Bead Board all around?

pupwhippedJanuary 24, 2008

Anyone have a room, like a bedroom, that has floor to ceiling bead board all around through the room? If so, would you post a picture, please? Or, on the other hand, is bead board used mostly below chair rail level? Thanks for any thoughts.

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I'm sorry I don't have any pics, but my old house had painted bead board in both bedrooms, floor to ceiling, because the walls were just so bad. It was used in the pantry of the kitchen too, painted a light cream color. I think it imparts a cottagey look, if that's what your going for.

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We're having beadboard installed this week in our guest bedroom - floor to ceiling. As soon as they're done trimming and painting, and I move everything back in, I'll post a picture. They're putting in the wide base trim I love so much too.

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We have bead board in our new 4-season porch. I love it!
I would post a picture but I can't figure out how to do that. HELP!

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We have bead board in our 4-season sunroom, floor to ceiling. It's a room we'll be in a lot during the hot summer months, so I wanted it to feel light and fresh.

My painter actually has it in his home,floor to ceiling and on the ceiling, as well, in some rooms. His house was featured in Better Homes & Gardens a couple summers ago. It's a year-round-home with a cottage feel. Just lovely!

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Our summer cottage had it until FIL had it deleaded a few years ago - it was really cute. Gave a very casual, friendly feel.


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On our back porch. (now backporch, kitchen eating area and bathroom) It was originally wall to wall, floor to ceiling and included the ceiling; all original fir boards, none of that panel stuff.

The walls of the kitchen portion are currently covered with some strange black glue from tileboard put up over 60 years ago when the original owners modernized and added a bathroom. The ceiling, which had been sheet rocked over back in the late 80"s, had traces of old 1943 newspapers glued on.

The portion that we have remodelled for the bathroom had 4X8 sheets of plywood nailed up where someone had at one time cut out the walls for a screen porch. There was also a window to the back bedroom that we removed, and replaced with a large sheet of plywood, as quite a bit of the beadboard on either side was beyond repair from a long ago leak leak. Tomorrow, when there's daylight, I'll post a picture of the bathroom so you can see the ceiling, but here's the roughed in version. We'd just moved the bathtub in; it was from my Grandma's old house, and had been sitting outside for about fifteen years until we bought our own home, so it still looks a little *too* rustic.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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littledog, it's got that very desirable, vintage 'patina' you just can't reproduce artificially! ; )

pupwhipped, I think floor to ceiling beadboard would look really great. I think I'd like that even more that the half beadboarding you typically see.

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My neighbor has beadboard in her kitchen that goes about two thirds of the way up the wall and is finished off at the top of it with some moulding that acts as a little shelf. I saw this in a beautiful model home bathroom as well. It looks really nice.

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I've not done it floor-to-ceiling but I do have it in a bathroom up to about the 5' level. I capped it off with a moulding with pegs every 8" so it also functions as a towel rack etc. It's both attractive and functional.

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This isn't a room, but it's a 9 ft high wall of bead board. Our trim carpenter put trim around the panels. It is perfect for heavy traffic areas (such as our stairs).

My grandmother's house was 100% bead board, walls and ceilings, but I don't have any of those old photos scanned in.

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A friend restored an old sharecropper's cabin. Beadboard on all walls and ceilings. Not a great pic, but you get the idea.

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wonbyherwits~What is the paint color on your walls? I really like it!

Our stairs look very similar to yours, but they are carpeted. I am afraid they would be too slippery without carpet (I slipped on the upper landing when I was pregnant, not sure if it was just because I'm clumsy, LOL), my landings are straight, not curved.

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We had horrible 70's brown paneling in our family room that we ripped down and put beadboard over the horribly damaged walls. Such an easy fix!! You can't see a lot of detail in this, but it's a creamy white with white crown/base. I wanted it as light as possible after the dark brown dungeon.

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Cameron - It's been a while since I've seen any posted, but when I first saw photos of your home, I remember thinking it was one of the most inviting spaces I'd ever seen.

I really like the way the trim panel showcases the beadboard in the pic you've shown here. Hope you don't mind that I'm filing it away for future reference.

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Prairiegirlz -- the beadboard and trim are SW (Martha Stewart) Glass of Milk. The upstairs walls are SW Netsuke, which is a lighter color than SW Ecru which you can't see on my 1st floor walls.

The ceilings are either SW Netsuke (when walls are Ecru, Artifact or Harmonic Tan) or SW Muslin (when walls are Netsuke or Grassland).

Amck -- no problem.


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I post pictures of my kidney whenever someone asks about beardboard...

We have it walls, ceilings, wainscoting...all original about 130 years old. Buried for years under old lath and plaster.

...and of course, we used reclaimed beadboard on the walls of our bathroom addition.

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Can I ask a question? If you do floor to ceiling, do you use individual planks versus the 'sheets' of bead board? We our finishing our kitchen with bead board to 4 1/2 ft. and used the sheets. I love the idea of going floor to ceiling esp. with my kids bathroom that has wallpaper over unprimed walls! Thanks.

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All of mine is individual planks...

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Vivian - how are the individual planks attached to the wall?

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Cameron, I was looking at the wall above the beadboard, thanks again.

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The sun is finally shining and I can post a more recent picture which shows the horizontal beadboard. Still not finished; we don't have a "real" floor, and the plywood wall on the left will eventually be covered in cork tile which is MOL the same color. Once we get the matching shelf up on the other side of the window, we'll put doors on both of them to hide all the shampoo, scrubbies and stuff. We're waiting to put up the rest of the trim and finish painting till we take the cat in to be spayed (made the window sill wider for her to sit on), but it's coming along...

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They're tongue and groove, attached with nails at the floor and the top of the wall into the framing members in the bathroom.

In the kitchen, they run perpendicular to the framing and are nailed right to the studs. There is no sheathing of any sort beneath either one. They're very sturdy, meaty boards--probably 3/4" thick.

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Oh wow, thanks for all the posts!!! I forgot about my question on this forum...I'm on the appliance forum, and the kitchen one, and the flooring one. HA! Posting all over as I got lots of questions I need answered. Thank you for the pictures and encouragement. My walls in two bedrooms are not in good condition and I thought this would be an easy way to fix. I LOVE the look and it will be great for this 1952 lake cottage. Interesting though, I don't know that I have seen the bead board running in a horizontal fashion before. I like that, too! For those of you asking about bead board sheets versus individual boards, I posted a question about that earlier. There were many different posts that were interesting concerning pros and cons. Would be worth reading. Anyway, thanks to all.....and I would love to see even more pics of bead board. I heart it!!!

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I love, love, love beadboard, and board and batton, and wainscoting, and every kind of painted paneling. It gives a room so much character!

Have you looked at the threads in the Gallery? There are lots of beadboard pictures in there. Loads and loads. You just need to look for them. Try the cottage decor thread, and the threads on individual rooms. Lots of very pretty eye candy for you and tons of inspiration and ideas. It's like buying a few dozen magazines, but for free. :D

To see the Gallery, close this thread and look to the upper right just above the list of messages for the link, click on it and you're there.

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Love it, reasonable and covers up imperfections on the walls.

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I have a beadboard question - I love the look and am always told it is "more durable" than paint for kids - is it really - if it gets dirty, is it really so much easier to clean? And, I assume it is a lot less of a hastle in terms of "durability" than paint?

We are redoing a bathroom and trying to keep cost down so I am thinking beadboard halfway or 2/3 way up (instead of tile) and then paint on top. I like that look beter anyway.

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littledog your bathroom is absolutly beautiful I LOVE IT!!
I don't have beadboard but I do have knotty pine and I think it is much more interesting than drywall! I do not have a photo of a finished room but you can get the idea fron this

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We have beadboard on the walls in one room and on several ceilings, as well as wainscoting in one room, some original, some new. I love the way it looks, but when you are in the midst of painting it, you do need to remind yourself frequently how much you will love it when it's done, because you will not be fond of the painting process! I was in the middle of painting one room and it reminded my mother that the house she grew up in (an old farmhouse in northern Maine) had all beadboard walls--seeing me painting brought back memories (not fond ones) of painting chores when she was a child. The finished product is worth it, but it is tedious to paint.

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I did a different kind of beadboard in my powder room. It goes about two-thirds up. Sorry, this pic isn't very good. The room is so tiny I get get in there. lol

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Aw, Ms Jay, you're very kind. Actually, I think it's the color that makes it appealing, that and all that space.
Not everyone has enough room to grow a Lemon tree (blooming now - heavenly!) and a Sumatra orange in the bathroom without bodily injury. ;^)

And BTW, next time someone posts asking about whether or not they should paint wood panneling, I'll point them in your direction. You're right, it *is* more interesting than drywall.

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