I found a great community to talk about Menopause!

shiningstr60August 6, 2007

Hi everyone! I thought you might be interested in this community I found during my search for more Menopause info. ItÂs at Gather.com, and the link is http://menopausetalk.gather.com. ItÂs been a really helpful community for me so far.

You can post your experiences with menopause as an article, and ask any questions or for advice from other women going through the same thing you are. Doctors from Harvard Medical School will read the articles and answer your questions, and will also post their own informative articles. And itÂs a very active community with more than 200 members, so there are lots of people to give support to you.

I hope you get a chance to check it out!

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Thanks..I like this one and the one you suggested. At the very least its something to do while I spend every nite wide awake enjoying all my joyous menopausal symptoms. It does help a bit to know I am NOT ALONE in this HELL :)

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