How extensive are hot flashes?

catherinetJuly 26, 2007

Hi all,

I've been thinking that I'm having hypoglycemic episodes recently.......I get very hot and break out in a sweat and get shakey and weak and just feel awful. Now I'm wondering if these are hot flashes that go a little further than just my skin. I'm thinking maybe I'm vasodilating in other areas, and that makes me feel so bad. Anyone else feel more than just hot with their hot flashes? Thanks.

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I've experienced hot flashes for over 15 years, from just a few to maybe 20 a day. Besides the upper body and face suddenly heating up, there's an emotional component as well. I feel vaguely emotional -- maybe a little confused, or angry, or sad. I can now sometimes guess when a hot flash is beginning because I'll be asking myself, why am I feeling so weird? I just ride it out, and know not to make any decisions, rash moves, or impulsive statements.

I think if you do some research on hot flashes, you'll be able to tell from descriptions if that is what you're getting.

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Thanks pink overalls,
My body has always been wired weirdly. I have fibromyalgia, and I have lived with strange/bizarre sensations my whole life that have always scared me. Lately, I just feel like I'm getting tons of hypoglycemic attacks, but wonder if its a hot flash that dilates more than just my superficial veins.
I just got a glucometer, so I'll be able to check it out there.
My blood sugar was very irratic when I was on HRT too.
Are we having fun yet??
Thanks for your help.

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I get full body hot flashes. Night sweats are painful, like all my nerve endings are being ?pinched,poked???. Anybody else get something like that? Have been trying Maca for the past week to see if that helps, cause nothing else has so far, and I'll only do natural.

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