claire_de_lunaAugust 31, 2004

...or zits if you must know. This is my first post to this forum, and I was really hoping I could ignore this, but it's getting to be a problem. I know part of it has to do with the kitchen remodeling we are almost through with, but lately I have had a rash of blemishes that just won't quit. Besides the occasional hot flash (brought on by caffiene, alcohol or sugar), my head is hot and my hair is oily again. I SWEAR I feel like I'm 13 again with all the obnoxious skin problems that go with it. I'm upping the soy in my diet, and going back to taking my vitamins again, which helps the symptoms, but Good Grief! At this stage in life, you can't get away with anything...

Is anyone else experiencing this, and is it normal?

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Read the thread titled: "49 guess its the beginning......."

We discuss all the good stuff.

Unfortunately, it's "normal". I had it pretty bad for about 2 years--now, it's pretty much gone, but, I swear, I think it still happens once a month.

I wouldn't take soy. Increasing estrogen will either put off the symptoms until later, or, at worst, be dangerous. HRT, whether natural or not, is still HRT. Asians don't ingest nearly the amount and kinds of soy (concentrated pills, isolated, etc) that we Americans have begun to.

IMHO, you should wait it out. Use a mild cleanser with a good Ph. No moisturizer (I don't wear make-up--except for lipstick--never have, never will), no make-up on your skin. Sunblock only when you need it.

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The good news is, my complexion has started clearing up, now that I'm on the downhill meno slide.
I've always used good face hygeine, or whatever you call it. Plus about every fancy retinol....and honestly I personally came to the conclusion they were all a big fat hairy waste of money. For me, anyhow.

However I have recently started using glycolic acid (the fruit acid stuff that's supposed to diminish sun damage and clear up skin. I really believe it's making a difference.

I also did Botox last month...oh ,lordy, now the downhill slide REALLY starts! Haha.

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The thing that bites is that I also use an alphahydroxy product I get from the determatologist, and it's failing me! I'm so desperate, I bought a supply of Proactive Solution and am waiting for it to arrive. I guess its all those infomercials that come on at night when I can't sleep...

When I said up my soy, I only meant on my cereal 4 times a week...that seems like a lot for me.

Thanks for the response...I'm finding this a time of life that really kind of sucks!

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As I said, I think the less you do (washing, etc), the better. Also, you start getting anxious and crazy and, I think, that exacerbates the problems. I went crazy for a year with alpha hydroxy, essential oils, etc. It didn't help--maybe it made things worse.

Try to be philosophical about the whole thing.

This too shall pass.

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Have you tried any products for hormone-related skin problems? Okay, so it's highly probable to find such products worsening the acne issue as opposed to helping, (like Clair de Luna mentioned above), but I found a great line that actually works with my skin and thought I'd share for the hell of it. I made my purchase online at There are all sorts of topical treatments (with retinol, which is very important in keeping your pores clear), and also supplements to help beautify you from the inside out. Hope you end up with the same positive results as I have had...

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