Dishwashers for shallow counters

sdsullyJanuary 27, 2010

Hi there, I am new to these forums. I searched for an answer in the archives, but did not see what I was looking for.

Our house was built in 1938 and has a galley style kitchen. We are just beginning to research a kitchen facelift. New flooring, countertops, sink, faucet, paint, but keeping the original floorplan and cabinetry. We would like to install a dishwasher and have a wide enough space next to the sink, but I have had no luck finding one that will fit the shallow 22 inch depth of the counters on the sink side.

Any suggestions? I am all ears.


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you might need to pull them out and 'pad' behind them by 2".

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I don't think you're going to find one to fit in a shallow run...they're sized to fit "standard" depth...which is 24". You could, though, check the Appliances Forum to see if anyone has ever run across a shallow DW.

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If your aisle width allows, you might consider a 2 inch bump out for both the sink and DW. More room for your faucet, too.

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My husband and I went thru the same thing years ago with a bungalow built in the 30's. Ended up redoing the entire kitchen to get a DW. However, I think smiling is on to something above.

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22" is pretty shallow, because your cabinet depth is shallower than that.

Try, Miele, Asko , and Bosch units. They still may not fit, as most are 22 1/2" deep.

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Maybe this is a crazy suggestion but if the sink run is open at the end, maybe place a dishwasher so that it opens sideways into the next open space to the left or right of the end.
ie side of dishwasher is at the front of the galley aisle. Then you could have an 18" wide and 24 " deep.
Not seeing the layout this might NOT work....
Good luck!

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Miele and Bosch are the best options. We have the same 22" counters and spec'ed everything out---the d/w door will overhang the counter slightly but they'll work. If I remember, Miele is the shallowest by a fraction of an inch once you factor in clearances.

(I'm sorry to say that I'm still posting on this board a year and a half later because our quest for a dishwasher led us straight into a full remodel, though---retrofitting old kitchens can be complicated! If yours is a galley you might be in a better position to do it, though...ours wraps a corner with 15" counters on one side, a 22" on the other, and a chimney in the middle, and it just got so costly to modify things to fit that we gave up.)

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I'm going through the same thing only it's a 1913 house. If you're having a new countertop put on, and tearing something out (drawers or cupboard) where the dishwasher will go, I don't think it's too much work to have a contractor just bump the counter out as far as you need, as Smiling was suggesting. That's what they're doing to ours, but the two things that concern me are that it'll make the line look asymmetrical because right now the only part that sticks out is the sink (added post-1913) which is perfectly centered in the countertop. Once they bump out the countertop to allow for the deep dishwasher, then the other side of the sink might seem awkward, not matching in depth. But if we bump that out too (wouldn't mind the extra counter space!) the whole kitchen will feel smaller as you walk in the door from the dining room because all you really see from the dining room is that long countertop and the very edge of the island, due to a tall fridge being right next to the door on the left as you come in. So our small kitchen will not only feel smaller but BE smaller? I don't like that!

We can't put it in an island cause our kitchen isn't big enough for an island that isn't portable. And I for one refuse to get a portable dishwasher, no matter how far they've come these days. Too much of a hassle.

The other concern for me is that at the end of the countertop where the dishwasher's going - on the opposite side of the room - is the exit door (goes to mudroom and then back yard). So when the closed dishwasher and counter stick out there, it's going to give the appearance of blocking an inch or so of the doorway just beyond it. It WILL in fact be blocking about an inch of it, although the far end of the counter/dishwasher that will stick out will be about 2 ft. + 2" before the back door. So it won't prevent the back door from opening but I'm afraid it will just look like it's slightly blocking the visual pathway to the door, you know? The sink sticking out a bit doesn't give the visual appearance of it blocking the doorway cause it's so far from both doorways but as the counter sticks out closer to any door, it will be much more noticeable.

Another thing to consider is that even if you get a shallower European model dishwasher, you may in the future end up getting a standard one later down the road or if you resell the future buyers might want to. The latter isn't so important (screw future owners! ;) but it sure limits your options re. future dishwashers. I doubt you lose so much space w/ a European one that having a larger family makes you require a bigger dishwasher (the smaller ones are still not the compact kind - they're not THAT small). I guess I'll have to consider this myself. In my case, a whole inch might make a difference visually. Hmmm...

The other thing I thought I'd mention to you - and I should ask my own contractor too - is that I had a friend once mention that in some cases he thinks he's heard people are able to knock out some of the wall behind the dishwasher and make more room for it there...coming up right to the very edge of the house. That of course makes me nervous...I mean are we talking right up to the siding? What about insulation and cold weather hurting the machine? Not sure about that one but you might want to look into that possibility.

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Maybe the Blomberg dishwasher will work--21 5/8" deep.

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It would be nice if some of these shallower dishwashers were slightly wider to make up for the lost depth...

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It would be nice if some of these shallower dishwashers were slightly wider to make up for the lost depth...

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For what it's worth, we actually found that the European models generally held more than the average American dishwasher, in spite of being a bit shallower. (We were looking at 18" models at the time, where there was a BIG difference---three or four place settings' worth.)

The only reason the European models are shallower (and we're talking an inch or two here!) is because they're measured in metric, and that's just the closest they come to our 24" models.

Honestly, if you have a future owner insisting you take out your Miele and install a GE for them to buy the house---pack up that Miele and sign on the dotted line... ;)

I forgot about the Blomberg, though---that had just come out when we were looking so we steered clear since the U.S. model was new, but it should have a track record to look at by now!

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Has anyone actually installed a Miele dishwasher in a 22" depth? Seems like it will work, just the door sticking out a little. Would love to know if someone has done this or has found another unit that works.

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I just installed a 22.5" deep Bosch dishwasher in my shallow cabinets. I believe the under cabinet depth was about 21-22". The unit sticks out a little bit but it's not a model that's supposed to be flush. Plus, most dishwashers are 25" from the back of the unit to the front of the door so they stick out of standard 24" depth cabinets anyways so this unit looks right at home. Here's a quick little writeup with some pictures. I'll be adding more to it later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shallow Dishwasher Install

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