Ovulating twice in a month

jennAugust 18, 2002

I'm nearly 50 and still ovulating, and this month I believe I've ovulated twice. I know this because I got the VERY sharp pain in my side, two days apart, but on different sides. I know this pain, I'm very familiar with it because I've had it every month since I was about 13 when I had an episode so severe I was hospitalized and tested for appendicitis (which they ruled out). I've noticed the pain seems to be more severe the last few months, which is interesting since I'm edging closer to the years of menopause. The pain feels like a butcher knife is being pushed into my lower right or left abdomen -- nothing like the "cramp" some women describe. It has always felt this way (like a knife stabbing me) but much stronger the last few months.

Anyway, my real question is... is it normal to feel this twice in one month just a few days apart? I've always kept records in a pocket calendar (I'm very irregular so marking this date was very handy) so I know what my normal pattern is.

Oh another thing, I also had some very painful abdominal cramping and mild nausea a couple of times in the past week -- NOT ovulating "cramping", but something very different. It lasted several minutes then passed.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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The "knife-like" pain sounds familiar that you've had since 13, but not the cramping and nausea. Better to have it checked out. Maybe two separate things.

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Sounds familiar. I started having periods 2-3 weeks apart a few years ago, and very bad cramps, too. I had always been regular & barely ever had cramps. I finally went in for a check up - I was fine. I'd get a check up just to rule out fibroids (?) or something, though.
Three years later, now my periods are 7-8 weeks apart, I feel like I'm on constant PMS and I AM READY TO GET PAST THIS MENOPAUSE STUFF!
Ahem. Hopefully you'll get through this quicker than me!

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