Night Sweats/Hot Flashes

deannabsdAugust 7, 2006

MY night sweats have increased and although I don't wake up dripping wet; it must be more than a hot flash. I feel like if I could have a cold pillow case that would help. Any ideas? I go for my yearly physical in September but wondering what anyone else does to deal with these.

Looking for some suggestions to offer my doctor as well.

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I think it might take a totally cold bed... you are lucky, you don't wake up drenched. I use wild yam cream and am going to start using Black Cohosh as well. I don't use HRT's... TRYING to do it as natural as possible... but sometimes the moodswings just get to me.

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I have a friend who uses something called a Chillow. She swears it works great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chillow

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Funny the Chillow was mentioned. I've been considering it for a couple of years and just saw it in a catalog again tonight.

I am sleeping well again but if I feel the slightest bit warm I wake up and don't go back to sleep until I feel cool again. I've noticed that if I move my feet around to find a cool spot, I almost instantly start to doze back to sleep. A cool spot works like magic for me, so I bet the Chillow would feel terrific.

I have always turned my pillow to the cool side. I thought I was the only one until I saw Jay Leno joke about it during his monologue one night. :-)


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Hi, I've just joined this forum. Does anyone else have terrible headaches with the hotflashes?

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No headache, but I have almost an aura before getting a hot flash. It's like my extremities start to tingle. And they always start right on cue: at 7PM each evening.

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Wow... then Robin, you can climb into the freezer at 6:55! :D That's weird... as regular as I get, I can guarantee a hot flash right after I get out of a shower to get ready to go someplace where I have to wear makeup and dress up. Guaranteed. That's the only regularity I have. Then I have to sit and wait till I am done before I put on makeup and dress up.

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The Chillow works like a charm. I'm totally sleeping through the night again! Love it.

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