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sissyprimsJuly 8, 2007

I have been told I am premenopausal. Okay, that was two years ago - i am now a 36 year old who had a tubal ligation at age 28. I have always had major heavy bleeding during menses- even vomiting and bowel problems. I quit smoking in January and my periods never came after the second week of January (that was my last) . So I called the doctor, didn't have no insurance so she sent me to a breast and cervical screening. My pap results came back normal, but they found a lesion on my cervix. They ordered a biopsy and the vinegar/water test. Okay waiting for the test appoitment, and my period decides to come around the week of memorial day and it lasted a little longer than normal. but, did stop. Then four days later I started again, this time heavy bleeding, cramping so much I end up squalling in bed, vomiting, and diareha. Called the doctor, they reschedule the biopsy appoitment. I have begged them to do something, but they've just ignored my requests so I called my regular md and she brought me in and checked my iron (which was at 11.9) and is sceduling me for ultrasound. Since i went to her my bleeding is now so painful and clots are at least 6 inches round. I will pass these and bleed so much it has ruined my sheets, clothing, even stained the toilet seat. Nothing helps with the pain, it will last for around 12 hours and then i'll feel better and the bleeding will slack down for a few hours (anywhere from 6-8 hours) then it all starts over.

Should I call her again instead of waiting to hear when my ultrasound appoitment is or just go to the er??? I get to feeling so bad - I just want it to end.

Feeling like I am at the end of my rope and no knot to cling on- over the past few weeks it's gotten so bad I have no clue what to do. And they did put me on the birth control pill over two weeks ago and it did not help.


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If the situation is the way you describe it, you should go to an Emergency Room now! Put on some maxi-pads if you have them, and take a taxi if there's no one to drive you. If they give you flack about insurance at the ER, tell them that you are having a hemorrhage, not just menstrual blood, and are in terrible pain. (Personally I would also cry, but then I know how to turn on the tears.) I would also give them my doctor's name and then refuse to leave the ER. What you are describing is not normal.

Much good luck, and I hope that you get this problem solved asap.

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Sissy, I agree, get to a doctor at once. I have fibroid tumors and suffer with bleeding and pain like yours. But at least I know my condition is not dangerous, and is indeed, treatable with medication and possibly future surgery. Please take care of yourself and get examined.

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