Heat intolerance

jennJuly 6, 2003

Hello fellow meno-sufferers! 8-)

A few years ago I started showing signs of not being able to tolerate hot temperatures. I mean really hot temperatures, upper 90s or low 100s. I know that most people feel uncomfortable in those temperatures but I'm talking complete intolerance as if they just suck all the life out of me.

I've had a few episodes the last couple of years when I was working outdoors in the heat, doing some mild activity (gardening), and my face turned the color of a tomato and my heart started pounding and my heart was racing. This happened again to me last weekend while planting a plant in the heat (I know, what an idiot.... and yes, I took a lot of breaks and drank a lot of water). I haven't been the same ever since -- I'm dragging with no energy and I feel like I want to nap all the time, as if I'm doing to drop. Yes, I have learned my lesson.

Have any of you noticed heat intolerance since starting peri-menopause or menopause? I'm 47 so I am in that phase of life.

BTW, I am not having hot flashes (haven't had a single one) and I tend to be on the cold side the rest of the time, always feeling chilled. So feeling overheated in hot summer temperatures is totally new to me. I don't remember feeling this way when I was younger. Also, my face turns red when I exercise even in a cooled room. No one else in the room has a red face.

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Hi Jenn, did you get to the bottom of it? Just wanted to say that you may want to have your thyroid function checked out as cold and heat intolerance, coupled with the very low energy, points in that direction. Hope you are feeling better now. D

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Hi Delina, thanks! (I was starting to feel like I'm the only one. :-)

I think it is a little better now. I started working out three months ago and I've noticed lately I'm not heating up as quickly, or as much, or at all. Maybe I was just totally out of shape and that was it. I wouldn't say I have very low energy though. I did have my thyroid checked a few years ago and everything was OK.

Thanks again,

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Hey Jenn, I have had the exact same experience and it came as a complete surprise to me! It absolutely is related to being perimenopausal in my case. I am also 47, and sniff, sniff, can't believe that I can't take the heat like I used to be able to! Oh, well.

I may be in the minority but can honestly say that this time of life has been pretty easy for me. Easier actually than it was with periods!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

These are menopause symptoms and will go away to some extent. I hadn't realized that sudden cold feet are a symptom until it stopped. At night I would get up and put on 2 or 3 pairs of socks because my feet were freezing.
I never did sweat too much -- even when I came off of HRT, but I would suddenly get so hot that I thought I needed some fresh air. I teach school and would ask a football player (happen to wander to his desk) if it felt hot in the room and he would say "no". Many of the girls wear so few clothes that I didn't dare ask them, but the big guys are often hot. Sometimes even inside I would begin feeling a little ill because of the heat, then it would pass. I did have a little trouble with gardening during this time, but that passed also. In my opinion it helps to really load up on water. You know that you have to be losing fluids even if you don't feel sweat, so it doesn't hurt to increase the water intake from 2 to 3 liters. Dehydration can cause fatigue you know. I go to a doctor every year and get a regular blood test. I feel confident that the thyroid check is part of that test, but you might want to ask your doctor.

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I have low thyroid Cant stand cold or hot weather. I was so cold this winter I wanted to cry. Dr said its common in women older women that is Course I dont keep house real warm either(expensive utilities) I am 56 and have had cold feet and hands for years. But it is getting worse. Wish I could live in Florida etc during winter
It in the 60s today. thank goodness not freezing feet and hands I live in thermals and undershirts etc from late fall to May or so Sleep in socks too wear layers and wool sweaters Somewhat thin. i drink lots of water and eat pretty good lots of fruits and vegs. No coffee or colas. Ride my bike most everyday Just take some vitamons and thyroid pills. Hate medications. I hope to avoid most
Good luck

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Hi, I've had heat intolerance since I can remember. I'm 46 and it definetely has gotten worse (especially this Summer). I live in NJ and it's been sooooo! hot and humid this Summer that I don't even want to go outside. Just had blood work done and it's fine. I've had heat intolerance over the last 20 years, but it has gotten more severe. For example, if I don't sit in shade and have constant water handy (if it's 85+ and humid), after 45 minutes or so, I get totally wiped out and wind up with a horrid headache for hours. I also read that caffeine can contribute to this as well. I think you just have to either do activites in the very early hours or after 5:00 outside in extreme heat.

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You know we all react differently to meno. I too had heat intolerance! Big time! For two summers in a row I had to purchase a bunch of cheap tank tops because I would go through 5-6 shirts a day! I'm talking sweat down to my waist! So gross! It could be 60-100 degress outside...it didn't matter. My body reacted to every climate as if I were stranded in a scorching desert.

This was just a phase my body had to work through. It's been a year now since I've had this happen. Even my hot flashes have gotten better...I no longer have sweat running down my tummy or back.

The body is just working it's kinks out. It's bothersome, but temporary....hang in there.

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