Cold spells

AliceUKAugust 9, 2004

I should have guessed that the gardenweb had menopause site, I wish I'd looked before!

Does anyone else have problems with being cold? All my life I've had warm/hot hands and now people complain they're cold to the touch. During the evenings, even in hot weather, I've been sitting wrapped in a throw.

That's in addition to the hot flashes and the approx. 20/35 other menopause symptoms.

A doctor referred me for a blood test for thyroid function but that came back negative. Just seen another doctor this morning and her whole attitude said, it's your age - live with it.

I'm also narky because my first period in 87 days has just arrived. If it's like happened last year, I'll now be into a phase of every 2 - 3 weeks for a bit, just perfect for a long holiday I'm going on at the end of the month. Excuse me while indulge in a menopausal snarl.....

Thanks for listening


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You may have Reynaud's syndrome - do your fingers ever turn white during these cold spells? Even in 50-degree weather? Raynaud's symptom is unrelated to menopause, but women get it more than men.

I'm posting a link. If you think this fits your symptoms, you might try swinging your arms when your hands get cold - forces the blood into your hands. You can do the same with your legs if your toes get white.

Also, be sure to keep your core (i.e., your torso) warm. It affects how your hands and feet feel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raynaud's syndrome

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Hi Alice,
Welcome to the CRAZY world of menopause!! I have been sooooo hot my entire life, but when I started into menopause, I got cold! Where some people have hot flashes, I have cold flashes. It's sort of nice for a change. I'm usually so hot, I'm sweating, even when others are in sweaters.......but now, I'm either comfortable or a little cold.
Also, (I'm 54), last year, I went 14 months without a period, then got one! If you start bleeding too much, see your doctor, since our hormones can get messed up and cause the uterine lining to be too thick.....which leads to alot of bleeding.
Good luck, and I hope your troubles go away soon. (But remember, old ladies sit in their apartments with the heat set to 90, and they're under a blanket!!). Isn't being female so much fun???!

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Ha, me three. Eleven months without a period, then the period from hell. Argh.
I have noticed my tolerance to any temperature extreme is less. I used to LOVE hot weather - put me in the desert for an 8 mile hike in 115F heat, or a snowy walk with the dogs at sub zero temperatures, I didn't care as long as I was adequately dressed (or undressed.)
Something about estrogen affecting the hypothalamus functioning, which affects out thermostats. Or something.
Well whatever it is it is bloody irritating but what's a girl to do...?

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