39 yrs old and going crazy

mrs.mickiJuly 14, 2006

Is it normal to have your period every 2 weeks and than once a month , and than start flowing oh lets say every week and than back to evry 2 weeks again? I am sure that I'm going through early stages of menopause, doctor said it's one of the side effects of having my tubes tied at a early age. Ya think he could have told me this before oh nooo, not possible. And just how did they come up with the name menopause? Is it a warning for men, men- o - pause. Like maybe they should stop and pause before they speak cuz it could be dangerous to their health.DH husband has learned to deal with the ups and downs in the middle of the night for potty trips and the changing of clothes in the middle of the night because I have night sweats so bad that it's like I went swimming. No mom around for me to ask, so any help would be a blessing. all my friends are younger or no clue of what I'm talking about. Thanks Micki

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Arum can you tell me what this or these are, and what they do? Thanks Micki.

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What do you think of HRT's? Has yer doc talked with you about this? I am so suspicious of male gynos.... they may try hard, but sheeez, I can't tell how it's like to have a penis and prostates and stuff!
There are a bunch of herbs to try to make your symptoms better... I use a Menocream that has wild yam extracts... but everyone's different and you'll need to experiment.
There has been some rumbling about soy isoflavones, so you may want to read up on that before overdosing on soy.
If you are organic minded, Google Susun Weed, she has a whole bunch of stuff on living with menopause.

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Thanks for the tip. No insurance right now, so relying on good ole mother earth for the wonderful nature products she helps to produce.Will check out Susan Weed. Thanks again. Micki

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