Losing...ummm...pubic hair

blairgirlJuly 25, 2007

I'm trying not to be gross, but it seems like the hair on my head is fine...I seem to be going rather "bald" in the other regions.

Is this a sign of menopause? Has anyone else had this problem, where the hair on their head is healthy and full, but they're losing their pubic hair?

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Hi blairgirl,
I think its pretty normal. Plus, what's there tends to turn grey too and hardly shows. How 'bout a toupee?? :)

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LOL, Catherine...thanks, but I can live with being a little "bald" in THAT area, anyway. (I just hate this whole pre-menopause thing. But i guess I should thank god the hair on my HEAD is okay!)

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Hi blairgirl,
Like they say......getting older ain't for sissies! I'm finding this whole process pretty darned hard! And besides all the crazy physical/mental/emotional symptoms, I'm finding it more and more painful to look in the mirror!
I was at our nephew's wedding recently and they had those disposable cameras on the tables, and then they developed them and sent the pictures that had us in them back to us. Oh my god! Who is that fat, grey, ugly woman staring at me over her trifocals?????? LOL! I guess we just have to laugh, right??

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I remember my mother not having much down there, I was just young enough to think she had "worn it off" Not a pretty picture for a young girl to invision about her parents. However, I dont have much either, and nope mine isnt from wear...LOL Yup it aint for sissys. I never look at pictures of me anymore.

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I thought I was a feak when that happened to me!! lol Glad to know it's not just me that it's happening to. I just hope yours isn't a sign of things to come because I now have horrible vaginal atrophy and I was reading that one of the signs of atrophy is pubic hair-loss. One way to prevent atrophy is to keep up with your sex life.....something I didn't do! Why didn't somebody warn me?? Now I really know what they mean by "use it or loose it!" lol

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Wow, my obgyn, told me to start having vaginal sex. It was never "all that " for me. She told me some other things to do, but it is really personal, I dont know how I feel about typing it for everyone to read. What I wondered when I left, was what she told the woman that werent married, or were single and didnt believe in doing those things alone. You are right, use it or lose it, wasnt just for the men.

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LOL......I got to thinking.........I hardly notice not having much hair there because my abdomen has fallen down and covers it! I can't see over it anymore!
Shotzy.......sometimes I watch a little of Oprah, when she has that doctor on there, and a woman in the audience asked if good things also happened if you "had sex by yourself". Of course everyone laughed, but I was wondering the same thing! The doctor said that alot happens physically (biochemically, etc.) when we're touching another person and being intimate that I guess can't happen when we're alone. But......surely we might get SOME good from it???

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