Am I having a happy life????

roseebuckerApril 20, 2011

Hi All,

Here is my story: My boyfriend and I have been living togeter for 9years. First 5yrs was ok, after that, we fight like hell, and I end up cheated on him. He beg me to come back, and knowing that was his false. Now I am with him, but I feel so sad, he treat me very well, he cooks, pay everything for the expenses. when we finished having sex, he always run to the rest room to brush his teeth. why????? ( I didn't ask him, just wonder). I want to run away from him so bad, but he keep begging me to stay. He told me I hold the happiness on my hand, but didn't realize it. when I lose it, I will regret it.

Should I stay with him, or should I go. I do miss my other boyfriend too.

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"I want to run away from him so bad"

You have answered your own question, here. You can't stay with him out of guilt.

You don't have to live your life through your boyfriend.

Perhaps time on your own would be good for you.

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Your boyfriend is a bully and a controller. He's telling you that you are happy and will miss it if you leave him? Forget about him - you decide whether you're happy or not and you decide what to do. Don't let him tell you.

But - if you're not happy, leave him. Don't have another affair.

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we fight like hell
I end up cheated on him
He beg me to come back,
I feel so sad
I want to run away from him

Tell him thanks for everything but YOU ARE UNHAPPY. Maybe it's him, maybe not. But the fact remains you no longer feel the same for him. He wants you to stay even though you are unhappy? Why? So he feels better? That isn't love. That's dependence and he needs help.

Good luck *I would leave quickly and quietly and not ever contact him!!!

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I'm sensing a professional victim here...she'll stay with him another 10 years and complain about it every day....otherwise she would have left a long time ago.

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Thanks all for reply

I talk to my family about leaving him. They are all disagree. My mom said no body treat you as good as the very first love one. All though He treat me as a queen, I don't feel the love from him, but feel infamy for examble every time we have sex (oral), he ran to the rest room spit his saliva, and brush his teeth.

I don't know what to do, but just cry and sad. He knew it.

I went to my parents house to stay for a week now, but miss hime terribly.

When I am with him, I want to run away from him, and when I am away from him, I miss him whyyyyy????? I hate this feelling.

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You forgot to mention the boyfriend this time.

From what you've written, I'd recommend an asylum or a convent.

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PS to apparently didn't notice or disregarded this forum heading. It is "marriage". You are not married. You are not considering marriage. What are you doing here?

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asolo ,what a bleeding hipocrit,are you married?,are you single?are you a parent?are you all the the other forums you comment on,because YOU lirk on every single one of them,so let me ask what you aksed ,what are YOU doing here ?oh i forgot you are here to knock everybody down ,sad ,negative person.

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Every morning I wake up and think to myself...."Self", I think, "What can you do today to grate tracystoke's cheese?"

It's like being an artist. Sometimes the inspirations just come in a cascade. Other times I'm so distracted by the misspellings, childish punctuation, and general incoherence of your attempts at writing, I find it hard to begin.

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Ah, tracystoke. You're patient and kind....everything I'm not. Luv ya, babe.

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If I was running this company (it advertises, it makes money, its a business)I think I would put an assortment of provacative letters in here from time to time just to get everyone busy commenting. Unfortunately they must be using the custodial staff. I just cannot believe some of these posters are real. If someone barely writes English why would they post here? If we were in a foreign country would we be posting in that language?--with the internet you would think they would be able to locate people with their language.

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I agree with you Marge, some of the postings here are hard to believe and yet we make comments and bicker amongst ourselves. Perhaps we have nothing better to do ?

In response to the heading of this posting...I'm having a happy life... I can't think of any problem I could post here to invite comments...maybe that's a problem in itself.

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I agree, its something to talk about. I guess for the majority of us we don't want drama in our own lives, and steer clear of being involved with people who do. Altho if you watch Dr. Phil or some of the reality shows you would think some people spend their lives yelling or crying.

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