Uses for leftover Watermelon Pickle syrup?

linnea56August 18, 2013

The base was sugar, vinegar, and water; then the spices added.

It seems a shame to just throw it out. It seemed like a lot was needed to properly boil the watermelon rind, but I have cups of syrup left over after packing up the cooked rind. It's partly caramelized, about the same thickness as corn syrup, and loaded with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. With a hint of watermelon flavor. It is sweeter than maple syrup or the kinds of syrup you use for pancakes; and I don't make pancakes anyway.

I'll try some to sweeten my homemade kefir in place of the agave syrup I was using. Plus try it on oatmeal. But I'm drawing a blank on what else I can use it for. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Made a great dessert last night. Grilled pineapple slices that had been soaked in a rum / brown sugar / vanilla sauce. Served a scoop of ice cream with the pineapple and topped with some of the sauce.

I could see doing this with watermelon ( not grilled ) as a super dessert.

Also great just over ice cream.

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I would add a shot or two of dark rum to the syrup, marinate some peach halves in it and then grill them to serve with grilled pork or chicken.

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Good suggestions! I did drizzle some over sliced homegrown peaches last night.

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We brush the watermelon pickle brine onto a ham (or ham steak) for the last few minutes of baking (or broiling). It will scorch easily because of the high sugar content, but it cuts the saltiness of the ham and oh, is it ever yummy!

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