Hand and Knee Aches

deby_doAugust 22, 2003

It's been about a year since I started having flashes and insomnia. I've been using progesterone cream for about 9 months which have stopped all hot flashes and I can thankfuly sleep like a log again. My problem now is about 4 months ago, my hands began to ache and my knees are always tingling or have a tight achey feeling.

Does anyone else have these symptoms and are they caused by menopause? And if so, why isn't the progesterone cream helping with those symptoms? Thanks for any input!!


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I've answered my own question. About 4 months ago, I began to take calcium supplements, as well as drinking about 2 cups of milk a day. I eat well, lots of veggies and all. I started having spasms in my neck, shoulders and back, as well as the hand and knee aches. My chiropractor noticed how hard and tight my muscles were and asked if I was taking calcium supplements. Well come to find out that calcium helps muscles to contract. I was overloading on calcium thinking it would ward off osteoporosis. I stopped all calcium supplements and milk and I am now pain free in my neck, shoulders, back, knees and hands!! I continue to eat healthy and take a multivitamin and exercise.

I have to remember that loading up on all these supplements may not always be a good thing.

My chiropractor and massage therapist also said that if you must take calcium that magnesium should also be taken. Magnesium counteracts calcium in that it relaxes the muscles.


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