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moonerJuly 27, 2006

Can anyone help me here. I have been taking premerin and progesterin for the past ten years and my doctor in the last few months has taken me off of them due to all the contraversy regarding the side effects.

I still have hot flashes and vaginal dryness and wondered if anyone had used the Evening Primrose. I had heard that this would help with both symptoms.

Has anyone tried this or other remedies off the shelf.

thanks for any help given

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Have taken Premarin for almost 16 years and felt really good, but decided to try to wean myself off because of all the health concerns. Went to half a .625 daily, then every other day. Then I quit. Have had terrible sweats and am trying Estroven Extra Strength from WalMart.(my neighbor swears by it) Into third week and not much success. Sometimes "flashing" every half hour .
Do not know the success of any other herbals.

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Estroven didn't work for me in any way, shape or form. This is weird but natural progestin cream didn't do anything either but most of all it made me lose my sex drive entirely. HRT is not an option for me because of breast cancer in the family. I think I'm going to grin & bear it all. :)

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good for you and I mean that sincerely. but also good luck with that one.................

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Have to say no "natural remedy" ever worked for me...I know they work for some so good luck mooner. Hope you fall into that category.

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My GYN is also an Herbologist (Kaiser)
She recomended Black Cohash for the hot flashes and Vitex to help with the acne (and it helped my horrible dandruff too!)
I could have gotten a "tincture" of both herbs from her herbal pharmacy, but I chose to buy the over the counter herbs from a drug store and a vitamin place that has 3 letters.
They seem to help alot!
HTH Nancy

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