I am doing ok. Just prior to the change in my cycle I had a month or so of hot flashes but they have not returned.

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Amen to that! I wish I knew what would make it go away. Why didn't anyone tell us it was this bad? I feel like I have some sort of amplified PMS from ovulation on to period and now NO period so just horrible PMS every day of my life! We didn't realize the world was filled with crazy ladies like this and now we are the crazy ladies. I am attempting many things to fight back but so far no results so I will have to wait and see if anything helps. Good luck with your crazies and please keep us posted if you find any relief!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bayugrl Blog

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My mother was put on hormones just like the majority of women going thru menopause. After the health scare she was taken off and now she is going thru menopause. Other women I have talked to same thing.
All thought the hormones were to help get thru this phase of life but all it does is postpone it if you take hormones for a long time. Wouldn't you think the medical world would know this???????
Exercise, meditation, and chamomile tea help some. Not listening to the neighbors dogs bark all day and night helps a lot.
Hope your doc visit provides relief.

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October has started a very busy season with lots of social interaction. I was getting very stressed. I started the day with chamomile tea didn't help so I decide to try 5thp. I read about the interacts with other drugs and I only take antihistamines (which I stopped immediately. After about 1 hour I started feeling much better. The party (which we hosted) went well, and I was tired of course, but not stressed out. I am going to continue with this for a month and see. These can be found at the drug store OC.

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I thought I was going crazy too, I started to really Hate my husband too! I am 45 and peri menopausal. My mother went through it early too. I often feel like I just want to be on my own and i have so little patience. I exercise every day now and I do find that helps.

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