Busybody_TJuly 25, 2003

OH MY GOSH! I am a just 47 year old. My period has been exactly 28 day's apart since the birth of my last child, who just turned 17 yesterday. With her birth, my third beautiful, healthy child I had a tubal-ligation. (sp).

My last 4-6 periods have been, well, let's just say I could not leave the house for 2 day's during each cycle.

Our son's wedding. I am suppose to start my period the day prior. I prayed and prayed to let it be late, or early or at least not so major! Ok. It is now officialy 2 weeks late? What is up? I am experiencing cluster headachs, and my breasts are super swollen and tender. Should I have a PG test????? Where are my sisters?????

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I just read your post and since no one has replied thought I would. It's been a couple of weeks, how are things now? I am also 47. A few years ago my periods starting becoming irregular. I went from skipping 1 period a year to about 4 a year now. When I do have a period they are heavier (changing a tampon every hour heavier). The months that I skip, I usually have hot flashes. My doctor told me I have started peri-menopause. It looks like it's going to drag itself out for many years. It sounds like you may be starting peri-menopause also.

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I'll be 47 in less than 2 weeks. Used to have periods every 28-31 days. Now, they're very erractic. Lately, have had slight bleeding practically everyday. Welcome to the club!!

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OK, I'm 43--and my periods, while averaging 28 days--are all OVER the place as far as heaviness goes. THIS MONTH I'm on day 8 of light spotting. Not heavy enough for a tampon (even the baby ones) occaisionally too heavy for a light days type pad...but I never know! ARRRGH! Any advice?


ps--my gyno told me I was "too young to be in perimenopause" when I last saw him--even though I'm having occcaisional night sweats and the irregularity thing. Never mind that my mother was COMPLETELY menopausal at 48...)

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melanie - you are not too young. I started in my late 30's and my MALE Dr. told me the same thing. I went several years undiagnosed and I thought I was losing my mind. Find a new Dr., if this one won't help you.

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I am 42 and have had irregular periods for the last three years. In the beginning I attributed it to stress, caring for my dying mother. I went off the pill as I was not living with my husband at the time, Mom needed 24 hour care.
I might have regular, though light, for a couple months and then not at all for several.
I occasionally take a pregnancy test, just to be sure I'm not. After two years back at home with DH and no birth control, it seems my child bearing years are over.
My GP also says I'm too young, but someone needs to tell my body...

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