how i cured my hotflashes and night sweats

kennebunkerJuly 27, 2005

I coughed up $15 membership fee so I could pass this on to you.I've seen and heard this subject come up so often, and when I do I feel driven to let people know what has worked for me.

I'm 54 and my periods are still regular. My hot flashes came on so gradually that they never really bothered me. That is until the dreaded "night sweats". After a few months of soaked lightweight cotton knit night gowns even the daytime hot flashes got to be a pain in the neck.

(This was in midwinter in Maine).

I happened to see one of the network morning shows one day that had a segment with a gynocologist who specialized in menopause. She noticed in her practice that no one seemed to be able to give women much help with their symptoms, so she and her associates starting delving into it.

She said that in most cases the thing that gives the best relief as far as hotflashes went, for most women, was Black Cohosh. I decided to try one of those preparations they advertise on TV that had black Cohosh and some other herbs, etc. I didn't like it. Oh the hot flashes were gone, but I hated the taste of it and I started retaining water more than usual, and you had to take 2 of them every day.

I decided to give regular Black Cohosh a try all by itself and see what happened. The one I happened to pick up was by Spring Valley, but any other brand would do. The capsules I take are 300mg of black cohosh root and 60mg of the black cohosh root extract. It says to take 1 three times a day, but I thought I'd try just 2 a day. Worked great. Then I figured I'd try 1 a day. Still no hot flashes or night sweats. Then I started to forget to take one once in a while and found out that I only needed one of these capsules every 2 days to keep me cool and flash free TOTALLY. I've had none for months except for the 2 times that I forgot to take them for several days. Then I took one and within a few hours I was back on track again.

Please try this. I cannot guarantee that it will work the same way for all of you. Our body chemistries differ from one another.But it certainly can't hurt. I'm one of those people who can't take many of the herbal supplements out there. Usually when I try something after a few days I start getting light headed and I feel a lot of flutterings in my chest, I retain water, etc.,etc.I'll go read the tiny warning on the label " If you suffer any of these symptoms stop taking this immediately!" But I've had no problems whatsoever with the Black Cohosh.

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Kennebunker, thank you for the information. I am also 54 and still have regular periods. Fortunately, at least for now, I haven't had hot flashes. Should I get them, I'll definitely try your remedy. Do you have water retention?

Does it drive you crazy to still have your periods? I keep hoping each month that it will be my last.

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I retain water like crazy. When it gets bad even my gums act up, and I'm sick and tired of periods. I Missed a couple early this year, but they came back same as usual after that. Maybe if I bought jumbo boxes of pads and tampons they'd stop. In the past everytime I bought a large economy size of the things I got pregnant. Hmmmm...

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I can honestly say that buying jumbo boxes of pads and tampons won't stop the periods. I already tried it and it didn't stop them. (LOL)

I had my tubes tied 22 years ago. I've often wondered if still having periods has anything to do with that. I also have fibroids and the doctors have said I should wait until menopause so that they will shrink. I've been waiting for 5 years since the diagnosis.

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Thanks for the info! I'm 48 and I haven't had a period in
almost a year, my problem is these darn hot flashes. I just
started taking black cohosh three days ago and was wondering
how long do you have to take them before they start to take
affect? TIA

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It worked for me within days of starting it. I hope it kicks in for you soon too.

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Kennebunker: Just curious if there might an interaction between black cohosh and natural projesterone cream. I've been using the progesterone cream (w/estrogen) for almost 3 years now, and it has helped tremendously. Although I still get an occasional night sweat. At least the daytime hot flashes aren't that intrusive - I'm already awake! But those night time ones, even the few I do get, drive me crazy. Once I wake up, I just can't get back to sleep. I bought some black cohosh with soy, and thought I'd try it, but I don't want to give up the cream just yet.

Any thoughts?

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I'm glad you parted with fifteen dollars to post this for us co-sufferers. I'm 51 and currently having periods on and off, and hot flashes/night sweats are driving me nuts. Just saw the gyno. a few days ago. She said soy or cohosh. I picked up a multi combo vitamin/soy/cohosh at the grocery store, having both elements, but after reading this, I checked the box, and it only has 40 mg. of cohosh root extract. It has taken the edge off the flashes and sweats, but now reading this, I'm going to go get the straight cohosh as you did, maybe I too will have more success. Thanks kennebunker!

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I went the straight black cohosh route and it didn't help a
bit. Finally a friend of a friend told me about a miracle
cure that she was taking and so I figured what have I got to
loose, as it turns out $20 for a 50 day supply and almost
all of my dreadful hot flashes. I'm down to maybe one or two
short ones a day unlike the multitudes of drawn out ones I
used to get everyday all day. It's called "Swiss Natural HRT
Extra Strength Menopause Formula".

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I picked up some 540 milligram cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) root extract at "Vitamin World", lol, over the weekend, and what a difference!!!! I haven't had a flash all week, and I haven't slept this well in weeks! I'm a happy missy. Kennebunker, your post was just the one I needed to read.

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Hi Paula,
I'm glad to hear that something works for somebody!
You didn't, by chance, go to a Hickory High school in Hermitage PA, did you?

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No, sorry Catherine - Great Valley High School - Malvern PA

Yeah, I mean no side effects (yet) from the Cohosh either, which I figured would probably kick in. I had tried St. John's Wort once, and it really put my digestive system into overdrive. Keepin' my fingers crossed for continued success!

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Kennebunker - thank you SOOO much for paying that $15.00. I am gonna buy me some Spring Valley Black Cohosh this weekend!

I am almost 36 years old (this coming Sunday) and have hot flashes and night sweats STRAIGHT from down below. For the record, my Mom's started in her early 30's also. She finally had a partial hysterectomy at age 43 due to heavy periods and cramps, started patches, and was a new person.

If anyone has suggestions for controlling the HEAVY periods (I am home today b/c of it), please let me know - i am SOOO tired of it. We were actually going to do a hysterectomy last December but discovered i had undiagnosed High BP, and they wouldn't do it at that time. My BP is BEGINNING to get under control....i am going to BEG my gyn next week for the pill again, to control the periods - but don't know if he will give it b/c of smoking and age..

Oh yes, and hte hormone tests LIE and say i am NOT in perimenopause....suggestions anyone?

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When I was on the pill for about 10 yrs. it reduced my period flow and also my mood swings, it was great. I took myself off it about 5 years ago to get a break from it, and just go 'normal' for a while. Then the period flow started slacking off naturally. I've heard of other women having the opposite problem, I feel for ya there Rosey. PLEASE please get yourself off cigarettes, you'll be making an ENORMOUS dent in improving your overall health.

In the past 2 nights, I did have a night sweat, but about 1/2 as intense as before the Cohosh. I think it's because my reproductive system was trying to have a period, but my body was saying NOOOOOOO. I had a spotting yesterday morning, and nothing since. I took a 2nd capsule of Cohosh after lunch yesterday, and I think I'll do it again today, as well as the one I've been taking in the evening. I'm closely monitoring this because I don't want to overdue it.

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Black cohosh did absolutely nothing for me.

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I haven't checked this board for a while. I'm glad to see the black cohosh helped some of you. As far as herbal and even prescribed formulas, not everything helps everyone. I myself noticed that for a couple of weeks recently I found I needed 2 capsules a day, one morning, one evening. I figured my body chemistry must be shifting again, but this week I'm back to one every day or so.

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I was on hrt for 5 yrs. because of panic attacks with my hot flashes. After coming off it 6 months ago I went on natural progesterone cream. Hot flashes started up again about 5 months ago. Just last week I read about someone trying ground flax seed for hot flashes. I laughed but I tried about 2 tsp. per day and after a week I am almost "flash free". I've gone from about 12- 15 hot flashes per day(and night!!!) to about 3 right now. Not sure if this was the cure but I know it is at least good for me nutritionally and relatively cheap.

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Hi girls. I picked up your forum on a search and thought that I'd join and put my two penworth of wisdom in the pot.

I notice that it's a gardening forum and asks for one's areas of interest. Very tempted to put it as earthworms.....mmm....

I cured the night sweats and hot flashes by importing from the US high dose natural progesterone creams and Estro Balance from Puritans Pride...Magic!!! I have bought pots and pots of the stuff and single handedly contributed to keeping the US economy afloat. WOrth every cent too.

The pills contain kava kava. This is banned in Europe and the Progesterone cream is not available here at all. Well. Maybe on

I am now considering a low dose estradiol gel to combat the joint aches and heath risks of aging. Any suggestions on that?

xx Jan

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Since I last posted I've resigned to the fact that I probably can't eliminate all the hot flashes, as I am getting some from time to time, but at least it's not many... every day, and night. It's bound to vary, as I go through this turbulant hormone fluctuating time. If my hormones are determined to be erratic, then I should expect some body reaction. I'm sleeping well, which is heaven sent. I also do everything I can do avoid frustration, or getting flustered. If I make a mistake, it's not worth getting worked up about it. I can manage the day's freezing or sweating to death, if I can get a good stretch of un-interruped sleep. The first best medicine still remains for me to be exercising 3 mornings a week on my stationery bike. I've been off and on this regime through the years to know the benefits and hazards, and the importance of the benefits are ultra important now.

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I was having hot flashes, but even worse were the night sweats. I tried soy pills, black cohash and some other herbal remedies, I got some improvement, but not great. About a month ago someone told me about a new juice developed by Dr. Mindell, who is a big name nutritionist. (He wrote the Vitamin Bible) I always liked the idea of improving my health through diet, so I decided to give it a try. I haven't had a hot flash or night sweats in 4 weeks. I shared this with a friend who is recovering from breast cancer, and her hot flashes have diminished also. She told me today that she is experiencing a general feeling of well-being.
I also have arthritis. With my rheumatologist's approval I stopped taking one of my stronger meds and I am feeling better than I have felt in a very long time. Less pain, more energy, better sleep. I don't think I am allowed to mention product names here, but if you want to email me I can give you the website to look at for more information.

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November 6th  that was my last cycle day and I wonder if it really is the last one. But the one thing that I have had since when I should have started my next cycle is hot flashes. IÂm not talking about a hot flash once in awhile itÂs been EVERY HOUR and the lack of sleep due to night sweats is making me absolutely crazy!! I live in Florida and this time of the year it is cooler than the summer months but it feels like the dog days of summer when the flashes started! The temps get down to 45 and IÂm sleeping with my window open and no covers. My poor husband  he caught a nasty cold and I think itÂs because I wonÂt let him turn on the heater. I have a window open at night and sleep with no covers needless to say my sweetie has moved into the other bedroom

I read on a couple of forums about Black Cohosh and IÂm going to hope this will be my saving grace IÂm hoping my life will be back to a somewhat normal state soon! IÂm off to the store and will report back on how things go.

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Tried black cohosh, tried estroven, plant estrogen, hormones (as in unneccessary use of the pill) and only continnuing the pill helped, but also it was unneccessary and I wanted something natural... What did work for me; and I was experiencing all the symptoms primarily nervousness, mood swings, crying, hot flushes, and especially annoying the cognitive degeneration, searching and searching for that word when I used to have great vocabulary skills... anyway, what did work was SOY milk! Unbeliebably so, felt better after day 1, didn't mind the taste after day 2, no night sweats after day 4 and around 5 or 6, my vocabulary started coming back. I can't believe it. My husband noticed it...I have my confidence back. I'm a lot happier. Just a cup on cereal a day, although two of the days I did have two helpings and one evening I drank a glassful. I crave the stuff. It's working. Just wanted to share.

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Lara ladies are scarying me, stop it! LOL! How long will this menopause thing last anyway? Months? Years? I know it's different for everyone, but what would be the average duration? I just turned 45 and I've been trying to remain ignorant on the subject for as long as I can.

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Pre menopausal symtoms can go on for 10 years in some ladies. In others, periods can one day stop, and that's it. This from a woman I know who had her babies in 1 hour, you know the kind who almost give birth in the elevator of the hospital. Makes me sick ;-D

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It's been a couple of weeks and here is my update on black cohosh... I don't know if its working but I do take it twice a day. My doc gave a script for Sarafem that I started to take about the same time I was doing the black cohosh. BUT I started drinking Soy milk a week after all that and within ONE day the flashes STOPPED!! You have no idea how great I feel FINALLY!!! I am taking the meds, black cohosh and soy milk and for all I know my body needed all three.
I was flashing two or three times an hour ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. Sleep seemed like it was a thing of the past, but now it is the best.

Thank you everyone for your help!!!!

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Msmartha, so glad it helped you. I believe the greatest luxury in life is a good night's sleep. I never realized that until I went from someone who could sleep through a bomb to someone who wakes up at nothing at all. UGH! So frustrating. Once in a while I sleep all night....... usually after several nights of not sleeping I guess I get so tired I finally sleep all night, LOL.

Jen50 - Are you saying your cognitive abilities came back that quickly? Out of curiosity, what brand of soy milk do you drink? I used to drink a brand I bought at Trader Joe's. I really liked it.... I think it was Soy-um ??? Is one brand better than another? I think I'd try anything to get my brain back to normal again.


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I do still wake up during the night around 2:30-3:00, but I am able to fall back to sleep after about 30mins or so and not wake up until the alarm goes off; sometimes I wake up just before my alarm. The sleep I do get is very sound and I feel refreshed.

The soy milk I drink is non-fat vanilla flavored by Westsoy.

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I really wish that the remedies that have worked for some of you would have been effective for me too.
I tried:
exercise, low fat diet, soy milk, cohosh.effexor..all to no avail.
Hot flashes galore.
The only effective med was and is hrt.
I have been going thru some phase of menopause for over 10 years now.
I have friends in their 70s who are still experiencing symptoms.
When oh when does it end?

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One of the patients in the drug store I work in is about 71 and on medication for hot flashes. This leaves me a little scared. And I can only hope I take after my mother. She had no menopausal symptoms. It's just starting for me. My period comes whenever it feels like it, and I found the first 36 hours of my period has become super heavy to the point of gushing. It hasn't been that heavy since I was a teenager. I have had no hot flashes or night sweats, but have become a very light sleeper, and I love my sleep so this is killing me. I've watched my boss go through menopause for the past 2 years. She's tried everything from black cohash to prescription medication and everything in between and nothing has worked for her. The poor woman can be eating her lunch and in seconds her face will turn beet red and she'll sweat like crazy. She looks at me and says, "you're next!" I hope not...

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I found that a combination of things helps.

Extra B-Complex Vitamins several times a Day. Evening Primrose Oil, & Damaina Leaf. Valerian before bed to help you relax enough to get restful sleep. Add moderate Soy (4 oz a few times a week). Stay hydrated.

roseyp8255: My guess is that you may have fibroids growing, causing the heavy periods, rather than early Peri-menopause - Fibroids can cause all the same symptoms.(To help reduce Hot Flashes, can you smoke herbs in between cigarettes & otherwise reduce how often you smoke?)

Regular Physical exams may not catch Fibroids...but as many as a third of us have them growing by the time we are in our 40's. An Ultra-sound may confirm this. Knowing early is good - since you may be a candidate for a UTI or another less invasive treatment - that can prevent Hysterectomy. (If you opt for the latter, consider keeping your Ovaries AND Cervix. I am really glad I had it done - and am still considered Pre-Menopausal - even tho I have no Uterus - due to normal hormone levels)

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Sorry about that - i menat Uterine Embolization (UTE)

as in the link below. In this procedure they plug the blood vessel that the Fibroids use to grow...and they begin to shrink and eventually atrophy.

There are other options as well, including removal without a Hysterectomy. Best not to wait until they grow large before reviewing optons. If you are nearing 50 - they often ask you to consider getting to Menopause, when lack of blood flow means they will begin to shrink on their own. (Those of us with fibroids in our late 30's really need to lood at other options. Mine was almost 6 lbs before surgery, and getting really uncomfortable - so the supra-cervical Hysterectomy was a relief - after recovery anyway...)

Here is a link that might be useful: Explanation of UTE

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I began taking Benadryl in early evenings to help my sleep. 50mgs (two pink pills) and I began to notice a pattern, so I experimented. Nights with Benadryl, NO NIGHT SWEATS - yippeeeee! I still can't believe it! A friend of mine who works in a hospital lab told me that the main ingredient in Benadryl is also the main ingredient in one of the newer prescription (expensive) sleep aids. I am 49 and began peri-meno 41-42. Super heavy bleeding, migraines which I had never had before, my GP couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I told him peri-meno and he said "no" (idjut!) At 43 I began having one period a year. Argh. One time I went 16 months without one, then here I am at 49 waiting for my yearly period in June. LOL, we'll see... Anyway, Benadryl for this girl! :)

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hmmm.... I take a lot of allergy meds... I am CONSTANTLY allergic. I think that I will try this... stop taking my menocream and see if the benadryl stops the nightsweats.
Staci... I thnk you need another gyno... probably a female. Men seem to think that women follow set rules. I have a friend in who's family ALL the women are in perimenopause by 38. She is 42 and is officially paused. And I am 42, and I am officially in peri, and so are a few other of my friends. I'd start doubting a doctor who, instead of testing, makes a statement like that. I mean, his next statement could be 'can't be cervical cancer... you don't fit the bill"

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I tried the Black Cohosh-Solgar brand. 2 in the AM and 2 in the evening. That is 800 total Black Cohosh extract and 800 Raw Black Cohosh Powder (root). Loads of Soy. This is day 9. NO results yet. I'm ready to go back on hrt. It is just crazy to be in a meeting,(or anywhere for that matter) get uncontrollably hot and be able to do anything about it. It makes me frantic. I want to just quit my job and stay home b/c this is so disruptive to my career. I was on HRT for almost 2 years and slept like a baby and didn't have this problem. 4 months after stopping, the hot flashes started again and I haven't slept a good nights sleep since.

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Another vote for Black Cohash and herbal remedies. I am 52 and was menstruating regularly until December. Then the hot flashes and night sweats started. I'd wake up 2-3 times a night. I had heard about soy being a natural rememdy so I hurried over to the Health Food store and bought a product called "HOT FLASH". It contains soy, black cohash,Dung Quoi root, Licorice root and chaste tree berry extract. The directions say that it takes about three weeks to work. The flashes quickly diminshed and at 3 weeks were totatlly gone. The dose is 3/day but I have cut down to 2/day because I noticed a little breast tenderness. Don't know if it's related or not. Anyone else had this as a side effect?

I am sooooo grateful for these forums!

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To all of you women out there who are suffering from hot flashes and night sweats, there is no one cure for everyone, we all have differences in each of us. (unfortunately). I too have tried most of the above and have had some relief for short periods of time. My last 2 experiments were with "Transitions" from Pure Essence Labs and then "MenoSense" from WomenSense. Nothing seems to last. However, I am going to keep searching and trying. I will try the soy milk and the benadryl. Good luck to all of you I hope you all find what works for you.

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I am 47 yrs old. I haven't had my period in 16 months a few months ago I started having hot flashes and night sweats. I did try soy pills and soy milk. I started having breast pain. I was told that soy causes breast cancer so you really have to watch how much soy you consume. The soy did help me but I don't want to worry about getting breast cancer. I am going to try the black cohosh. I haven't had a good night sleep in months.

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I've try everything, and I still get hotflashes. I'm 46, haven't had a period in 7 months, but this happen last year I was 10months and boom I got it, so now I'm back of not having one, but I get night sweats and hotflashes, dr put me on all kinds of stuff and I had side affects to everything. So now she won't give me anything. I'm going nuts, even if I have the A/C on it's still not cold enough for me, when I go into stores I feel their A/C and within 5 mins I sweat. My friends thinks I'm crazy saying wow it's cold in here and I say not for me. I have to walk around with ice packs or a fan with the water squirting out of it. i wish I could live in a cold pool for the rest of the menopause years. lol

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I am 37 years old and in surgical menopause. Two months ago, I discovered that I have breast cancer. Further tests revealed that I had a 7cm mass on my ovary. They decided to remove both ovaries and thankfully it was not cancer. I immediately started to experience menopausal symptoms. The night sweats did not last long and I no longer have them. The hot flashes and mood swings were killing me, so I asked my oncologist about it. She suggested that I take vitamin E-400 with black cohosh. She said to follow the directions for the black cohosh and take a vitamin E every time I take it. She said to get the maximum benefits I had to take both of them together. The black cohosh brand that I have is made by Now Foods ( and was 550mg. I take 2 capsules of the black cohosh 3 times a day. That will control the hot flashes. I added the vitamin E about a week ago and I have not had a crying spell in 4 days. Before the vitamin E it was several times a day. I am still having issues with insomnia and I may try taking valerian if it continues.

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It's been one year and a few months since my last period. I have been getting hot flashes for periods of a few months with breaks of a few months in between for years. My women friends mention as well that the hot flashes come and go. So, given that the hot flashes can come and go it might be difficult to determine if a remedy is really working.

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Hi ladies

I'm 47 and started having horrible hot flashes and night sweats along with my periods coming to a halt a few months ago - haven't slept since getting them. I found this forum searching for a cure for the hot flashes. I am getting pretty desperate and cannot imagine going on more and more like this day after day. Its hell on earth when you cannot sleep - and I already had a sleep disorder with chronic insomnia so this has made things so much worse.

I visited the doctor today in sheer desperation and he offered to the estrogen patch which would neeed to be accompanied by a mirena IUD. He has also offered me some anti seizure medication which he thinks might help stabilise my mood and improve my sleep - he said he didn't know whether this would help with the hot flashes but interestingly I did do some research after he prescribed this for me and it seems that anti seizure meds are being looked at for hot flashes particularly Gabapentin - although this was not the specific drug he gave me.

I will report back if it does me any good. Its a horrible time of life to deal with this when you are already run down. I'm so sorry - noone told me it was going to be this awful!

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Well, I'm a little older than you ladies, 64, but have been on HRT for all the reasons that you mentioned:hot flashes, night sweats, depression. I intended to come off at various times, but I lost my husband 4 years ago and my son 3 months ago. Nevertheless, I am trying to wean myself. Interestingly enough, I lost my Doctor (retirement?) she dropped off the radar screen in my HMO. I'm devastated but am looking for a female doctor to help supervise the withdrawals. I'm hoping someone my age, my problem can tell me what to expect. I'm hoping because I'm older, the symptoms won't be as harsh or long only 1 week into reducing dosage..any words of wisdom for an old-timer?

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I started having hot flashes over a year ago and they have not let up much at all! I was on HRT but had to stop before having surgery in December. I was doing better for awhile after that and was SO relieved as I could not imagine having hot flashes while recovering from major surgery! I haven't gone back on the HRT and I'm very tempted to try something else. I have 2-3 hot flashes each hour and wake several times at night because of them. Doesn't make for very restful nights for sure! Still nice to know I'm not alone in this! Thanks ladies!

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hi I am 55 and have had hot flushes since I was 42 , I have tried every remedy and would love to find some thing that will stop them it is really annoying when you are out and one comes on you ,, I would love to here from any one that has found a cure for it ,, regards shazz.

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I'm 62; I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago, they left my ovaries, which immediately stopped working. The doc said the ovaries stopped due to the shock of surgery. Anyway , I've had hot flashes every hour and a half any time I'm not on HRT. I have gone as long as 4 years without HRT; all that accomplished was hot flashes. I started taking a hot flash remedy w 20 mg black cohosh twice a day in September . The directions say it takes 3 months to get to full potential , so I still have a couple of weeks, but let's face it--- it's not working.
I am on .5 estrogen and trying to wean off (again), I usually wind up with a migraine getting off. If I don't give up and just take it. I have found my body will adjust to it and I need a higher dose, so I just want off! I also want to sleep! Haha. I think I can do it now though, even if I'm hot because it's cold outside. I've been known to dash outside in winter, skimpily dressed to cool off. Lol (I live in an isolated area).
I do take calcium/magnesium/D. Also, sugar will trigger a flash, as will a sudden emotional concern, like slamming on the brakes in the car.
At 62, with 14 years of this stuff, I am very happy to have found this forum. I'm pretty much willing to try any herbal/herbal combo. I will, however, keep up the estrogen cream for the vaginal area because years ago I found to my sorrow that without it, that area became very dry, cracked, and painful. It also contributed to UTIs.
To those of you with no uterus: progesterone will not help. At all. So save your money for something else!
So, I don't know how long the symptoms last, but for me, it's 14 years and still going on. And! I am starting to get anxious, which I didn't do last time I tried to get off the HRT. I think our best bet is each other. The medical profession, not so much. (I want off the drugs!).
Thank you to all who cared enough to share! It does help!

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NO HRT or synthrtic hormones for me. I went the ayurveda way. I take 1 tablet of Evanova twice daily and one tablet of Menosan from Himalaya drugs twice daily. My hot flashes have calmed down tremendously. I use natural progesterone cream during the second half of my periods. I exercise and eat healthy and practice yoga regularly. I noticed the difference when I went off the tablets for a month. The hot flashes came back with a rage! And subsided again a month after I re-started the tablets.

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EJ, you sound like an advertisement to me?

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I am 34 and having probably 20-30 hot flashes a day. I am 6 weeks post surgery and take .9 mg of premarian. All it's doing is keeping the crazy train from pulling up. I am going to try the herbal ideas posted on here. I take benadryl to sleep so that doesn't stop the flashes for me. I go to the doctor Wednesday for post op check up hopefully get some ideas from her too.

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I'm 42 years old and started having symptoms a couple of years ago that have gotten worse and worse. I tried black cohash, maca, progesterone cream, and other natural remedies but everything broke me out; including the bioidentical HRT from a doctor. Too bad because the BHRT did get rid of all my symptoms and I started losing weight... The only thing I've found I can take is I-Cool 1 in morning and 1 in evening and my flashes went from 14 intense ones per day to 2-3 much weaker ones and I'm not so fatigued all the time either.

It is a matter of finding what works for you without side effects; what works for some will not work for everyone.

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To those of you trying black cohosh: it takes 3 months to get the full effect. Don't expect changes in hot flashes until you have taken it consistently for 3 months. I started with 20 mg twice a day. It helped, but after reading these posts, I added 2 more, so I am up to 80 mg a day. It helps. I had a flash every hour and a half , night and day. Now I have 5 or 6 a day. I did manage to wean myself off the HRT. I'm going to try stronger black cohosh. It is still better than HRT. Thank you to all who contribute here!

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This isn't a cure but it helps me during the summer months:

Chilly pads by Frogg can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon, and other online stores. These are dry pad that feel cool and wet that you can take to bed with you.

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This isn't a cure but it helps me during the summer months:

Chilly pads by Frogg can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon, and other online stores. These are dry pad that feel cool and wet that you can take to bed with you.

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For those that the black cohosh didn't work or cannot take it: the "I-Cool" stopped working for the hot flashes after a while. Something else that helped a lot is Pregnenolone supplement 25mg 1xday. Also apple cider vinegar caps or tablets 2-3xday with a couple ounces of water. Female Toner tea bags worked great with 1c per day but caused me skin issues like the BHRT did. So, the flashes & sweats are back again now and my doctor (Asian medicine) is having me try Nulignan supplement 2 tabs per day. I'll let you know if it works he swears by it for hot flashes...

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I stopped consuming all forms of caffeine. I was never a coffee drinker--just tea, soda and chocolate. It took me about a week and a half to wean myself off the caffeine. Within 24 hours of my last diluted cup of tea, my severe hot flushes suddenly stopped like night and day. Now I have an occasional, very weak, hot flash that is hardly noticeable. I replaced my caffeine consumption with tall glasses of ice water. And for those times when I want a hot beverage, I drink herbal tea or just plain hot water. Hot drinks do seem to trigger hot flashes for me; and so does alcohol, but at least I know my triggers and it is comforting to be in control.

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I found this post in hoping to find some relief with hot flashes that began a couple of weeks ago. It only last for a minute but it comes every hour or so. LOL, I got a fan in every room and even one in my purse. Oh, here comes one now as I'm typing this post.

I too have cut back on caffeine. It didn't stop the hot flashes but it minimized the sweating.

I love soy milk but I got a reaction from it in recent years. My breasts got very itchy. Once I stopped drinking soy milk, the itches stopped completely. Be awared if you drink soy milk. I know of people with breast cancer and was told by their doctor to avoid all soy products.

Thanks for the tip on Black Cohosh. I'm going to give this a try and see if it helps.

.... moments later.....

Oh man, I just found out I shouldn't be taking Black Cohosh. People who are allergic to Aspirin should avoid it. Sigh... and I'm one.

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I too am 52 years of age and experiencing hot flashes. I've been using a product that has black Cohosh in it (Estroven). Anyways, I've been taking it for a couple of months and my hotflashes and night sweats have disappeared as well. I've also quit caffein, I exercise regularly, and became a vegetarian. The latter 2 I've did prior to the hotflashes so the only significant change would be the black Kohosh and the lack of caffein.

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I have found something that worked for me. Magnesium citrate.........(not the oxide, but citrate, it absorbs into the body better). Do some investigating and find out about Magnesium. After about 3 weeks of using this supplement, I quit having hot flashes.

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Hi, I have experienced weight gain since starting the Black Cohosh regime. I had been working out daily and watching what I ate and gaining weight. I just googled Black Cohosh side effects and weight gain is one of them so is potential liver damage so be careful. Yes, my hot flashes are gone after a few months of being on the Black Cohosh and now I'm going off. I'd rather have a hot flash than be overweight. I'm going to try the magnesium citrate as suggested above. magnesium keeps you calm and regular as well. Thanks for the tip.

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Magnesium....just be sure to read labels, as most of the magnesium out there is the oxide version. May have to order the citrate online. I get mine here:

or on amazon. Also, read up on how magnesium works, it will affect your bathroom habits, most likely. For me this was a good thing.

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Black Cohosh stopped working for me after a few months. I'm now taking an anti-depressant - Paroxetine. I now have deep sleeps at night, and an average of only one mild hot flush per day. If I didn't have uterine fibroids, I'd go on HRT. I've been on the current medication for about 2 years. It's saved my sanity.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'm still trying to figure out how the OP had to pay $15. to pass along this information. Registering at GW is free.

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It wasn't always free. Before Spike sold it to iVillage. many of the forums were pay-to-play.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh, I see, this thread was started in 2005! lol

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My gynecologist said that when I take black cohosh, go off of it for a month, then start again. 3 months on, 1 month off.

It stopped working for me, and I still have some left in the bottle. Now to just remember to take it........

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Nothing & I mean NOTHING alleviates the hot flashes I've SUFFERED for past 8 years. After spending loads of money no relief. Have tried cohosh, primrose, magnesium citrate, vitamin E & B (complex & 12), no caffeine, no sugar, no spices, you name it. For past 30 years have been avid walker & swimmer, so exercise is major part of my life. I don't drink, smoke, am wheatless-meatless. A somewhat relief is if I can grab something ice cold & put on side of neck (major artery), but this isn't always easy to have something cold on hand. Could take hrt but after losing both grandmother & mom to breast-originated cancer, no way. Plus, Dr said I could get hair loss, spotting, bloat. After finally being period-free for 3 whole years (after 35 years of periods), no I'll pass on the bleeding. We can send men to moon, put probe on Mars, have wire-less internet, etc., but CANNOT come up with anything to STOP hot flashes & other uncomfortable (& unacceptable) symptoms. I get a flash just thinking about it. Soy is not good for me since it jacks with my blood sugar. Menopause is not a life choice, is not a result of behavior (i.e. like smoking results in illness). Anyway, I'm glad I can write about this on here because I've been so miserable for the past 8 years. By the way, my Dr has tested & ruled out heart & thyroid disease, also ruled out anxiety. Well, he said anxiety is not the root, but it is the result of my frustration. So, to all us women with this going on in our lives, let's hope there's a break through in medicine & SOON! =)

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